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posted by The-Theorist
Alpha and Omega: The Legend of Saw Tooth Cave.

This movie is paws down my प्रिय out of all of the sequels. I mean, these guys really stepped it up from their last disaster, so hopefully the fifth one will be even better. There were still a few issues that I had, but otherwise, it was a good movie.

I'm your host and this is Inside the Story.

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of Saw Tooth Cave, is truly a great film, and is in fact, almost flawless, but there are still a few things that are left unsaid या that do not quite add up.

The first thing that I want to look at is the ghost.

We know that the...
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6 Hours went द्वारा after the accident with Sophie the group returned to the Wal-Mart Winston explained to Eve what happened, Hutch was द्वारा himself cleaning the weapons that he used to kill Jack, Hutch was still depressed about what happened to his sister Sophie, Kate walked up to Hutch and कहा Kate:"I'm sorry about what happened to your sister" Hutch कहा in a depressed tone Hutch:" don't be sorry it wasn't your fault" Kate:"it feels like it is, I didn't get to say thank आप for saving me...again" Hutch कहा with a slight playful attitude Hutch:" no problem..again" Kate smiled and कहा Kate:"...
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posted by Country_Wolf
Hello Fanpop! This is my first लेख to be पोस्टेड here and I'm excited to hear what y'all think. I hope आप guys enjoy it. Play "Lucy" by: Skillet on loop while आप read to fully experience the story.
Disclaimer; I do not own Alpha and Omega या the band Skillet

It is late fall in Jasper park. Dark grey clouds filled with undroped snow fill the sky, signaling the approaching winter months. Most of the trees in the park are barren and dead looking, all of their usually bright green leaves have long since died and fallen to back to the earth.
A young dark grey भेड़िया wanders alone through the usually...
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So i just saw Alpha and Omega and i thought it was amazing, romantic, funny, adventure and most inportantly animated! It was the best movie i ever saw so i looked if the movie would continue and what did i find i found Alpha and Omega 2 i was so excited so i checked for the plot, images, a trailer. And i found nothing so i looked for the release तारीख, दिनांक and found, the wiki for crest productions and it says this...

Title    Release date    Ref(s)
Norm of the North    TBA    
Alpha and Omega 2    1/4/2013    

But i also saw a few other प्रशंसक मंचों talking about the release तारीख, दिनांक being April या May so im kinda confused so im just hoping that the तारीख, दिनांक is what crest productions कहा it would be, January 4th 2013.

Thank you, please tell me if आप find information on the release तारीख, दिनांक for Alpha and Omega 2!
4 hours Later...
Sgt.Carlos Johnson
दिन 1
9:00 AM
carlos wake up after his fall.
sgt.carlos:"cough...cough..what just happend.."
carlos crawls to somewhere.
after reach the somewhere he gets up.
carlos is injured on his back and legs, but he can हटाइए but at weak speed.
sgt.carlos:*at weak voice* "There Somebody here!"
carlos moves slowly.
carlos collapses.
carlos looks up and slowly dies.
screen to him slowly white.
1 घंटा later his death...
air camera tracks carlos.
carlos johnson
Status:K.I.A = Killed in Action
cpl.john:"he dead now."
cpt.lilly:"of course."
gen.winston:"nevermind, we will send ambush troops to get his HQ so we get और power."
cpt.lilly:"i will recruit भेड़िया to get our alpha's pack bigger."
To Be Continued...
Rest In Peace, Carlos.
posted by Y2K
It was another cool दिन in Jasper.and today was kates bday.kate got up and stretched to see humphery not in the cave."were is humphery?,I hope he didnt forget what today was, na humphery cant forget my birthday".So she walked out side and looked around, but no one was around."were is everyone?".kate कहा with a puzzled look on her face.She started to walk to get a drink of water at the stream close by.But was hit द्वारा a paw on the side of her head, that knocked her out cold. After she awoke, she was in another cave that had candles lit and had a sweet smell to the air. She was overwelmed with...
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1. Humphrey and his फ्रेंड्स could have ruined kates hunt if they crashed into the carabu after tney crash landed.

