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 two भेड़िया cant even see tikanni
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After getting some curiosity and looking into whether या not there are examples of the first फिल्में storyboard online I found something pretty amazing. The following लिंक्स go to a document sharing website that shows some of the फिल्में storyboard, और specifically the opening scene where the main characters are pups still.

So आप may be thinking this is cool enough as is but here's the best part, it features parts that were not included in the final film we all know and love. Parts like Shakey getting launched off a log sled and landing on a porcupine, Salty getting clothes-lined द्वारा a branch,...
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so, we're half way in 2014 and animated फिल्में so far are pretty good. we got some great ones out, we got some good ones and we also got animated dogshit. so let सूची em off:

best animated फिल्में so far:
"How To Train Your Dragon 2": y'all know me, i loved the first "How To Train Your Dragon" movie. it was awesome, it was exciting, it was funny, it was emotional, with great characters and probably some of the best CGI animations ever. so i went into "How To Train Your Dragon 2" excited, and what i got is the best animated movie of this year! "How To Train Your Dragon 2" does everything a good...
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