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 Brandon (me) and Lilly. (As real wolves)
I bet आप can tell who is who right? lolz. This is such a nice picture. That is what I would look like as a भेड़िया in real life. So BrandonXLilly forever! <3
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The Life of टोपी
         Chapter 18 All I want is revenge

        After Shadow’s death, they tried to get past it but, चमेली couldn’t stop cry, nor would Cap, but his wasn’t for faint of crying, for it was for his son’s murder... He wanted revenge... As for Thunder, Amber and Angel, the one that was hurt the most was Angel, for her sorrow was deep, her brother died for her, and it hurts her. Thunder and Amber are shocked for they, do believe it’s their fault same as Angel...

Scene starts out टोपी and...
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Enjoy! *CAUTION* Some content may not be suitable for children 12 and under!
It was a warm दिन in the middle of August, and all was calm. But that would change.
"Kate?" Humphrey asked, just waking up from being woken द्वारा Kate, licking one of the pups, trying to make it fall asleep again.
"Sorry dear." Kate कहा with sorrow.
"It's fine, don't worry, but आप need to get some sleep. I don't want आप to become super grumpy over no sleep." He said, cuddling up अगला to her....
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*Kate waits in the interview room bored to death*Kate:When is Humphrey coming I am so bored without him. Me:He will be here he is just so hard to catch. Kate:He hates boring places so he likes to run off. Me:I think we caught him I प्यार the कप केक trick. *a worker shows Humphrey a कप केक making him follow the कप केक and walking into the interview room*Humphrey:please can आप give me the कप केक I am so hungry. Worker:OK here आप go. Humphrey:YAY finally something to eat.*Humphrey eats the cupcake*Humphrey:Hey Kate Where am I? Kate:You're being interviewed it's so boring here but I am happy...
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*scene starts out in a interview room* Me:Hello everyone today we are interviewing Kate. Kate:Huh?Were am I how did I get here? Me:Your being interviewed Kate. Kate:Ho I see I forgot I haven't been interviewed for a long time can we bring Humphrey here? Me:Nope sorry this interview is only for आप the प्रशंसकों want to ask सवालों about you. Kate:I see what's my first question? Me:How do आप feel that you're the leader of the pack? Kate:It's great mostly because I get to do what I want tell the pack if there's any News well I can't explain much like I कहा before I haven't been interviewed in...
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Yeah i know it's your प्रिय movie, but your so convinced there's a सेकंड one in the अगला few months, but there isn't, proof

(Justin long, no alpha and omega 2 in planing, फिल्में up to 2013 on आइ एम डी बी page)


(Hayden Panettiere, फिल्में up to 2013 no alpha and omega in planning)


(Danny Glover, फिल्में up to 2014, no alpha and omega in planning)


ect ect

nothing on wiki


clips usually come out a साल before release on youtube, a small trailer.

and no आइ एम डी बी page, witch can sometimes come out 2 years before the movie

no moaning in the comments....you know there was no सेकंड movie.
Chapter 3: Hutch meets his Match
- - - - -
"So as आप can see," Humphrey tells Wildflower after they enter a clearing with different ledges, "The pack is much bigger than it used to be. That's because the Western and Eastern packs were united due to multiple failures during hunts."

"Wow." Wildflower says, a bit astonished, "I have a question, is your mate an Alpha?"

"Yes, Kate is an Alpha." Humphrey replies. "Why do आप ask?"

"Just curious." Wildflower says, then she turns her head away for a moment.

"Wow, Humphrey must be an Alpha too if he married Kate. But I thought he was an Omega, like me."...
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Then अगला morning Lilly woke up when the train blew its whistle.

"Humphrey आप awake?" she mumbled.

"I am now, where are we?" Asked Humphrey.

"I'm not sure, but I think we are about to stop." कहा Lilly.

"We should better get off." 

" Yeah maybe."

As the train neared the station they jumped off. 

" I wonder where we are?" कहा Lilly.

" It kinda looks like north dakota I'm not sure yet." कहा humphrey.

As they walked through the forest Lilly's belly started to growl.

" I'm hungry do आप know how to hunt?" asked Lilly.

"well.... No do you?" 

"if I did would I be asking you?" 

"I guess no-"
Humphrey was...
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"Kate...pst kate wake up" Humphrey Nudges his mates nose , kate flutterd her eyes open and yawned "Moring Handsome" kate smiled at her loving mate as he looked into her eyes "Kate , your dad and mother want to see आप it's urgent " Humphrwey informed kate . The Beautiful alpha sterched and set off to her old cave .

When the alpha arrived at the cave she was greeted द्वारा hutch who led her in, "moring dad , Moring mum sleep well?" kate कहा in a friendly manner Eve looked at her Husband with guilt "fine thank आप ...there's something we need to tell आप ...." Winston stared at the ground "What...
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A/n: This is fake, just to clear that up. And also, this includes violence, gore and satanic themes. So if your religious and get scared easily, don't read.

Oh God... Why? Why did I watch that tape? I knew something was wrong with it...

My names Brian Varney. I'm 16 years old and I'm currently in a mental hospital. I just watch a video made द्वारा Lucifer... So, if आप find this tape, don't आप fucking watch it... Don't आप even look at the tape... If आप manage to get your hands on it, BURN IT!

It was a regular Saturday. My parents were out and I had to stay घर myself. That didn't bother me but...
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