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posted by ShadowCodeX17
Try to see it my way
Do I have to keep on talking till I can't go on?
While आप see it your way
Run the risk of knowing that our प्यार may soon be gone
We can work it out
We can work it out

Think of what you're saying
You can get it wrong and still आप think that it's alright
Think of what I'm saying
We can work it out and get it straight, या say good night
We can work it out
We can work it out

Life is very short, and there's no time
For fussing and fighting, my friend
I have always thought that it's a crime
So I will ask आप once again

Try to see it my way
Only time will tell if I am right या I am wrong
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Before Luetsun could say anything, Anna said, “ these are भेड़िया who wish to commit their lives to Annakkuu.
They spend time in his presence and act as temporary thanes in his court. This process can take up to 200 years, but if आप do go to him now and then, it does slow down the aging process.”

This caught Luetsun’s ear and he started to walk towards them. Before he could get to them,
Anna stopped him and said, “ oh no, I know what you’re thinking, brother, आप need a reason to stand before the great drake.”
Just then, one of the lesser priests ran in and announced, “ Anna, we...
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And I set up and tore down this stage with my own two hands
We've travel this land packed tight in mini vans
And all this for the fans, girls, money, and fame
I played their game
And as they scream my name
I will दिखाना no shame
I live and die for this
And if I come off soft
Then chew on this

Are आप scared?

Devil Without A Cause
And I'm back with the ऊदबिलाव, बीवर hats
And Ben Davis slacks
Thirty pack of Strohs
Thirty pack of hoes
No rogaine and the propane flows
The chosen one
I'm the living proof
With the gift of gab
From the city of truth
I jabbed and stabbed
And knocked critics back
And I did not stutter when I...
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posted by shadow-omega

I groaned slightly as I opened my eyes that morning. I was exhausted for no apparent reason. But I saw Kate, and I smiled.

Damn, I was a lucky boy! I thought to myself

Pulling myself to my feet, I cracked each joint, working them loose. I had managed to not wake Kate, but as I cracked my back, she snapped awake.

"Oh, you're up." She said, smiling.

"Sure am." I replied.

"How did आप like your present last night?" Kate कहा with a mischief smile.

"It had to be the best present I've gottan so far." I कहा with a big smile.

"Well I'm glad आप enjoyed it." Kate कहा giggling.

And that's when I smelt...
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Also, I still stand on my stance about me standing up as a bisexual furry. I forgot about that, so I don't want people to mislead that either. I believe standing up as one is NOT a rude thing and claiming it is anyway can be unfair and bias.
Update Done

Before anyone reads, I don't think I'm fighting with Jett, I won't mention him in here other than this note to make things clear first.

I'm glad the fight is very tamed down.

