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posted by ShadowCodeX17
New friends

Its been 3 weeks since Shadow has found out that he wont see his mother या his sister ever again. He misses them dearly,and wishes to see them one last time. But he knows that wont happen. But aunt Faith and cousin Dawn both have been trying to get him to get out of the मांद, डेन to do और the just use the bathroom and eat. "Shadow, come play with me and my फ्रेंड्स please!" Whined Dawn. "Dawn I don't won't too. I'm not in the mood to play." कहा Shadow. "Now Shadow honey. आप need to get some fresh air,exercise and make new friends! This is your new home. Now go with your...
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posted by AlphaClub
I see आप and me riding like Bonnie and Clyde
Goin ninety five burning down one twenty nine yeah
Looking for the law, while I push my luck
She's ridin shot gun like it ain't no thing
Turn the radio up so the girl can sing right
Pull into the party like, "Y'all wassup"

Tonight is bottoms up
Throw it on down
Rock this quiet, little country town
Get up
Drop a tailgate on ya truck
Find a पीपा, केएजी and fill ya cup up
Kick it on back
Pretty little mama lookin at ya like that
Make ya wanna slide on in like, "Girl, what's up"
Yeah tonight is bottoms up
Get em up
Tonight is bottoms up
Get em up

Girl I gotta tip my hat
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posted by hank666
Hutch stirred and woke dazed from yesterday, the actions and thoughts that took place still planted firmly in his mind like it was branded into his mind. Hutch stood and walked to the entrance of the मांद, डेन and over looked over the valley, everything seemed normal. "Let's hope I don't get jumped द्वारा the alphas for killing Garth." Hutch कहा as he started out his den. Already he saw भेड़िया whispering to each other, tossing him sly looks and disgusted faces as he walked by. "What are आप looking at?" Hutch कहा angrily at Kate as she looked at him disgustedly. "Nothing" Kate कहा "I just heard what...
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posted by HumphreyAlpha
 SL 65 AMG Black Series
SL 65 AMG Black Series
Happy birthday, Kate! Scar, Sweets, Real Sweets, Bolt, Jon, Griffin, Hayden, Maggie, Scarlett, and I all wish आप the best of birthdays!

As a present, I've got for आप a Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series. With a powerful V12 Bi-turbo, rear wheel drive, and a massive rear spoiler, this will make आप the envy of... Well, everyone आप know.

The license plate was customized to read "KATE" and I've got the Alpha and Omega logos embossed in the head rests and on rear parcel shelf.

In addition to the car, I've added a few other things...

1. a pair of tickets to the DeLuna fest feat. Linkin Park starting on October 14th, including transportation and lodging
2. a giant 28" plush of Bolt the Superdog, from Disney's Bolt
3. a gaint bouquet of red roses.

I hope that आप enjoy it!
 Rear license plates
Rear license plates
posted by Mitsi1991
Kates inner monster part 9

Kate keeps staring into the pond trying to figure what to do. Little did she know
that one of Richards helpers where there hiding in a झाड़ी, बुश the whole time spying on her.
Kate lets out a big sigh and starts to think. "Every nerve in my body is telling me not to trust u, but I don't think I have a choice." Kate stands up and stares in the direction of the
lodge and says to herself, "Can I have any other bad ideas??". Then disappears into the
abyss of the forest determined to get Lilly and Humphrey out safely. When Kate ran off
Kyle pops up from behind the झाड़ी, बुश and grabs...
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Rocko got runt घर सुरक्षित and undetected
"How are आप alive" runt asked
"Easy I faked my death,to see if आप were ready"Rocko replied
" I'm not ready" runt कहा in shame
"No आप are almost ready" Rocko added
Runt walked in his mothers den
"Oh my god what happened" Kate कहा worried looking at the scar on Runt's cheek
"I can explain everything" Rocko said
The room stopped and stared
"You look like आप seen a ghost" Rocko joked
Kate started crying
And she hugged her brother tight
"Please don't leave me again" she cried
Rocko held his sister
"Don't worry I won't" Rocko tried to calm her
"Now please explain what happened" Kate कहा in tears
"Ever since he was ten he was climeing trees for one thing" Rocko said
"Mom I'm an assassin" Runt finished
" That explains a lot" Kate कहा in shock
Out of no were Rocko was tackled
"Rocko why would आप do this to me" lilly said
"Sorry lilly I just had to go but I'm here now"
"And were a family again" Rocko said
posted by AlphaClub
Hey, Omega! I just wanted to make a little story, because when we were talking last night, it gave me a great idea! So, it is basically about me visiting a बिना सोचे समझे Japanese forest, (you कहा आप were in Japan, and that आप live in a forest, and don't ask me why I am visiting a बिना सोचे समझे forest) and आप so happen to be living in it, and आप find me, and try and kill me. Now, not everything in here is completely accurate to what we both leanred about each other the in that chat we did on the wall, but here it is (This is going to be told in a 1st person POV, and I have my dagger and sword with me,...
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Okay. I just had to ro this; make a short song about, uh... some things. You'll get it when ya read it.

