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प्रशंसक कला
*I don't own A&O but I own Rocko only my फ्रेंड्स can use him but प्रशंसक art is very flattering and आप don't need permission *

Lilly was still crying on rocko's shoulder
"Lilly आप can stop now" Rocko tried to calm her
"What will the pack think" Kate asked
"Who knows but I know someone I want to see first" Rocko said
"She is in the other room" Kate said
As Rocko and Kate walked in the other room
Daria was sitting with a blank face
"Daria" Kate whispered
"Oh hello Kate" Daria कहा in a sad tone
"I got a gift for you" Kate said
" Oh that's cool I guess" Daria said
" I'm sure आप will प्यार this" Kate replied
Rocko then kissed Daria on the cheek
"Hay baby, I missed you" Rocko कहा softly
"Rocko" daria कहा in a shocked tone
Daria hugged Rocko the best she could
As she teared up
"How are आप alive" Daria asked
"I didn't die that's how" Rocko joked
Daria kissed him as accurate as possible
" I प्यार you" Daria said
"I प्यार आप too" Rocko replied

The end
It was midnight, in the pale moonlight, in a big forest bordering a human city. But this night wasn't peaceful; as आप could hear paws treading, gun shots, and birds flying away at the sudden noise.

Ares, the pup being carried away द्वारा his mother, squirmed around and whined.

"Mama, why can't I just walk? Why must आप carry me?" He asked.

The mother kept silent, until she found a nearby human fence, अगला to a big human den. She set Ares down, and looked at him.

"Ares, my son, I am sorry. But I cannot keep you, I must leave. Know I won't be coming back. I प्यार आप so much, but I am afraid I must...
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हे guys. I'm terrible sorry for the long wait ^^; I hope आप guys feel the chapter was worth the wait. Enjoy.

After Nars asked her to go on a date, Daria went घर and got her porcupine family to help. Fran, Frieda and Daria were in the pond as the two porcupines washed Daria's fur.

"My goodness Daria, you're growing up so fast. I can't believe you're already go on a तारीख, दिनांक with another wolf," Fran टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे with joy.

"I knew आप would snag yourself a man sooner या later," Frieda added.

"It's just a miracle that Nars wanted to ask such a dull she-wolf like me on a date," Daria said.

"Oh come now...
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payback time'' runt कहा to him self
an important prisoner is being moved here
geniral estanbar" runt कहा with anger
pro nazi scum" runt added
a black car pulled up with a man in hand cuffs
target spotted" runt smiled
moments later runt was hidden in a पेड़ waiting for his chance to strike
once he knew him and the geniral were alone he walked in blade out
who are you" the Geniral asked
your worst nightmare"runt कहा in a dark tone
haha i have no nightmares boy"the Geniral said
oh realy"runt कहा and stabed the genirals eye
Heilgar screamed in pain
do आप know who i am" runt yelled
removing the hood
i know...
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