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posted by lonehumphrey
Ok this is going to be my best and longest series so enjoy and please give me ideas for the up coming chapter.

Chareters Nathan, abusive parents lisa mom, David dad

It was a warm sunny दिन in cannada surprisingly and Nathan an 17 साल old boy told his ( adopted) parents something he wish he didn't.
" mom do आप know where I come from " Nathan asked. " we told आप we don't know " she कहा while kicking him in the stomache and poring his दूध on him.
" aaaahhhhhh" Nathan yelled while out of breath. " honey that's not how youteach him a lesson" the dad कहा walking into the room. He took out his belt...
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Men Are Just Happier People --
>What do आप expect from such simple creatures?
>Your last name stays put.
>The गेराज is all yours.
>Wedding plans take care of themselves.
>Chocolate is just another snack.
>You can be President.
>You can never be pregnant.
>You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park.
>You can wear NO कमीज, शर्ट to a water park.
>Car mechanics tell आप the truth.
>The world is your urinal.
>You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is
>too icky.

>You don't have to stop and think...
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posted by Mitsi1991
It was a nice warm night at Jasper Park and Kate was her मांद, डेन getting ready for another Moon Light Howl. Kim was sitting there watching her get ready. "You know", she says. "I really dont know what all the fuss is about." "Whats so special about the Moon Light Howl???" Kate looked at her and laughed. "Really Kim, u've never been to a Moon Light Howl before??" Kim shrugs, "Ehh somewhat, but आप got to remember I have lived inside आप all these years, but I guess I never got to really experience the whole thing." Kate closes her eyes, "U know there is nothing quite like it." "Up there with the...
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posted by Kate_Wolf
Hey guys, Kate here. This is a story of how my life was before I met the man of my dreams, Chris. Please be warned my past was not a good one and this story contains drugs and alcohol

Hey, my name is Kate. I am 21 years old and am married to the biggest asshole in colorado. His name is Derek. He was nice when I first met him but as our relationship grew, I started to notice his dark side. He beat up kids at school and did pot and drank heavily. I never really payed attention to that until he started taking his anger out on me and made me do drugs. I was addicted to cocane and pot for a good...
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verse 1:
Dont deny me
no baby no
don't deny me and
the sin coming from my eyes
time can now see
no baby no
time can now see
the life draining from my cries

i don't get it
falling from my mind
take my life
never ending in my kind
sell my soul
don't want to know what आप find
is baby this devil of mine.

Verse 2:
dont deny me
no baby no
dont deny me
the death coming from my sin
the cold is bracing
oh baby yeah
the cold is bracing
bracing across my skin

i don't get it
falling from my mind
take my life
never ending in my kind
sell my soul
don't want to know what आप find
is baby this devil of mine.


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Kate & Humphrey हैलोवीन Adventures.
“Furry Edition!”

In the woods, furies live in secret hiding from hunters and humans. But these furies are not people playing dress up. They are real furies and they are having fun on Halloween!
"Comon guys! Were going to miss trick या treating!" Kate yelled as she ran out the den. "Hang on Kate! Will and Bella aren't ready yet!" Humphrey said. "How are we going to pull this off again?" Will asked as he exited the den. "Well since it is Halloween, no one would suspect anything of us." Kate assured him. "Ya but... Our फर is...
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5 years later. in that दिन in the lab the scientist is make a new project that called Storm.Bolt was choosen.they testing their project and awesome bolt has a power. a दिन later they test it and know if that dog have a superbark,heat vision,and he run fast.so after the test bolt is alowed to play at the lab. then Bolt meet rhino and एक प्रकार का दस्ताना, चूना पत्थर

Mitten:How was that bolt.than rhino said

Rhino:Bolt आप are awesome!!!!!!!!!

Bolt:thanks Rhino.Wanna play hide and seek Bolt asked

Mitten:oh yeah my turn first

Bolt:okay आप count until 10 second


then Bolt find a perfect place to hide in the basement....
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posted by OfficalLilly

I flipped off the cliff and headed towards the ducks.I looked backed to see Garth did the same but was on his stomach wincing I headed towards him instead.