2. Kate could have still caught a caribu

3.Scar and claw could have gotten run over.

4. Winston could have gotten mad at kate.

5. Kate could have married Garth

6. Humphrey could have fallen in प्यार with lilly.

7. Salty could have howled with Sweets and कैन्डी if he just कहा somthing a little और romantic to them

8. Humphrey could have been shot with the needle first

9. Kate could have ran after Marcel instead of Humphrey या she could have helped.

10. Humphrey could have just goten into...
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posted by HumphryOmega
Humphrey kept driving away from which used to be his and Kate's house. "How the fuck could sh do this to me!?" Humphrey thought in his head, eyes still filled with tears. Then he remembered Lily. "How is she gonna take it? Finding out her husband was cheating on her. She has to find out eventually..." He कहा to himself. He pulled into Lily's drive way and got out of the car and walked pitifully to her door and knocked. Lily rushed to the door and opened it to see Humphrey in tears. She didn't say a word and took him inside and sat him on the couch. Lily sat अगला to him and कहा softly, "did आप find anything out?" Humphrey looked at her and कहा in a apologetic tone "yes i did, and i wish i would've never seen it. He was having sex with Kate..." Lily gasped and कहा in a worried tone "really?" Humphrey nodded slowly and looked at her. Lily then broke into tears and cried into Humphrey's chest and he held her.
The truck driver stepped down from the idling Kenworth, and approached Kate, eyeing her up and down. He was a middle aged man, stubble faced, mustache, and shaggy, untidy black hair. He was not very tall either, shorter than Jon in fact but he seemed to have a sturdy build.
"Howdy ma'am, what can I help ya with?"
He had a very southern accent to him. Kate proceeded to explain the circumstance and if there was any way he could find it in his दिल to help them out. The man considered her proposal, and agreed to help.
"I can't unhitch my trailer though, but the added weight might be helpful in...
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Chapter III: Humphrey’s Solution
“Come on, lets get this and get it away fast. No one will noti--” “Wait a minute!” कहा Humphrey. “You want me to steal another pack’s kill!? Do आप know how many problems it will--” “Do आप want to get back to your pack?” Asked Candou abruptly. “or आप think आप can दिखाना up there with your paws empty?” “Well, I…” कहा Humphrey.
“Dah! Forget it! Now give me a hand with this… thing…” कहा Candou. “Come on, let’s get out of here!” “Wow you’re pretty strong, eh?” कहा Humphrey as they were dragging the caribou across...
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whitesnake style ballad:

verse 1:
we had a good run
the feeling was good
we had so much fun
we did all we could
now feeling is gone
the moment did fade
our time is done
from the sun to the shade

if आप प्यार me, youll let me go
theres nothing we can do
its been fun
now were through
its been good
the प्यार we shared in the night
you helped me to see the light
but its over, set me free to flow
if आप प्यार me, youll let me go

verse 2:
ive got my bags packed
its time to leave
and still my hearts cracked
you must feel so decieved
please dont hold on
please let my walk
dont call me back
for a दिल to दिल talk

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posted by lonehumphrey
THIS TAKES PLACE right after they get out from ( torture) Also known as the bath suscipe and enjoy.

