Mythical was an arctic भेड़िया who wore a blue feathered mask, a blue scarf, tail armor and a blue worn.

She walked past a मांद, डेन and the lights were on. That's odd? How can somebody be up this late in Jamaa? "Oh I've got a jam-a-gram," Myth chatted. She clicked on the letter and read it. "Hey i'm new in this game can आप help me?" The भेड़िया looked through the window to see Myth. He smiled as if he really wanted her to help him.

She sighed and walked away into her den. He felt mad. "HEY COME BACK HERE आप CAN'T RESIST MY HANDSOMENESS!" the भेड़िया screamed out loud. Myth ignored him and continued decorating her den.

The भेड़िया went in the Store and bought a pointy sword. He put it on his back. He knocked on Myth's door. "Wolf I know its आप please go away," Myth said. Her मांद, डेन was locked so the भेड़िया busted in. Myth yelped in pain as the door fell on her.

Myth was fragile so she broke into pieces like glass falling on the ground. "Close enough," कहा the भेड़िया and he walked away pretending like this never happened. Myth was now a ghost. She flies every हैलोवीन of Jamaa Township. THE END