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that's right, my चोटी, शीर्ष 11 प्रिय फिल्में of 2013 list, that's done and outta the way. now, it's time to write down my चोटी, शीर्ष 11 worst फिल्में of 2013. या as i like to call it "the fun list". why am i making this? cause we all know every best सूची needs a worst list, and shit फिल्में need प्यार too या at least just let 'em know they're shit movies. that's why i'm here, guys. also, thanks so much for checking my चोटी, शीर्ष 11 प्रिय फिल्में of 2013. and if आप ended up hating everything on that list... well, sorry to hear that, but hey. everybody has their own opinion. that being said, let's get started with...
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लेखक note: Hey, now the storys coming togeather! this will be an important part in the story.

Humphrey can आप दिखाना me around Jasper now? Shure Dillon. Then they walked away from the meeting and started exploring all of Jasper... हे what is that Humphrey asked. Holy fuck! i charged at full speed ahead only to find my best human friend Jakob lying on the ground passed out with a broken leg! I then tryied picking him up but.... i was a भेड़िया now without hands, so Humphrey helped push him on my back. Ugh... it was Jake, grunting with pain he woke up.... WHAT THE FUCK.... WHERE AM I.... SHITT.......
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We left off as Kate and Humphrey had named there pups.

Humphrey stared at the pups while thinking about how to raise them. "I haven't any experience with raising pups. How would I feed them? How would I teach them? So many questions. Mabe I should ask Kate and eve." Thought Humphrey.

"Kate do आप supposedly know how to raise pups?" Kate responds द्वारा saying "Don't worry. If we need help we can ask my mom and dad." Humphrey thinks about it then says "Uhmmm. Kate speaking of your parents do they know? Cause I really don't want to get scolded for telling them."

"Well Humphrey they do check on us every...
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"You think he's dead?"Maia asked.Apparently the battle had been over a while because I could see hints of sunlight."No,but he did get hit pretty bad,so we might have to set up over here.I'll gather some खाना and water,you make sure Connor's all right.I'll be back in an घंटा या two." Ezio ordered.But while he stood up and started to walk,I mumbled. "Hey you're not going to make sure your pal is okay before adventuring?" I asked him."Connor!We thought आप got seriously injured man!" Ezio exclaimed. "Well after a fall like that,then getting tackled again down here,then getting KO'd down here,I...
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posted by Lexiomega
This is my first, leave some टिप्पणियाँ :)

It was a महीना after Kate and Humprey's marriage. Garth died in a horrible accident during a hunting trip. Lilly is still devistated...

^*^*^ Lilly's POV^*^*^

It was a early morning and I was just laying in the back o my den, depressed. I looked at the rotting खाना that my parents dropped off for me to eat. Just as I began to falls asleep, I saw my sister, Kate, walk in. "Lilly, c'mon we have to get आप out of here." I really didn't want to get up, so I acted like I didn't hear her. I heard her sigh and watched her walk out. Soon after she left, she came...
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Summary: Three years have passed since Humphrey ran away from Jasper after all the heartbreak, now he's a lone भेड़िया living as if it all never happened thanks to a head injury. However he will soon realize just what he has forgotten when he gets an unknown visitor. Will he come to terms with the past that he lost, या will it end up just causing him to break and feel the hurt all over again?

Fragments of a लॉस्ट Life – TheChriZ1995

I keep having these strange flashes in my dreams lately, visions that at first seem like only a normal dream but for some reason feel so familiar. I see myself living...
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After a a while of walking Hutch, Can-do and I arrived at the western भेड़िया pack. Hutch turns around and looks at me, "Wait here please." He then walks off with Can-do.
I sit down and look around. I can see some पिल्लें and some भेड़िया digging. I then see Humphrey, Shakey, Salty and Moock talking to some other wolves! They are दिखा रहा है them squirrels and berries.
I laugh and giggle when Humphrey says, "Squirrels! Bad joke!" I look up at the cliff near bye and see Kate! My दिल is pounding so fast that I am afraid that I am going to have a दिल attack. I then see that Hutch and Can-Do are...
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My 2nd chapter of new beginnings with Lilly please enjoy

