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I don’t know if आप saw my months पूर्व दीवार where I talked about the happening but I’ll repeat the story again just in case आप didn’t see it so here we go:

in 2011, a A&O प्रशंसक from the Netherlands who was “32” years old where he plays as “Humphrey” on youtube, आप probably remember him as “HumphreyBackup”, however he went out with one of the “Kate” accounts on यूट्यूब and so they were on a long distant relationship and then later he actually flew all the way to the UK to go see her irl, and suddenly when he got there to see her: she was “under age” and so theres...
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posted by canibecool
In 2032, the world turned to atomic fire. The North Furlantic Treaty and the Animal Continental Military Force ended their long, brutal war with an enormous nuclear exchange. This turned the world dark, launching humanity into a long battle with a devastating nuclear winter. As time passed, snow grew over the prewar ruins...
Humphrey: Ugh... where am I? my head hurts.. He'd turn his head and see that he was laying on a bed... As he got up a sound had disturbed him, It must've been coming from the lounge room, Humphrey was foolish in fist fighting, As he peaked his head over the corner, he'd...
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Alpha And Omega: Guardian of an Omega
                           Chapter 1
                    Just Another Day

    Lily Dear, come hear For A minute! "Said A Blonde Older She-Wolf." Yes Ma'am?"Said Lily." Can आप Tell Me What happened To Luna's moose meat? Honey, आप Know She Loves Moose. Scolded the older She-Wolf." But Mom! I Didn't Eat It!" Lily कहा in Defense. At this time A Black And Grey She-Wolf walked in." Yes She Did mother! I heard her say she would eat it when no one is lookin'!" कहा Luna." The older She Wolf...
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posted by QueenWhiskey
My Alpha And Omega Plots

* Alpha And Omega 1: After park rangers capture and ship them halfway across the country, omega भेड़िया Humphrey and alpha भेड़िया Kate find themselves on a rocky road trip. Humphrey is all about fun, while Kate devotes herself to duty and discipline. Back home, rival भेड़िया menace their pack, and only Kate and Humphrey can restore peace -- but first, they must survive each other.

* Alpha And Omega 2: When A Group Of Alphas disagrees With Alphas And Omegas, law Being Lifted. They Start A bloody Revolution. Its Up To The newly married couples To Stop it before It destroys their...
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5. Stinky

4. Lilly

3. Eve

2. Princess

1. Garth
posted by HumphreyWolfMan
WARNING: I have not watched everything as I am kinda just in a hurry. So it's quite possible this review is generally biased atm.

But for now I'll just post some quick thoughts.
The एनीमेशन is the worst thing I've ever seen in all of the series: The movement is choppy, and very repeating in some parts. The part where the भेड़िया howled just showed how lazy they have became.

Now the whole movie so far feels like a misleading title.

The only parts I've seen that were good was the creativity (I don't think calling it a rip-off would be fair as that's like calling every movie a rip-off), and the dancing...
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The अगला morning sly waking up to Kate in front of him and he smiled.

Sly: I have figured you'd showed up

Kate: I am early? Kate asked sly. Sly smiling and told her that she was a little early. Both walked out of the मांद, डेन and went for a long walk to Humphrey' s den. As they reached the place Humphrey wasn't घर and both looked at each other.

Sly: well Humphrey isn't here.

Kate: where did he go?

Sly shrugged.

Sly: maybe he went to his friends. Well I guess आप and I just find him.

Kate nodded and walked to go find Humphrey. Sly followed her to the पहाड़ी, हिल and Kate looking around for him. Sly looks...
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posted by HumphreyWolfMan
I thought लेख was better than दीवार posts.
This लेख is marked as "opinion" and फैन्पॉप has allowed everyone to वाद-विवाद without going across the line.