" come on Nathan please let us out " Kate said. " I have to give आप guys a bath" he said. " I have to get the dirt, smoke and smell off you" he added. " ok were clean " they both said. When Nathan pulled them out they went for the neck. " what are आप guys doing"." Were getting the dominints in the house" Kate and Humphrey said.
Humphrey bit his hand and Kate got the throat.
" ow " Nathan कहा when he felt a little blood escape his hand and throat. " we won" ! they both said. " so now आप do...
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After a long, and romantic night spent with my ladies and getting a decent rest in, I woke at around 8 AM, Kate and I would be taking off for Jasper Park today in my old 1978 Ford Bronco. We had loaded everything we needed in it the night before, also I had filled the gigantic 32 gallon tank (this was an option for the 78-79 Bronco, they normally come standard with 21 gallon tanks) full of gas as well. That had made my wallet squeal but if I did not hot rod it on the road, we could probably go between 300-400 miles on a tank of gas.
Both Kate and Katie were still asleep, I quietly got...
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A couple days had passed since Kate asked if we could make the trip to Jasper to see her family, and now after having a long talk with dad, it was a green light! First priority was to get the Bronco road worthy for the long drive since my Tacoma pickup was still up at the खरीडिए getting bodywork done. Also I would have to put in a new stero, the stock Ford AM radio was shot and I could not drive over 3,000 miles without tunes! Namely my AC/DC albums and all the other songs on my iPod.
I pulled the Bronco into the lift खाड़ी, बे with Kate riding in the passenger seat. She was in anthro form...
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posted by nicker11500
It was a beautiful दिन in Jasper park hutch was just got done patrolling and he seen a bunch of wolfs with mates he felt sad when he think about not having a mate he went to see if there's any caribou in the valley he didn't find any so he went outside the territory to see he seen one he was going to jump it but before he got to he seen a female black and silver भेड़िया "wow shes hot"said in hutch's mined as hutch stepped on a stick the caribou heard it and ran they both chased it hutch कहा to the black and silver भेड़िया "hey my names hutch" कहा hutch "hi I'm Chloe" कहा Chloe as they chased the...
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posted by Metallica1147
आप know what? Saturday, October, 29th 2011 was a दिन was a दिन that was just terrible. So आप know what? Lets just start over. Make things right आप know? So hows about we make some rules, guide lines in this club and if we fallow them we should be alright.

Rule 1: No और बिना सोचे समझे stuff on here. Don't post anything on this spot that has nothing to do with Alpha and Omega.

Rule 2: No और sex talk! We can talk about having mates, but please, lets keep the talk clean for now on.

Rule 3: Stop arugeing with one another. Please, we need to stop doing that. We're all फ्रेंड्स on here!

Rule 4: Lets try...
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Kate & Humphrey Adventures.
Fall of 2011 Part 2. “Good Bye Can-do.”

Life at the western territory has been peaceful for a while now.

Kate is overlooking her territory with pride. She looks over her

territory once a महीना to admire the change from Mother Nature.

Humphrey walked over to her and brushed his head against hers. Kate

looked at the Alpha's dens and saw Hutch and his girlfriend

playing. “You know Kate, they told me they are planning on marrying

soon.” “Really? How nice for them, they seem to really hit it off.”

“Ya, they are going to the moonlight howl the दिन before...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
NOTE: Just to clear things up, this is somewhat a sequel to the Final Destination crossover द्वारा Igtar77, his most हाल का chapter was the prequel to the Dante's Inferno crossover. One और thing. This was written for pure entertainment, not for religious purpose.

*3 Days After Kate's Encounter With Death*

Kate walked on, hoping to find a place to rest for the night. On her back was the scythe she चुरा लिया from death himself. She laughed at how she made death plea for life, how Ironic. The scythe itself was pretty light, and for some reason it stuck to her back and she was able to easily reach...
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posted by HumphreyAlpha
(March 29, 2011)
(Sadly, we say goodbye to Kate during this part, at least for a while)

The red, white, and blue MD500 light helicopter touched down smoothly amongst the trees that surrounded Kate's घर with Jon in Lewistown, Montana. The downwash from the rotor blades threw पेड़ limbs into a frenzy.
Jon heard the whomp whomp of the rotors and came outside. Kate pawed at the door latch, trying to get it open. After about ten या so सेकंड्स of that, she got it and jumped through the open door.
"Jon!" she cried. She leaped into his waiting arms and he caught her.
"I missed you, Kate," he कहा warmly....
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द्वारा the time the four भेड़िया arrived to the territorial lines, the sun began its days work of bringing brightness to the world. Clouds dissipated and moved from around the sun as its heat dropped to the earth below. With the globe warming and the land washed in नारंगी, ऑरेंज and yellow, the night had दिया way to the dawn of a new day, all was gone of its dark counterpart save for the memory, and much of the chill in the air. The four approached the fifth member of their team, and a sixth form, just opposite of the understood boundaries.

Jayne stood along side the Cougar, his attention toward the...
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