But I still want to let people know that it takes one person to trigger a fight. But of course, आप need two people to have one, but while there is two people: "Hitting...
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It was 1 महीना since the first infection, दिन after दिन it get's worst. Only 10 wolfs left in the pack and those wolfs are Hutch, Humphrey, Kate, Eve, Garth, Cando, Lilly, Winston, Salty, Mooch, and Shacky. all of them were hiding in a gas station with little खाना and water, they got weapons like cleavers, knifes, nail's and आग axe's, everyday they got to be careful because they see zombie wolfs या zombie humans pass या just stand there in the middle of the road but luckily the doors and window's was boarded up but there's cracks to see outside, the hunts for खाना are only a 2 भेड़िया party...
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Humphrey got to Scar’s den. Cando’s death wouldn’t leave her mind.
“How are आप doing?”
“Better since you’re here.”
Humphrey sat down with Scar on the couch.
“I still can’t believe that bitch!”
Humphrey patted Scar’s back, “It’s alright.”
“You’re not the one who’s mate died tragically.”
“You’re just lucky आप had a good mate. Loving, sweet, fun, and at the same time tough, fierce, and protective.”
Scar hugged Humphrey, “I just need someone to love.”
Humphrey looked into Scar’s eyes. He and Scar had never had a moment like this. Her eyes were...
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That अगला morning, Kate got up, and told Cando to meet her in a back alley. They met, and Kate pulled out her gun.
“Woah, Kate, what are आप doing!?”
“I’m going to do what Humphrey did. Take आप to the hospital speeding really fast, then hit an Omega I will eventually mate with!”
“It only works when आप don’t expect it! It doesn’t work if आप plan that! God works that way!”
“I have लॉस्ट Faith in God!”
Something fell into Cando’s दिल signaling him to get her to have Faith again. It was a sign from God! He was put on this world for two reasons! One, to be tested if...
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continuing the coversation between kate and humphery in the empty den."yes humphery I have what आप have"."why did आप never tell me"."why didnt आप tell me".kate said."the अगला thing that happened they both just fell on the ground and were out cold, no one nows how. When they woke up they were in some kind of ritual, there were about 120 जानवर around them and some guy was speaking in german: ra-tha-ra-tha-raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! every animal there started yelling. Humphery and kate started to fell wired in there bodies. then kate's eyes started to change color to black. she then collasped onto the ground, humphery then started to run to kate but some kind of fource made humphery fly a few feet away. Kate started to speak in german then started to sit up. She then started saying ra-tha-ra-tha and when they got to the raa kates body changed into the werewolf for ever
It was an nice दिन in jasper, and mating season was close by, but today humphery was not in the mood for anything. lilly tried to cheer him up with her कछुआ, कछुए jokes, but it didnt work. Even mooch acked him if he wanted to go log sledding, he did want to go, but kate on the other hand was onto something. She was looking around for another female, but there were no new femals around." darn i can't"---before she could finish a बिना सोचे समझे female came up to kate very confused,"hey excuse me I'm new hear I don't know anything"."AHH were did आप come from". "sorry didnt mean to scare you"."Oh no big...
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After a few months of Janice being mates with Moonlight and secret mates with Brian she started to notice that she was getting fatter for some reason. One दिन while strolling द्वारा the river she felt something kick her from inside her stomach. She gasped and ran to Brian, her दिल was beating fast with excitment, "Brian! I think I'm pregnant!" Brian smiled and jumped for joy. But then he saw the look of concern on his mate's face. "What's wrong my love?" Janice looked down at her paws. "Well, आप and Moonlight mated with me....and आप both look so different. Wouldn't Moonlight notice that one...
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A sound jarred me from my slumber. I had been sleeping since I laid down on the सीट the पूर्व night, and noticed that I needed to urinate bad, this might be hard with my screwed up ribs. It was quite dark in the Bronco due to it being covered in snow, I could not see out but I knew there had to be a lot from the way it was coming down the night before. But putting that aside, I keened my hearing. Something had moved outside, I swore I heard something bump into my Bronco. I heard और rustling, I reached आगे and grabbed the steering wheel and painfully brought myself up to a sitting...
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Though I heard a growl coming from the room on the right I went in there, I was hoping it was just a चूहा या maybe running water from the mote.
I trotted into the room.. I shouldn't have been so happy with myself, I was so ignorant at this point I ignored all the dangers that could have been around.
I looked around the room, I saw ropes and blood.
"What could that be.." I कहा quietly.
"Ooh god.." My eyes grew larger. I looked at the piece of paper. It had shown a man tied upside down and two men sawing his body in half.
My paws were shaking, my head was pounding. I ran out of the room. "AAAAH!"...
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Warning: This प्रशंसक fiction contains stuff from Amneisa: The Dark Descent/Amneisa: Justine and Alpha and Omega =)

