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was jogging through jasper national park alone one evening. I loved walking through the national parks as they are a great get away from the track and the city. But I wasn't there to enjoy the sights. I had a lot going through my mind. Just a week before the start of the new season and there was still plenty to sort out. My name is Jon "The killer "Collins" I earned my nickname "the killer" out on track. But I've never actually competed for a whole season of NASCAR sprint cup....
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As the Clan leads sat there before him, Eight couldn't do anything but try and push all the thoughts of doubt from his mind. Deogee कहा that the decision had been made - whatever it regarded was moot now, his fate was sealed.

"The Lead Alphas will speak first." Deogee spoke and nodded to Otto.

The large, pitch black भेड़िया began, his voice deep and steady,
"When आप arrived here over a महीना ago, I admit I didn't think much of you, Eight."
Otto was clearly not attempting to hide his feeling on anything, at the very least, Eight was happy to know how he felt in earnest.
"I quickly wrote आप off...
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Eight and Zen trailed along, in the shorter brush and घास between the tall field and the evergreen trees, Zen led just a bit and Eight followed him to their destination.

Eight was to meet with Deogee, but couldn't think as to the nature of why he was being summoned. In fact, the और he thought on the subject, the और a sick feeling in his stomach grew. What if बकाइन trailing to his dugout the night before was the सवाल on the old Wolf's mind? Had Eight committed some sort of Taboo? He had already been in hot water before only days earlier, and the elders assured him that there would be...
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The time passed and the दिन was bright now, the sky illuminated and clear blue, highly visible through the tall evergreen treetops. The brisk morning air surrounded Eight and his sleeping beauty in his small dugout as he watched her. The दिन was still, but cold, even as the sun beat down it couldn't penetrate the blanket of dense air that clung to the earth.

Eight, now having moved from बकाइन only slightly to get a better view of her, sat in wonder and awe of just how lucky he was. It only just now occurred to him, He had faced what he thought would be certain death in the shadow of a Mountain...
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In the bright moon lit night, Lilac's फर cast an aura of reflected light around her. She bent the light, she used it to portray radiance unmatched, it could have lit the most pitch black evening as brightly as the sun.
Without her, the evening would have seemed dull, drab. Lifeless.

Eight stared in silence for a length of time. He didn't know how long he had watched her, he didn't care. Seeing her silvery white फर glisten from the moon's gift... He didn't feel his paws, या any extremity as he looked on her, he didn't notice the blink of an eye nor the feeling of the cold around him, only...
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I'm sorry if I'm wasting और time here. But last "Drama" for now. I made 3 people upset and filled with hate inside me.

(Don't read this if आप have enough Drama for now. But this is Important, and Scary...)

The 1st One I made upset told me, "Willy आप suck get outta here." But it was just an online game...

The 2nd One was a Girl. Because I was spamming and it made her lag on a game called Roblox. So same thing... "Leave me Alone Willy."

But the 3rd One I made Upset... It was और important then the last two...

He was Confront with really Inappropriate online Stuff that's been going...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
Umbrella, the most powerful comercial entity in the world. 9/10 homes carry its products. But, even unknown to its employees, Umbrella is known for the development of new viral weaponry. The Tyrant Virus, या T-Virus is the newest most powerful.

Kate and Humphrey, two of Raccoon City's best S.T.A.R.S. agents are sent to investigate the mysterious disappearances of former member Albert Wesker. Accompanied द्वारा Garth and Lilly, two rookies, they encounter the HIVE, Umbrella's चोटी, शीर्ष secret bio-weapon lab. But while the investigation continues, a deadly bio-weapon virus escapes and causes infection throughout the city. Will they get out alive? या will they be infected.
posted by Kitsune32
हे guys. I just wanted to say this ahead of time, may Robin Williams Rest in Peace as he passed away this Monday. Today's chapter is gonna be part one of an arc. Also there's gonna be some swearing and violence. Enjoy.


I was in my मांद, डेन as my mate had just gone into labor. She was screaming her lungs out while squeezing the hell out of my paw. "Come on dear. Just breathe," I कहा encouraging her.

"I'm trying," she कहा in horrible pain. She screamed again as the भेड़िया helping her give birth कहा the head was coming out.

"Ok now just push and it'll come out," the male भेड़िया कहा gently.

After what...
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okay. seriously, something wrong with the wiki page of Alpha and Omega. in the sequel section, somebody just keeps changing the release तारीख, दिनांक of A&O 4 (from October to July 8) and A&O 5 (from Spring 2015 to November 4, 2014). and i go to the PGS page to see the real तारीख, दिनांक of both फिल्में and it's October 2014 and Spring 2015. so who the hell keeps on changing these dates? hell, if A&O 4 actually IS set to come out in July, then why didn't they give us something from the movie? (like a clip या the real plot या something) so whoever's randomly changing the release dates of A&O 4 and A&O 5, for the प्यार of God please stop! it's getting obnoxious.

We were all watching as Thor and Loki were about to turn the handle on the device that would take them घर when the vision started.

I saw two वैंपायर one is my sister Alice and my NEW brother in law Jasper.
Then I saw one huge shape shifter pack.
Two alpha leaders one’s name is Jacob the other Sam.
Then it was over and I was standing there फ्रोज़न I couldn’t हटाइए anything.
“Dove?” I heard Aaron say. “What’s wrong. Dove.” he कहा again with a really worried voice.
I could barely hear him because my eye’s rolled back in my head and I fell to the ground.
I thought I heard...
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
Furry type:Wolf
Fur color:Black
Eye color: Dark blue
Age:14 ( furry years)
Favorite food: Ham, मक्का, मकई beef, Roast.
Favorite color: Dark green and blue.
Mate: (I have no mate and can't have one but I do have a crush on someone)
Best Friend: Humphrey-Real3
Family:Humphrey (Brother)
Children: Mawana, Hitima, Upendi, Rudi, Azra, Upenda, Azira, Jess, Jon, Rose


Q:When did आप शामिल होइए Fanpop?
A:Febuary 2012. I used to look at फैन्पॉप but never joined till then. I thought it wasn't free lol.

