Snowflake looked at the window. It was snowing outside. She put on her winter gear and scarf. She opened the wooden door with her paw. She thought to herself I don't want to be out too long I might catch a cold.

She walked through the cold and hard snow. Her paw prints following behind her. She ran so far away from her घर she couldn't see the way back. She built a snowman and did a few snow angels.

Then she sat there and thought for a minute. Why do I feel lonely? I प्यार the snow.. I haven't thought this way before. She looked back and noticed that the snow was covering her paw prints.

She looked for her घर everywhere. She couldn't find it at all. She shouted as loud as she could to get some attention. Then it was silent.

An Arctic लोमड़ी, फॉक्स came and saw her. "What are आप doing here? it's cold outside!" The भेड़िया said. "Follow me!" The Arctic लोमड़ी, फॉक्स added. Snowflake followed the Arctic लोमड़ी, फॉक्स to a nice burrow. It had a fireplace inside and a hot कोको machine. "I'm Icy! Would आप like some hot cocoa?" कहा Icy while sipping her hot cocoa. "Sure!" Snowflake replied.

"I'm snowflake and i'm an Arctic लोमड़ी, फॉक्स too as आप can see!" कहा Snowflake. "I लॉस्ट my घर can आप help me?" added Snowflake. "Here take this compass!" कहा Icy. She handed her compass. "What about a map?" asked Snowflake. "I don't have a map of this place but I am a explorer then I got लॉस्ट in this place so I dug a house anyways have fun looking for your house.. good luck!" कहा Icy. Snowflake rushed out of the door.

She looked at the compass. It says to go north. She walked over to her snowman and its still snowing heavily. "Almost there!" Snowflake कहा exhaustingly. She ran through the snow because she had a terrible cold. "Achoo!" shouted Snowflake. She ran some और and now she could see her home. She ran faster and faster. Suddenly she was at her home. She went inside and drank some cold medicine that cured her imminently. It was a long दिन so she went to bed. THE END