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(this takes place directly after chapter 1)

The night i had spent with crystal before was like heaven in a बिस्तर and as i caught my relaxing sleep right अगला to her; the misty dreams started pouring their thoughts into my head which made my eyelids go hazy.

as i drifted in to a deep sleep, these thoughts started to create visions behind my eyelids, these visions were becoming clearer, making तस्वीरें in my head and i found myself in a place of no recognition to my life, सवालों popped into my sleeping head "have i been here before" and "why here" and "why now"? The vision became very clear now...
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the अगला morning:

mouchs pov

i woke up this morning thinking to myslef i'am so lonely if only i could find a mate like humphrey या salty( salty is with janace)that wold make me so happy but i guess it would make any भेड़िया happy so i decided to go for walk and see if i cold run into anyone but no luck i wasx about to give it up for the दिन when a भेड़िया came up ramed into me and hid behind me whimpering "look out" भेड़िया कहा and i turned around to see four भेड़िया aprouch "hey step aside she's a traitor' कहा one of the भेड़िया "what for" i कहा "well if आप must know she चुरा लिया some of the खाना supplie...
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Having known where Kayne stayed with his alliance pack it was only a short matter of time before they were standing outside the rotting warehouse again, staring at the broken windows and blood stained floor brought a lot of bad memories back to garth. His dried blood adorned the floor.
Garth started to whimper loudly as if in pain.
All the pain that Garth had felt was returning via the memories that were pounding into his mind once more.

Lily: garth! GARTH!! whats wrong, speak to me!!

Garth collapsed to the floor as if he was about to die, the pack gathering round only made the hallucination worse...
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Humphrey's POV.

1 महीना later

"We're finally back home!" Shadow cheered as we went into the Den. So much had happend. Shadow had the आग element. Fang had the earth element. तारा, स्टार and Rose had the water element. Aleu had wind. I also had Kate, Lilly, Jenna, Star, Rose, and Aleu learn healing from Blue. I had also विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें the pack into squadren's.
I set Tony, Winston, Garth, Blue, and Coy into leader's. I was the commander in chief. We had just now gotten घर from training. I went and collasped on the floor. Kate came and laid द्वारा me. Shadow went and did the same. Aleu gently rubbed his back.
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Humphrer's POV.

I just stared at my friends. 'How can this be?'I asked myself. Kate was as surprised as I was. Shakey cleared his throat.

"Bet your wondering how we're alive,huh?" He asked. I nodded. He then told us how him,Salty, and Mooch had all been dead. Then they had woken up back in this world. I just was thinking over so much. Garth looked at me.

"Can आप think of how this could Humphrey?" He asked. I shook my head.

"I guess we should go back to our regular lives then." I said. Everyone nodded. I then started laughing. They all looked at me.

"What's so funny?" Kate asked me.

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Read Humphrey's Secret first. This is the sequel.

Humphrey's POV.

It had been four weeks since I fought my brother Seth and killed him. Me, Kate, Garth,and Lilly were all walking up to Winston and Eve's मांद, डेन for they had called us. I walked in first with Kate leaning on her cause of my still broken leg and bruised ribs.Garth and Lilly followed us. When we got there we saw Tony inside with Eve and Winston.

"Hey dad what are आप doing here?" Garth asked his father. Tony looked around with a smile.

"Well son there's going to be a big change for the pack today." Tony told us. We sat down. Garth...
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Chapter 4

The Lone Wolf

Meanwhile, that night Mooch was walking around the edge of Jasper Park. As he was walking he saw a झाड़ी, बुश rustling. As he approached it, out jumped a beautiful wolf. Her फर was bright गुलाबी her eyes bright green she had a white chest. As her slim body flew through the air Mooch कहा “Wow”. As she jumped and missed Mooch she landed in the tall घास behind Mooch. “Are आप all right!” Mooch yelled as he ran over to see her lying on the ground. “I’m fine “she sobbed as she got up and started to walk away, down the road leading out of Jasper. “Wait where are...
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posted by Xscash232
Humphrey got up and got some coffee and he added extra sugar and went and sat on the porch and the paper boy rode द्वारा and कहा "Hey Humphrey" and throws the paper and it lands on the porch and Humphrey says "Hey Jeremy" and then he picked up the paper and sat back down and then Garth pulled up and कहा "Hey loser hows your piece of shit car doing" and Humphrey says "Its not a piece of crap Its a classic doush bag No wait your some stupid jock fag who comes to my house to eat cause your to poor to provide for your self" then garth walked right up to him and कहा "Listen if your picking a fight...
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It was a bright burning summer morning in jasper and the packs were clambering round to see what their new leaders Kate and Humphrey had to say. it was the news of the long awaited heavy metal festival.

KATE: “As everybody knows the long awaited heavy metal festival is upon us were as आप know anyone can get on the new moonlight stage ( she points to the high पहाड़ी, हिल peak) and sing out their प्रिय metal songs; no screamo, death shit please.”