It had been 3 days of school, I was out of school finally. On the last दिन of school on the final hours all I could think of was Lilly. The air conditioning was out and there wasn't much for her to do in 8 hours other than watch some TV. I knew she couldn't wait for me, only if time can go faster. At school I'd hang out with my friends, Brian, David, and Jose. Today was also the दिन all of us would be going our seperate ways to different colleges and taking different paths. Me and Lilly will be moving to the US where we'll be sharing...
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Through the dense, cool, breezeless night air traveled two wolves, intent on discovering the location of the herds but और specifically, how much longer they may be in the area for the cold seasons.
It was no secret that when the herds moved on, the pack would be doing without a great deal longer. Even small game had a tendency to हटाइए around less in the winter months, so some of the head Alphas had requested a situation recon to find out how much time they had to gather hunt teams and begin to stock pile food.
Buried, a caribou या खच्चर deer would keep for a good long time during the cold...
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posted by yoj123
Warning small sex scene some detail

As Kate and Humphrey returned to their मांद, डेन they noticed all of the members of the pack were gone "maybe they are on a hunt...a big hunt" Kate कहा to humphery "maybe" कहा Humphrey.

"umm, आप know how आप were talking about mating, now would be a good time to do it, Kate". "Alright I'm ready","I'm ready too". And when they got back to their मांद, डेन Humphrey mounted Kate and started thrusting in and out Kate could feel him ejaculate "ohhh" Kate groaned but Humphrey kept on thrusting in and out then after an घंटा humphrey fainted and kate (felling sore as hell) went to bed.
Chapter 10
The moonlight howl was in 5 minutes. The howl was like a prom for wolves... आप would find a partner, and howl an amazing duet. When two भेड़िया go to the moonlight howl together, they usually come back as a couple. Not to mention भेड़िया that are already couples, या भेड़िया that choose to, they mate. When they get back to their dens of course. No one would want to see that. The moonlight howl was a mating ritual. That was one thing Seth did not know. "So this is it?" Seth asked curiously, looking at the couples howling on the mountain. They were howling in perfect unison. Some carried...
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posted by wolfiey
That fat cat
There was an old cat
Who was very fat
He had a nice… इंद्रधनुष hat
With two little holes for his ears to go through
He picked a nice पेड़ to take a snooze
He dreamed of other fat बिल्ली who had very nice इंद्रधनुष hats
There was small बिल्ली fat बिल्ली big cat black cats
Who all had very nice इंद्रधनुष hats
Except for one who was fattest of all
Who had a big yarn ball
The end
By.wolfiey dont judge me i was bored and im only लेखन this becuse it was to short so now i will write बिना सोचे समझे letters hiphopapotomis i स्केट dont hate hugs are drugs
Alpha and Omega - New Adventure C2- C5


A/N: Sorry for the slow अपडेट्स I've been busy lately, but I hope this chapter is enjoyable.

Two Weeks Later…
Humphrey's POV

Another two weeks have passed and it seems time has been flying द्वारा since Kate and I had our pups. They were already 5 weeks old and it seem like Kate gave birth to them only a few days ago. During these past two weeks Kate has been teaching the pups the basics of living, and दिखा रहा है them a few hunting techniques. द्वारा now the pups were old enough to go out whenever the wanted, and had enough stamina for Kate and I to take them on the...
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 The tag he bought me!
The tag he bought me!
(March 30, 2011)
(Scar here, this was a completely unexpected event here. Anyway, I thought I'd tell this one from my point of view)