First I want to say that I won't force anyone to like anything I like. For using opinions as arguments (different than saying I don't/do like), आप don't have to agree with me. If आप don't... I won't harass आप for it nor will I insult या personally attack.
I will (or not) possibly disagree and argue as well, but that's it.
If आप feel forced with this article, then go back.
If आप think I do harass, then please look up the definition.

As for...
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posted by Extinction17
Stinky was trekking through the forest with his best friend Brent the भालू enjoying the día as far they were concerned. Stinky was a finally an Alpha School graduate and was deemed ready to lead (in his own eyes). In his prime, at his peak, he was almost completely unrivaled…. Again, as said, almost.

There was a certain भेड़िया around his age from the Northern Pack whose name was called Fleet. The two knew each other very well, after all, Fleet did fall in amor with Stinky’s older sister, Claudette after the Great भेड़िया Games. However, that was not the reason behind the feud, For sometime...
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posted by Extinction17
Chapter One: The Additions.

Walking back to their own मांद, डेन Claudette noticed Stinky/Smokey could not look forward. All he thought about was Fleet.

“When are आप two going to get over each other?”

Claudette,” Stinky began. “Don’t even start.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll deal with आप much later. For now, let’s just see what Mom and Dad are talking about.”

Claudette and Stinky went through the den, and the first thing they passed was a young Omega भेड़िया laying down and sleeping. Muttering strange things as he exhaled.

Claudette giggled as she and Stinky observed the sleeping...
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It was a pleasant दिन for our प्रिय भेड़िया pack. Kate and Humphrey have sprung up a litter of nine pups in addition to the ones they already have. From oldest to youngest, the pups were named: Bo, Clint, K.J., Lil' Hump, Claire, Bell, Tess, Jazz, and Swagger.

Three months later....

Those same pups have progressed so quickly since their birth (as all भेड़िया do.) They have began to run amok all over the United भेड़िया Pack. They have driven their mother Kate crazy. Their father, Humphrey tried to settle them down many times, to no avail. Thier older siblings, Claudette, Smokey, and Runt have taken...
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posted by wolfik125
While randomly watching Unity 5 test scenes, I found this:

आप can find the assets here:

3D मॉडेल are almost the same as original.

posted by Dasher472
Humphrey's POV: it was cold, dark, and I was kind of scared. Kate thinks I'm overreacting, but I'm not.
To be honest, I was scared, a lot. So, after I had रात का खाना I went out for a midnight stroll. Then, I heard a howl, one I've never heard before. I wanted to turn and run, really badly. Then, a भेड़िया came out of the bushes, he looked like he was being hunted due to the shoulder wound. He fainted right in front of me. I was able to get him to the cave, but Kate did not have a happy look when I brought him inside.
Kate's POV: I was shocked, Humphrey had brought a strange भेड़िया into our home. "Why is there a unknown भेड़िया in our den!?" And he replayed "he's hurt, we need to help him." Seriously!? 1: I don't know this wolf. 2: he might hurt the pups. And 3: where did he come from? Trust me, this might not end well.
posted by Alpha-kate123
Kate got up to get a drink, she was very tried from giving birth a few hours पूर्व . Before she did she looked at her family . Kate smiled at the three pups she had . She licked them each she could not have been happier . '' Three is gonna be a pawful या two '' Kate कहा looking at the runt . Would the runt make it ? She thought . Kate got up she forgot the runt lay on her paws . He slipped off Kate caught him though . The runt started to cry . She licked his head and put him with the two others . Kate went to get her drink but then she had realized she could not leave the pups alone . Kate walked back to the मांद, डेन Humphrey was up . Humphrey : Should we just call the runt well Runt ? Kate : Maybe * yawns * we will talk in the morning . goodnight omega . Humphrey : goodnight babe . As Kate slept she wondered again : would the Runt make it ?
 The first night
The first night
posted by Dasher472
Hey, to those who know me, I'm sorry for लेखन this shit.
To make it up to you, I'm leaving and not coming back. I'm having a hard time with my family and I can't take it anymore! My life is a living hell! So, that being said, I'm going to end my life tonight. I hope आप are happy! But before I go, the story ends when lily and runt get caught and explain everything, they are banished from the pack. Runt gets so depressed, that he leaps into the river and kills himself. Lily is so दिल broken that she leaps in front of a car and is run over. I hope आप like the ending. I've dealt with a lot of things in my life and now I feel like I should just die. लेखन for the last time -Dasher.
Tommy-Lee, Humphrey, Kate, Lily, Garth, Runt, Stinky and Claudette ate caribou around a fire.
Runt: हे Tommy still tells us a story of Assassin.
Tommy-Lee: Request that has your parents.
Runt: Can mom It tell us a history of assassin?
Kate: Of course.
Humphrey: To go have listen to you.
Tommy-Lee: OK it was it is very a long time has
Jasper Les भेड़िया lived in peace and prosperity,
Until the दिन Rogues भेड़िया invaded
There N was that only one hope: The Brotherhood of the Assassins.
When the Assassins arrived Rogues भेड़िया prepared has to fight.
Kenaï: To go let us put boots on the buttocks...
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posted by RayJamesRaywerc
The Assassins Creeds must find the stone of power and the the Templars hold the Creeds do recover their sacred property vont'il succeed ou fail.