"Are आप ok?"I asked softly.He was still wincing,I nuzzled his nose i looked if he was cut.

Garth:"Im fine."He कहा whispering.I felt so sad I helped him up and nuzzled under his snout.He rubbed my head with his snout and smiled at me.I rememberd Jasper Park and realized we werent close.

We headed over to the ducks,as they screamed I slapped the bald one.

"Would आप be quiet!"I yelled.

Winston:Sorry but dont आप eat meaT?

"Well yes...
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A/N: Here's a story idea that popped into my head, enjoy

It was a peaceful and nice दिन in Jasper, all the भेड़िया in the newly united pack were going about there daily routines such as hunting या just hanging out. Inside a मांद, डेन that is a little ways from the rest of the pack a grey भेड़िया named Humphrey is quietly taking a nap occasionally mumbling a word या two every now and then in his sleep. He began to toss and turn before waking up from his slumber. Yawning he gets up and stretch's before sitting back on his hunches, he looks out the entrance of his मांद, डेन and finds the sun getting close to the...
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Here comes the सेकंड chapter. It might be a little long. To recap: we have all just gone and started our own adventure with The Doctor. In this chapter या the अगला we'll meet the creature that terrifies me and Rose the most.



Opening song (link)

I looked up at the Doctor as the shaking stopped. He smiled and nodded. I smiled.

"We're here. But, I want to दिखाना आप guys to your quarters." He कहा and started walking to a hallway. I looked down at Rose.

"I find him extremly handsome." She said. I felt a little jealous.

"Yeah, I'm right...
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posted by Xscash232
*Continuing from where The last The fight लेख left off*

~Later in kates मांद, डेन after the song~
Humphrey: Please Kate i need आप back it so painful with out आप your everything to me and आप know that

Kate: I know humphrey but i don't know what the right choice *kisses* आप या Someone else *Thunder crackles outside*

Humphrey: Jeez looks like im staying here tonight and i'l prove to आप later that i प्यार आप very much

Kate: alright *Hugs and lays down and cuddles with watching tv*

~Later about 7:30pm~ Humphrey wakes up to a soundly sleeping legs spread kate laying nexts to him.

Humphrey: Kate oh Kate ready to have some fun?

Kate: Sure *yawns*

Humphrey goes to there bedroom and has kate stand in mateing postion and he mounted her.
Humphrey: आप ready baby
Kate: yes i am
Humphrey: ok *puts dick in causing her to moan keeps going in and out*

~Later~ Humphrey and kate are passed out cold from the fun they had...{End until अगला time}
Humphrey lay motionless on what appeared to be the battlefield. He looked around but found no one else but himself around. A sudden ZAP and the battlefield looked like a forest, except this time he was in an open space. A shadow formed around the treeline from which eight strange भेड़िया formed a वृत्त around humphrey.

"Who are you? And what are you?" कहा Humphrey as he attempted to get up.

"Don't even bother Humphrey," कहा the most deformed भेड़िया of the group. His face looked as though it alone had been through Hell and back, "You wont be able to get up even if आप tried."

"And just why...
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posted by AlphaWolfCurt
Chapter 2
Another First Romance

Humphrey went off to see his friends.