I watched in amazement as he drove. He seemed so calm, so composed. He looked ready for anything.
I saw him take his hand off the car's steering wheel and drop it to a lever between us.
"What's that?" I asked, pointing to it.
"It's called a gearshift," he said. "It helps the car go faster."
"That's cool," I said, giving him a grin.
He grinned back at me. "Wanna see something cool?" I was slightly worried, but I nodded. He gripped the shifting thing and stomped on...
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well will you? i asked lilly again, she still seemed astonished that i had asked her then i wondered if i should have asked her at all. well yes" huh? i looked up and saw lilly smiling i will marry आप garth! i was happy that she had कहा this but i did not know what to do किस her या what so i just stood their. well? when do आप want to get married? asked lily. i am not shure. tommorrow then"! she yelled i am so exited i cant stand it i will go tell everyone.

today i went to see my dad, his atitude has inproved alot over the weeks. but i wondered what he would think about me marrying lilly....
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If I didn't have courage
I wouldn't be doing this
"What if" is boring
It's only hypothetical

If I were to give up
Like the rest
"I might be weak" isn't good
It wares आप down

If there is a light,
I want to protect it with my might
So let's
Rise to Fight!

Even if you're strong
Even if you're big
There's no guaranteed success
Against the past

Even if आप have courage
Even if you're kind
There's no healing
The sins of the present

Unable to भालू it,
Use that strength
To clear a path to you!

For the unending, continuing tomorrow, everyone
Is preparing; is ‘that’ truely necessary?
Even if आप gather many things आप see with your eyes

Rise to Fight!

They aren't useful; instead, have the strength
To not regret; in other words…Rise to Fight!!

If there is a light,
I want to protect it with my might
So let's
Rise to Fight!
posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 2: Why Did the Time Stop?

*Jasper National Park*

Nick Wolfe: *Looks around* I still can’t believe what happened yesterday...

Wolf Brace: Wolfe, आप know what आप must do right?

Nick Wolfe: *Nods* I need to stop the Zagiloids from doing whatever their evil plan is.

Wolf Brace: That’s right.

Nick Wolfe: Though I'm just wondering...what happened to that Zagiloid I fought?

Wolf Brace: Best case scenario, it turned back into a Zeta-Drive. Worst case, it’s evolved.

*Near Maligne Lake*

Baron Kabuto Zagiloid: *Sees a black Zeta-Drive left over from the Snake Zagiloid* I see आप failed to destroy...
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daddy कहा we had a run, mommy कहा later on life comes and goes, daddy told me stay 'n go to bed; dream 'n think gold..
now its coal.. nightmares turned into dark wholes. thought of daddy's big दिन tomorrow, and mommy's दिन with me... daddy never camed back home. mommy didn't either, they कहा we be in a better place, i know you'll miss her, but now i dont cause i see her being distinguished 'n body burns, happy thoughts never crossed my mind,
daddy कहा don't let it touch आप as he held my thighs, birthday wish.. wish mommy back to be alive, stead daddy bought me an xbox.. got hit cause i tossed...
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"Honey!? Are we going!?!?" I yelled from the bottom of the stairs to Humphrey who was still in the bathroom. "Yes dear! Just one sec!" I counted to one. "It's been a sec! Now two! Now three! Now four!.." I could hear the sound of the bathroom door opening and my mate walking out of it and down the stairs, "Here!" I sigh,"Finally!" Humphrey smiles a little and picks up all the suit cases and tries to cary them all at once. I smile and watch him, "Need some help?" Humphrey shakes his head stubbornly, "Nope, not at all" Suddenly one falls out of his hand and onto his foot, he cries out in pain,...
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just saying Lilly is not the real Lilly owned द्वारा someone (i dont know) in the story, explicit will be involved but not every time I'll put EXPLICiT CONTENT thank आप and enjoy

It was July when me and Lilly first meet, her tail was wagging and her फर was slowly moving with the cool Canadian breeze. Her beautiful brown eyes meet mine and I got nervous, I didn't know how I should react so I came out and greeted her, "your very beautiful what's is your name", was what I said. She replied with the nicest and sweetest voice *giggles* " your pretty cute to, I'm Lilly" I was in much shock thinking...
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