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 Lilly the Hedgehog?
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Lilly might be high!
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Dustin's POV

I awoke in my मांद, डेन to find that it was morning, the sun was shining into my मांद, डेन illuminating it. I got up on my paws and stretched, I could hear some commission going on outside so I decided to have a look. I walked out of my मांद, डेन and found Hutch along with Candu and some other भेड़िया talking about something.

"Hey what's going on?" I asked walking up to them
"Oh did आप hear what happened to Hunter?" Hutch said
I then knew what he was talking about "No, what happened to him?" I asked pretending like I didn't already know what happened
"Hunter mated with River" Hutch said
"He what?" I said...
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Eight walked casually, slowly, his every muscle sore and bruised, his face throbbed from the kicked up debris he encountered during the chase. Even his wound burned, despite it being quite healed for some time. His eyes were heavy and each time a paw hit the ground it hit with the weight of a stone, his body being kept from the ground द्वारा sheer force of will alone.
He was exhausted. He woke to see two full sunrises since he had last rested, and finished off the सेकंड दिन with a brisk run with the lead Alphas. A trying task, especially for the likes of him.

As the दिन passed into the noon hours...
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हे guys this will be my final message to आप guys ,as this club has gone to shit and i honestly couldn't be bothered even opening the page and logging in.

For the ones who know who i am and even for the ones who don't here are some other contact methods if आप wanna chat या anything :).



There are some methods of contact
i'll see आप all later, have fun enjoy yourself
and so forth

Hopefully I'll Talk to आप On Other Sites
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Chapter 2: The Beast Attacks

Nick Wolfe sat at the edge of the creek, the same one where he met Princess yesterday. He looked around, trying to see if there was anymore fish. Luckily enough, there was a big, fat Burbot swimming the shallows. Nick Wolfe stealthily sneaked up on the Burbot, and then grabbed it with his mouth.

"Gotcha!" Nick Wolfe exclaimed, carrying the Burbot in his mouth.

"Nice catch..." Princess congratulated, smiling a little. Nick Wolfe walked over to Princess and gave her the Burbot.

"For you!" Nick Wolfe happily exclaimed, his tail wagging. Princess blushed and ate the fish....
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The whole thing started in a gorgeous valley not too far off Jasper Park. Everybody in the pack lived in harmony, thanks to their leaders, Tom and Sarah. One day, the couple gave birth to a male puppy, in which they decided to call him Humphrey. It should've been luckiest दिन for the pack. But, everything changed when they valley gets attacked द्वारा enemy wolves, led द्वारा an evil कंगेरू, कंगारू called Hunter. Hunter wanted to get revenge on everybody, cause Tom was chosen as the leader of the pack and not him. He and the enemy भेड़िया burned down everything in the valley, leaving nothing but ashes. Winston...
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UPDATE: Ich werde nicht wirklich nutzen * in bestimmte nicht text Ereignisse zeigen, auch ich meinen Namen geändert, um Darren (Es ist besser, als Tag der mit Abstand)
Ich erwachte aus meinem Schlaf ging ich um मांद, डेन Schlaf, die in der Nähe meiner Augen i Mein Pelz geleckt und standed langsam war wischen
"Oh, ich verließ das TV auf dem" i sagen, packte der Fernbedienung zum Ausschalten des TV
Als ich ihn auszuschalten ging, hörte ich einen Schuss i sofort rannte nach draußen, um dann zu untersuchen i gesehen Poacher, dass im Besitz einer Schrotflinte auf मांद, डेन Boden, war Jakob, der stark blutete...
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