The लॉस्ट RainWing

It all started when the first dragon went missing. Her name was Lavender. No one knows what happened to her, ever her partner, Bright, had no idea what could have happened. A खोजिए party went out looking for her under क्वीन Glory's orders, but being RainWings, they had to stop for suntime. They came back with nothing, not even a scale. After that ड्रॅगन्स started to vanish, one द्वारा one every other month, until an egg was stolen from the hatchery. Then क्वीन Glory got mad, real mad. Who would have the nerve to steal an egg, but then again her own egg was stolen, so that she could replace the broken SkyWing egg, for the prophecy. She talked with the mother of the egg, Mango, but found only that it was a little girl due to hatch on the brightest night, who would be named Azul, and the father died in the battle with the NightWings.
The night after the egg was stolen क्वीन Glory decided that all ड्रॅगन्स must train to defend themselves and their tribe. There were guards placed at the hatcheries and at the main points of entry. After the enemy saw the first sign of defense it left for good.

Chapter 1
The early life of Frost
Frost was unlike all the other IceWing dragonets that hatched alongside her. She was too small and didn't have the extra horns या whip thin tail tip. She couldn't even breathe freezing death breath. Her parents were unknown, since her egg was found alone in the edges of the territory. She grew into a fine dragonet. She suffered through the teasing and talon pointing. She even secured spot in the royal guard for क्वीन Glacier. Her life was kind of rough until she was three years old, and strong enough to defend herself.
When she was seven years old she found herself literally stuck between a rock and a hard place. Her friend Icicle was trying to pull her out from between the side of a cliff and Icicle's brother, Slick. Slick had always been mean to Frost from the moment he first saw her. Even though he was only two years older than Frost, he teased her about her size, taunted her with saying he was going to freeze her with freezing death breath, and he kept pulling on the ruff behind her ears where her extra horns should have been. Frost finally had the courage to tell him off and ended up where she is now.
Slick was surprised at her audacity, but was not phased. He knew that this was going to happen. He pulled her down into a gap between two cliff tops and ended up getting himself stuck. Icicle was doing her best to pull Frost out, but it wasn't working, she would need at least one full grown dragon to unstick Slick and Frost.
"I'm going to get help. I won't be able to get आप out on my own. Hang tight and don't go anywhere." Icicle told her friend.
"OK I'll just stay here, because I was just planning to go on a walk over there." Frost replied her voice thick with sarcasm.
Icicle just giggled and flew off in खोजिए of help, leaving Slick and Frost alone. "So, umm, this is kinda awkward. I'm sorry. OK? I didn't mean for this to end this way." Slick कहा to Frost hoping that it actually sounded like an apology. Frost was silent.
They stayed silent until Icicle came back leading her mother to the crevice where they were stuck. "SLICK!!!" Icicle's mother yelled,"What have I told आप about messing with Frost?"
"Not to" Slick replied quietly," I was only trying to have a little fun, आप know the thing that apparently doesn't exist in some dragons' minds." Mommy dragon grabbed the icicle shaped horns द्वारा his neck and hauled him out. Then she carefully pulled Frost out as well.
"I'm so sorry about the behavior of my son." Mommy dragon said, " If आप ever need any help with anything I will always be there."
" Thanks, um, what should I call you?" Frost asked shyly.
" आप can call me Snow" Mommy dragon/Snow replied patting Frost on the head as she left. Frost was glad that at least one full grown dragon cared about her. She took off and headed to the burrow that she created for herself.