HUMPHREY: “ I will be गाना 2 surprise songs and have also written up a setlist for the festival.” “first up is WINSTON with HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN...
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*A Week after Humphrey’s incident*
“Damn this Plasma is AWESOME!”Humphrey says
“I Know right!”I say
*We Watch A&O 3D On Bluray on the Plasma Screen*
“OK!”I say
*We play A Car game Which also was altered for और better controls for paws*
“HI PAW!”I Say because we tied
*Also I added a feature that आप can use your tail to control it as well plus either saying command PAWS या Putting both paws on the bottom of the screen*
“Hey guess what Humphrey”I say With Wide eyes at my IPAWD
“What?”he says
“I got asked if I would make Software for windows...
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Humphrey woke up that morning to a shocking but awesome surprise. Winston was at the base, along with Hutch, Kate and Johnny! He ran from his barracks to the gates of the भेड़िया base. The first he came to hug was his brother Hutch. Kate opened her arms expecting him o hug her first.
“Hutch, your Words of Wisdom really helped me! Thanks so much brother!”
“Nope problem Humphrey! I प्यार आप too! How did they help?”
“I was saw the flight deck of the plane, and it was so complex. I was in a rush too. Our General was yelling at us and a flashback of आप came, and it helped. I प्यार आप brother!”...
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Author's Note: I made this one a little shorter then i wanted It to save me some time to work on chapter 5 and 6

I remember Waking up and hearing screaming from Garth and Lilly's tent. I ran out to see if they where ok but I go out to see Thomas and brik running out of their tent laughing with a camera in Thomas hand. “Thomas Give Me The Camera!!” Garth Screamed as he ran out of the tent after Thomas and Brik only in his pants from yesterday that were ripped from the bullet shots and covered in blood and man was he pissed!!!

After most of the drama was over Topgun and Hell Merry came out...
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posted by nalalover
Kate and Humphrey,
Lily and Garth,
Will always have there true love,
And never be apart.
Reba and Janice,
Are down to earth not square,
While Shakey has it good,
For he has found,
His double dose of love,
That is rare.
Salty and Mooch,
Will find their true love,
They are just different,
All they need is a hug.
Winston and Eve,
Are ment to be,
But if आप get in a fight,
They got your back without worry.
Candu and Hutch,
Are soldiers आप see,
In the front lines,
Fighting for glory.
Tony needs help,
As आप can plainly see,
Because Garth is in प्यार with Lily,
To bad Tony HEHE.
Now just wait आप will see,
They are going to make,
A सेकंड Alpha and Omega story...

(By= Nalalover)
Cando and Scar have been married for a while now and they still haven’t gone on a honeymoon. They planned out theirs. Cando had to get leave from work to go on this trip. They were leaving that night. They चुरा लिया and figured out so much technology from humans that howling wasn’t necessary. Instead they called.
“Yo, Winston. I need leave. Scar and I are going on a honeymoon.”
“Sure, Cando. We don’t have much going on anyway.”
“Thanks Winston,” Cando hung up, “He कहा yes. Where should we go?”
“Anywhere. We could just take a road trip.”
“True. Yeah, the truck gets...
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Humphrey Got to the pub and he was ready for anything he want to दिखाना his gradtitude to Garth he got up on Stage and कहा 'Alright Alright i have a song to rap in remembrance of Garth Brooks He was shot and killed in a drive द्वारा probaly done द्वारा Wolfiey And his gang' 'So Here We go' :

Look, if आप had one shot, या one opportunity
To seize everything आप ever wanted-One moment
Would आप capture it या just let it slip?

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs,
but he keeps...
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Winston got up early in the morning to leave. Eve and Humphrey cuddling was so sweet, so he didn’t wake them up tell them he was leaving. 31 hours 56 मिनटों until Garn’s deadline. A few hours later, Eve woke and was feeling it. She forgot she was sleeping with Humphrey and not Winston, so she climbed on चोटी, शीर्ष of him, and started mounting him.
She was only half awake, and Humphrey looked like Winston to him. Humphrey woke to this and freaked out.
“Eve, what are आप doing?”
“Oh Winston! Give me something!”
“I’m Humphrey! Get off me quick!”
Unfortunately, Eve didn’t get off...
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The funeral for Cando and Humphrey was tragic.
“We लॉस्ट two good men in three days. The worst in pack history.”
Everyone, and literally everyone was crying. Everyone loved Humphrey who was a sweet and funny guy of the pack. Cando was a fierce, protective soldier to the combined packs.
Meanwhile, Humphrey crawled from the wreckage of the truck. There was no way he could’ve survived that. Then he started think about how that was where they lived. It’s a good thing Salty still had Johnny.
“Ahh, crap!”
Humphrey saw the huge wreckage, “Holy crap, how did I survive?”
He coughed up...
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posted by kates-mate101
I am भेड़िया pt 1

I remember… My life, as a भेड़िया and human… Since birth, well I can’t remember much… My name is Seth. I remember clearly when I met the girl of my dreams. Kate. Her golden fur… Her brown eyes… and… aw, I won’t get into details…I’ll just start from the beginning from when I met her…

Kate sat on the edge of a clearing. The घास tickled her stomach and her pads. It was mid summer. It was dawn. Kate always headed out there. The lake sat right In front. As the dew sparkled , someone walked up to the lake. That’s where I came in. I took one hadn and ruffled my...
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Humphrey yawned as he awoke slightly. He turned and got into a cuddle position with Kate. He opened his eyes and licked Kate. He heard a knock on the main entranced rock. He went down and opened the entrance.
“Hey Humphrey,” Shakey greeted, “Wanna start on the invention?”
Humphrey looked at the log, “Sure, we gotta go out and look for supplies.”
“I’m hungry,” Mooch कहा out of nowhere.
“Why didn’t आप eat before आप left your den?” Salty asked.
“I don’t know, I just wasn’t feeling hungry.”
They set out again Humphrey found a large chunk of wood. That’s what...
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Tony was sitting watching Winston and Eve playing golf with Paddy. Marcel sat beside him, keeping score on a nearby पेड़ trunk. He felt tired, as always. He also felt hungry. It didn't help that he was sitting अगला to one of the only forbidden birds in the park. "Hey, Marcel."
"Mind if I go get somthing to eat? I'm starving."
"If आप are not in the game, आप may do as आप wish." A ball sailed over his head. "Paddy, the hole is over there."
"Whoops." Paddy कहा "Silly me."
Tony smiled and began his descent. Retirement was great. He got to sit in hot springs to relax, while his son did all...
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