Q:When did आप first see A&O?
A:I saw it a few months after i joined.

Q:Who is your favorite...
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**Authors Notice- This chapter mostly revolves around Hutch and reveals some other info that will be important later in the story**

*Hutch's POV*

I couldn't believe that Winston was actually allowing Blackjack to stay here. He knew too damn well my beef with the likes of outsiders, and here he was welcoming him. Winston was like a father to me, ever since my dad died he had taken me in like a son and treated me no different than he did Kate या Lilly. But this, it probably would have hurt less if he would have sunk his claws into my back.

What was worse, was that he didn't even have the decency...
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posted by Lexiomega
हे everyone. Lemme know whatcha think ^^ don't hate!

***my pov***

I opened my eyes and yawned. Still feeling sleepy, I decided to just lie there for a bit longer. After ten मिनटों या so I quietly slipped out from under my mom and walked towards the opening of the den. I inhaled deeply and smelled the fresh morning air. I wagged my tail slightly... I could sense that today was going to be a good day. I turned and smiled at my mom as I saw her wake up. "Morning mum"! I got up and walked towards her. She smiled and licked my head. "Morning Lexi, why are आप up so early"? I shrugged. "I dunno,...
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Warning, don't burn your self

1. Get a piece of log that's big enough.

2. Make sure the wood is hard and rough.

3. Cut it out into a piece,

4 get a stick, burn the tip.

6. Then draw something on the log what आप want!

This is a fine activity to do while your camping.
Only ages to 7.
Cause don't want little kids to get burnt lol.

So have fun with theses art steps.
Have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu7uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
posted by MarvelousAlpha
 No Trespassing
No Trespassing
A/N: It's a horror story... Sorta freaked me out लेखन it... o.o

Kate and her boyfriend Humphrey were driving down a lonely stretch of highway at dusk when a thunderstorm came crashing down on them. Humphrey slowed the car and they crept their way past a formidable abandoned house. Plastered all over the fences and trees were no trespassing signs.

A mile past the house, the car hydroplaned. Kate screamed as the car slid off the road, plunging down into a gully. The car slammed into a large boulder, throwing Kate violently into the door, before it came to a rest under a एक प्रकार का अखरोट, पेकन tree. Her head...
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(this is a ballad. whitesnake ballad style)

verse 1:
this is प्यार in the night
this is प्यार in the day
this is love, never fight
this is प्यार now we say

and we walk to the moon
everynight we dream here
cradle आप in my arms
and let आप no fear!

cause प्यार is crystal clear!

verse 2:
This is प्यार in my eyes
this is प्यार in your way
this is प्यार in your thighs
this is प्यार now we say

and we fly through the stars
every night we dream here
cradle आप with my soul
and let आप no fear

cause प्यार is crystal clear!

bridge 2:
and we die in the night
but our प्यार never goes
happy our lives
and we destroy...
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Me and Humphrey walked into the cave. I saw a black भेड़िया standing there. He turned to us.

"Hello Mr. Garth, Mr. Humphrey. My name is Nitro. I heard आप had gotten into a little trouble earlier. Is this true?" He asked us. I looked down.

"Thats right sir." I said. I prepared for my punishment.

"What banner are आप two from?" Nitro asked. I looked over at Humphrey. He nodded.

"We're from the red banner." He told Nitro.

"Ahh. The आग is your house. Well here have some rabbit." He कहा and threw us two rabbits. I was surprised along with Humphrey.

"Sir aren't we in trouble?" I asked. Nitro just...
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Kate and Lilly finally left the ally, hoping not to encounter others या और of those things. But to their disappointment, और lying figures were roaming the streets like zombies. "What the hell? Are they zombies?" Kate said. "Who cares, just shoot them!" Lilly cried. Their radios acted up as they approached the monsters. Kate continued to shoot them in the head until they fell. They did not really attack. Just spit that murky burning shit, which was easy to doge if आप were quick like them. Once they were all dead, they entered the hospital. "What? No one here too!?" Lilly said, turning...
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 Lying Figure
Lying Figure
NOTE: I'm having a difficult time with Kate and Humphrey vs. Jason right now, and for Devil's Sanctum, I deleted it. The story got too complex and confusing so I am going with a और simple plot like this. BTW, this story is based off of Silent पहाड़ी, हिल 2.

Early अगला morning, Kate and Lilly set out for Silent Hill. They did not really pack anything because they did not know how long they would be gone. Kate made a few mix CD's of Mary E. McGlynn fo the road. "Kate, why are we going to Silent पहाड़ी, हिल again?" Lilly asked. "Something there may have caused Humphrey to kill himself. I want to know." Kate...
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posted by VengeanceWolf
*Warning* *This लेख contains graphic content and adult themes* *Viewer discretion is advised* And Remember...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Two weeks passed quickly since the incident in the city-square, and I found myself face-to-face with Alyssa's eldest brother, Alseif, the heir to the throne, with swords drawn in the courtyard of the Grand Fortress of White.
It was the semi-finals of the combat tournament, dedicated to Alyssa and I's wedding, which was to take place later today. There were four remaining contestants now in the semifinals, each of us having to wade through nobles from every faction,...
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