Tommy Lee is still al'affut Templars who fasait Innoncent hurt and killed one par one. Alpha and Omega are also in this story assasins creed.

Tommy Lee and Lily went into the sewers of the Middle Ages, Tommy Lee and Lily discovered a door that only encienne Maya stone of power can open this door.

They will go and tell Winston that information.

Once arriving at the base he says that he has winston have discovered a Mayan encienne door that only the...
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 Humphrey's family
Humphrey's family
It was a quiet afternoon Humphrey could not stop thinking about his mom . He sighed. He missed her . He has a flashback . Humphrey had a picky pack leader he only wanted alphas in his pack he had 2 sisters and a brother they were all alphas . Humphrey's dad ( Chaser ) only wanted the alphas he ordered to Humphrey's mom ( Mica ) कहा he was her प्रिय pup . Chaser : '' We need alphas only we are at war " Mica : '' yes i know i 'll give him to a pack near द्वारा '' Chaser : '' but that could take days the only packs around us we are at war at '' Mica : " i will find him a good pack as soon as he is old enough '' Chaser : '' fine " Soon after a few weeks Mica journeyed to find a good pack soon she found the Western pack .... to be continued
posted by RayJamesRaywerc
Tommy Lee has walked the jasper " hen he learns that Kate and Humphrey would déplacer elsewhere . He had to follow in case he Would there it Would there a danger. When he has found a cave to live ou he inspected the scene of the cave while they are not . Tommy Lee: No, but it is plastic !!!! Humphrey heard Tommy and would see in his cave.When he has found a cave to live ou he inspected the scene of the cave while they are not . Tommy Lee: No, but it is plastic !!!! Humphrey heard Tommy and would see in his cave . He looked and noticed nothing unusual and it goes away . Tommy Lee: Phew ! fortunately...
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*Driving limo* NICK: आप IDIOT JUDY WE WILL DIE IN THIS EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Judy: Shut the heck up we will get through this! Nick: WATCH OUT THE FREEWAY! Judy: AHHHHHHHHH *Roof scrapes द्वारा freeway and car makes it through* Nick: BUILDING WATCH OUT! *Building crushes Randy's Donuts* Judy: A PARKING LOT! Nick: No noonononono!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Motor noise and smashes glass* Nick: *screaming* *Car smashes out of building* Judy: THE AIRPORT IS AHEAD Nick: What? WE WONT MAKE THAT FREAKING JUMP I TOLD आप WE WILL DIE! Judy: Oh no we wont IF THIS LIMO CAN DRIVE WE WILL MAKE IT!
*Switches to 3rd Gear* Nick & Judy: *screaming AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*