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"Aly!" a voice yelled.
"Yeah." I smiled.
"Your Alive!" the person yelled.
I opened up my eyes and I laid in a hospital bed.
There stood Kimi.
"What happened?" I asked her.
"You went out in a winter storm looking for me and then आप passed out and we didn't find आप until आप were in the snow. We took आप to the hospital and the doctors told us आप were in a coma." Kimi explained.
"Oh. Okay. Wow." I took everything she कहा into my mind.
"Come on let's go." Kimi helped me up.
We walked out of the hospital room, Justin sat there waiting for me.
Justin ran to me and gave me a big hug, "I thought I लॉस्ट you."
"Thanks for everything guys." I smiled and hugged Justin back.
"Let's go घर guy's." I got up and walked out the hospital doors.
Kimi and Justin were at my sides.
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I woke up in Zuko's arms once again. I looked at Zuko he was stroking my hair.
"Good-morning." He smiled.
I kissed him slowly, "Last night was amazing."
"Yes. It was." he kissed me back.
I looked up to the sky. It was sunny and beautiful. I got up and began to get ready for the day.
"Aly!" a familiar voice yelled.
"Kimi?" I shouted and turned around.
"It is!" I ran to her and hugged her.
"Zuko this is my best friend Kimi." I smiled.
"Hello Kimi. I'm Zuko. Aly's lover." he smiled.
"Nice to meet you." smiled.
Right behind her is Nightwing.
"Whoa. Your back." I said.
"Told आप so." he winked....
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posted by sylarlover555
On the घास laid a guy with a scar across his face and a mask was over it. He had long black hair. He wore no कमीज, शर्ट and he had on black pants.
"Hey, आप okay?" I poked the guy.
He moved a little.
"Hey. आप okay?" Zuko asked him.
"What happened?" the guy said.
"You alright?" I asked him.
"Yeah." he got up.
"Whoa. Where am I?" he asked.
"Lemme आप were thrown द्वारा some guy आप don't know. And now your here?" I said.
"Yeh. But I was thrown in it द्वारा my brother Sylar. He must of got आप too. आप must have been in the forest alone and then he found you." he explained.
"I was actually looking for...
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"Alright आग bending isn't as hard as आप think it is." Zuko said.
"If आप say so." I laughed.
He did a pose.
"Now do as I do." he said.
"Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth." Zuko explained.
I did as he said.
"Now create आग think about it and start a flame." he said. "That is about the hardest part is creating the fire."
I closed my eyes and began to picture आग and began to clear my mind. Think about the sun, fire, hot things.
My hands began to get warmer. and warmer.
"Wow your doing it." Zuko smiled.
I looked at my hands and आग was coming out.
"Now do as I...
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posted by sylarlover555
"What kind of noodles do आप want?" Zuko asked.
"I'm not sure any kind is great." I answered.
"Well आप can have some of mine then. And if आप don't like them then I will buy आप different ones." he smiled.
"That works." I smiled.
"One bowl of noodles." Zuko told the vendor for the noodles.
He handed Zuko some noodles and then Zuko tossed him a copper coin.
"Alright let's go back to the forest and eat." Zuko said.
"Alright. Noodles." I smiled.
"So what is Seattle like?" Zuko asked.
"Seattle is very green. There is lots of forest. It rains alot there. There is a giant tower like thing-called...
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I woke up in Zuko's arms. He was awake and staring at me. When I looked at him he began to blush.
"Good-Morning Aly." he smiled.
"Good-Morning Zuko." I smiled. "And thanks for keeping me warm last night."
"No problem." he said.
We both got up and went to everyone else.
"Good-Morning." Katara कहा happily.
"Good-Morning everyone." I smiled.
"Looks like आप and Zuko got along well." Sokka mentioned.
Zuko and I looked at each other and blushed.
"Yeh." Zuko got और red.
"Guys lets go somewhere." Aang randomly blurted out.
"Like where exactly?" Sokka asked.
"I want to go to the beach." Katara...
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Aang and I walked into this small village. He was picking up some खाना for us.
"Alright let's go meet up with everyone else and eat." he grabbed my hand. He took out this glider thing, we flew off into the forest. We landed in a area with a campfire and this huge pet thing. Looks like a buffalo on steroids. There was tents set out. And four other people there.
Everyone stared at me. There was a girl who wore a green/ beige outfit. She didn't look so kind.
"Everyone this is Aly." Aang shouted happily.
"Hi. Everyone." I smiled nervously.
There was a teenage girl standing there in a blue outfit...
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posted by sylarlover555
Living in the real world was tough at times. But I was sent into this world. And I'm not sure if it different या not. I don't exactly know how I entered this world. I was just walking through the forest back in Seattle, then I was knocked out द्वारा someone. I was then thrown into this lake and I got into this world. My name is Alicia but आप can call me Aly, this is my story.

I look all around me, green forest everywhere. The trees are very thick and luscious, Very beautiful. I kneel down to the ground and touch the soft grass. I look up to the trees and lots of birds are chirping. This is...
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