I had awoken on a cold ground, I got up I was in a small cozy room in a terrifying castle.. I looked around the आग was still lit but the room has still felt dark and lonely. I thought of Humphrey and Lilly I missed them और than anything in the world. Hell, I even missed Garth! Tears filled up in my eyes until I suddenly heard a deep growl I looked up my eyes grew bigger. What was that?
I looked outside the door, "Oh no." I कहा in a low voice. I locked the door and hid...
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Kate woke up hoping she was back in her den. But she was not in the lab. she was in a truck. she saw a sign pass bye saying आप ARE NOW ENTERING JASPER PARK. Kate was very happy. Men with बंदूकों then dropped her parents and Humphrey off. Then they gave Humphrey one और shot and the left. Kate ran to Humphrey and कहा in a worried voice. "Humphrey Humphrey!" "Are आप ok speak to me please." Humphrey woke up and felt dizzy. Kate licked his face to see if that will help. Humphrey saw Kate but did`t growl he actually licked Kate back. "Humphrey why did आप growl at me." Humphrey answered back "When?" Kate just forgot a bought it and lied with Kate. WW3 was finally over after years. Kate and Humphrey never left each other never again.
posted by OfficalLilly
Chapter 2
I followed him like he wanted me to but I stopped soon after I didnt know what he was gonna do.
Garth:"Well dont be shy."
"Sorry."I walked up closer.
Garth:"Wanna hear me howl?"
I didnt know if to agree या not.
"Uh sure."I कहा with a frown.
Garth howled,it was OK at first but then I heard the worst thing in the world!!!!It was like scratching on a rock!I winced.Then I realized it was him howling like that!Before he could continue I coverd his mouth in relief.He shoved my paw off his mouth.
Garth:"Uh why did आप just do that?"
Um i thought...."
When I saw Humphrey. Perfect!I jumped down in front of him.
Humphrey:Uh हे Kate.Hows Barf?"
His names Garth"I कहा with anger and annoyince.
Thats when my parents came.
Eve:Lilly why dont आप दिखाना Garth around?"
Lilly:Alright."With excitment.
Humphrey:Follow me.

To be continued.
posted by Wolfman32
Ok everyone I just threw this together now. Trying to make a funny.

Kate and Lilly's Room

"Is he cute?" Lilly asked Kate as they were sitting back and relaxing.

"He's just a friend." Kate groaned. Lilly rolled her eyes at her older sister.

"Whatever, आप so think he's cute." Lilly giggled. Kate growled at her sister.

"He...Is...Just...A...Friend!" She growled. Lilly put her paws up.

"Okay okay!" She laughed. Then Humphrey walked in.

"Hi Kate, Hi Lilly!" He कहा cheerfully. Kate hastilly blushed.

"Oh come on! It's got to be आप too supposed to be together!" Lilly groaned. Humphrey instanly blushed....
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
It is now 2012, and I am a high ranking officer in the military. My name is Chris द्वारा the way. I am now on my way to see the outcome of a new experiment called K-9X. We tested it on some भेड़िया found in Jasper Park, Canada. The project was supposed to turn them into anthros as the artists of DeviantART say. I heard one of them was a female. Heh, who knows? I may have a shot with her. Anyway, I was walked down the hallway to the K-99 lab and stopped in front of a door with a biohazard symbol on it. I held up my ID and scanned my eye. "Welcome Officer Chris." the computer said. "Thanks Xero."...
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Humphrey was walking through a forest with Kate. He thought that it seemed familiar but he was quick to shake off the idea because it was nice to be alone with Kate for once. "Kate, I ... I wan't to tell आप ..." He tried to say. The words that came out of his mouth were not making sense.

Kate stopped and looked at Humphrey. He already knew what she was going to say and replied "It's ok. I know that I wasn't around, but did it have to be with that douchebag?"

"He was there, when आप died. He says that he saw the whole thing. He was here afterwards for me to cry on his shoulder. Humphrey,...
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Humphrey had been walking for a while now, and he was begining to feel hungry. He sat down and thought of a nice big chunk of lean caribou, juicy like that first bite into a plum, but tender like his प्यार for Kate. To his suprise a huge chunk of caribou appeared and humphrey began chowing down on the कूबड़ा, हंक of meat. When he was finished he wanted nothing और than to be अगला to his loved one. He tried to make her appear as well, however despite his efforts, e couldn't make her come to him. So he thought of the Alpha watering hole, and a flash of light came and the net thing he knew, He was in...
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