Meanwhile Lilly and Garth had just woke up. “Do आप प्यार me Garth” Lilly कहा as she looked at him in a worried voice. “Of course I do babe” Garth कहा as he nuzzled her on the nose.” Ok I knew आप were going to say that” Lilly कहा in a sweet voice. “You know I think we should आप know go over there and start romancing” Lilly कहा as she winked and smiled at Garth. ”Wow really आप want to romance with me” Garth कहा in surprised tone. “Yes आप big goof come over here” Lilly कहा as she walked to the...
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posted by AlphaWolfCurt
Chapter 1
The First Romance
It was the morning after Kate and Humphrey got married, Lilly and Garth also got married the night before. All that night Humphrey couldn’t sleep because he was so happy he got married to Kate. As he laid there in the मांद, डेन with Kate beside him the sun slowly raised over Jasper Park. He was thinking to himself “I’m so lucky I have everything I need, a mate, friends, खाना but I do miss my parents” He got up and went to the ledge of the मांद, डेन and looked out on jasper park and mumbled” I wonder where आप are mum and dad” as he dropped his head in disbelief and...
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posted by REDWolfleader
We went through the training rather quickly. After the training I decided to go for a walk. Ten मिनटों into my walk I got jumped द्वारा three eastern pack wolves. I ran for the valley. As I made my way three other भेड़िया joined in,I had just reached the edge of the valley when one of them sliced my right hind leg. Then I लॉस्ट my temper. After the six भेड़िया were dead,and I was massively bleeding,I limped over to Winston who was standing,shocked,outside his den,
"Can आप house me until I heal?"
"Yes-yes of coarse!"
I went in and laid down. I heard Winston say"Everyone! I want a meeting A.S.A.P.!" and after an घंटा Winston,Eve,and Kate came in,
"Welcome to the Alphas!"
"Wha-Oh,HA HA! Very funny! Now what was the meeting about?"
"I called a meeting and took a vote,based on the skill you've shown, if आप should become an Alpha. And everyone voted 'Yes'"
"Yes,Red,Really.Now where are your parents?"
Humphrey had to confess to Johnny about what was going on between him and Kate. It wasn’t hard to confess that they were fight, but that he did Lilly. He eventually arrived at Johnny’s den.
“Hey, dad.”
“Johnny, I gotta talk to आप about something.”
“Sure, dad, what?”
Humphrey and Johnny sat down at the couch, “Johnny, your mother and I are fighting right now.”
“About what?”
Humphrey tilted his head forward, “Johnny, please don’t hate me for this, it’s hard to tell you.”
“I’m not going to hate my own dad.”
“Yes, make sure mom doesn’t...
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Humphrey woke up the अगला morning feeling funny. Him and Kate have fun every night, but not that night. He got up, got to the boat, and looked around it more. There was only one problem, he didn’t know how to put it back in the water. He didn’t know how to detach it from the truck either. Cando drove द्वारा and saw Humphrey working on the boat.
“Hey, Humphrey, what are आप doing? What is that thing?”
“It’s a boat. I’m still learning it. I don’t know how to put it in the water या detach it from this truck.”
“Why did आप choose an F-350 that looks identical to mine?”
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The picture below THIS story is a MIG-31

The अगला morning, Humphrey, Shakey, Salty, and Mooch were out playing. It was the first time in a long time that Humphrey had ever played like an Omega.
“Man, I miss these days!” Humphrey yelled.
“We miss you!” Shakey said.
Balto had a whole pack of कुत्ता with him. Some of the कुत्ता had a violent name such as Steele.
“Hey, guys, look who it is!” Balto कहा to his pack. He twisted his jaw, causing it to crack, “My jaw was never the same!”
“They are the most motley, the most disgusting, the most stupidest भेड़िया I’ve ever seen!” one...
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Cando and Scar set out in the F-350. They stopped द्वारा Humphrey’s मांद, डेन first. It was probably about 9:00 p.m.
“Hey Humphrey, just telling आप that we’re leaving and will be gone for a week या so.”
“Thanks for telling me man! Honeymoon, right?”
“Yup. We haven’t had one yet, but a late one is better than none at all.”
“Have fun man! Jeez, आप two make a great couple!”
Cando and Scar soon left Jasper. Kate threw Humphrey onto the bed. She was about to give him the specialty. She started off with चुंबन his stomach and chest. She then climbed onto him and licked...
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posted by kates-mate101
Chapter 21
It was time to get up again, however Seth was a little late to wake up. He was woken up द्वारा the gentle licking on his cheeks द्वारा Kate and Destiny. “Huh? Haha... Hey! Stop!” He started, shielding his face with his paws. “Then wake up!” Urged Destiny, playfully. Seth slowly got up. “That was a nice wake up!” he smiled, stretching. Kate and Destiny exchanged looks before looking back. “Well get used to it!” They smiled. “I will...” Seth smiled, tackling Kate playfully. They rolled before Kate pushed him off and Destiny and Kate both tackled Seth. When Kate and Destiny...
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