Oooh, I'm lost, लॉस्ट without life...
Oooh, wouldn't आप do anything for love?

I would take a knife,
If I could only strife...

Oooh... would आप do anything?
Oooh... would आप do anything?
Oooh... would आप do anything?
Oooh, wouldn't you... do aaanythiiing?

Yes, we go through pain, we gOoo through anger,
But we still always have the pleasure!
But no, आप have to be happy,
आप can't just get angry?

I know, it's probably horrible, I know. But that was sokethong I've wanted to do for FOREVER. I boped आप enjoyed it, and please, tell me what it meant to आप in the comments. :)
posted by beastly_hutch
Humphrey’s bad past
द्वारा Jacob Quesenberry
Disclaimer: I do not know what really happened in Humphrey’s past.
Warning this story contains violence and foul language.

In Jasper Park Canada a grey भेड़िया with ice blue eyes and dark and light gray फर was about with his friends.
Humphrey: I was out with my friends, Salty, shaky and Mooch. We were inventing a new game called log बढ़ाव, स्लेजिंग when my mom and dad were walking द्वारा and saw me and my फ्रेंड्स on the log ready to go down a steep but short hill, just as we were about to take off down the पहाड़ी, हिल I heard my parents say.
Mom and dad:...
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Warning there will be badwords and some jokes about some charectors, maybe some violents,


Humphry The Bad Ass!

Garth the Banger!

Kate and Lilly, hot नितंब, गधा sisters

Salty, shakey, and mooch, भेड़िया gangsters

Hutch, the badass ninja!

Winston, the biker!

Eve, the demon wolf

Humphrey: hello my name is humphrey, and Welcome to the world of JACKASS!!! *humphrey gets a gun and shoots the gas tank and everybody flys every where**humphrey is humping the air looking like a badass* *kate has her thumbs up*.
kate: Awesome!!!!
*garth hit hutch and every body just get all messed up*
Humphrey: wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!...
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As Hutch and Kate lay in the Wal-Mart they waited 10 मिनटों for the zombies to pass Hutch: "ok I think there gone". As they both stand up Kate:" ok we better get a हटाइए on" Hutch nodded, they both started walking to the way they came, when they got out of the town there was almost 20 zombies in there path Hutch:"well looks like we have to fight are way again" Kate:"yep" as they both got there weapons out Hutch took out 5 zombies and Kate took out 5 also Hutch:"ten more" Kate:"I got them" as she went to झूला, स्विंग at one of them the zombie knocked the weapon on the ground and pushed her down, now...
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I sighed as my captor led me through the forest, always ensuring that I was behind him. Something about the way he kept glaring at nee was, ominous. There was a certain depth in his glare, out wasn't just a look of dominance, there was something I couldn't be for sure of. A certain soul piercing sharpness that expressed, something dark. I wasn't certain, but it deemed like hate.

He wasn't exactly the friendliest wolf. He never offered to talk, aside from the occasional grunt of disapproval he shout me when I would ask something. Even light conversation seemed far fetched for him. I tried my...
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i was on यूट्यूब one दिन and came across a vidio that talks about all the possible plots for alpha and omega 2. maybe garth and humphrey go hunting together, get cased द्वारा a bear, and fall in a sewage pipe. and its up to lily and kate to find them. or, winston या tony dies and someone has to take over and lead the pack. या somebody starts a war, but that will probably not happen because i cant see humphrey trying to start a war LOL. thats all ive got so far, but ill probably come up with more.
हे people hope आप enjoy please spread word around about my stories none reads them lol.

The docters pulled the plug on Nathan. " is he dead" Mike the doc asked. " well I'm not sure I don't hear his दिल but" he couldn't finish. " well I'm alive " Nathan कहा quietly. Kate, kaitlyn and everyone else was cheering and crying
" its impossible " the docter said. " well I still have a fracture and internal bleeding but alive " shadow told him quitely again.

After two weeks Nathan was all healthy " हे shadow we have to decide what type of rank you'll be in " eve told him outside his parents den....
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It was a hot humid दिन in Jasper Park. Greg, the head alpha could not stand to hear his mate, Lea, cry in pain and agony as she was giving birth. Greg had high hopes for an alpha son. That was the only thing he actually cared about. He trotted into the cave and sat beside his mate.

"Is he out yet?" he asked in a stern voice.

"No....Not yet.... dear...." Lea grunted as she pushed in labor.

One of Greg's head betas was assisting in the birth they immediately shooed him out of the मांद, डेन and he waited. Finally he was called in. Greg stood up straight and marched into his den. he looked at his mate...
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Lily was going to visit her family in Jasper but I was sick so I stayed घर but at night I have the same dream which I think is what happened to Lily.

Lily had gotten on a plane which wasnt good because she had a fear of flying. She was scared shaking as the plane took off and and man leaned over and कहा were not going to make it. She began crying and everyone looked angrily at the man and tried to calm her down. Then everything seemed to freeze Lily looked around only skeletal remains were left of the passengers she thought I had came and woke up from the transs after she tried to touch me....
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posted by HumphreyAlpha
(July 4, 2011)

It was a sunny Wednesday in Kettle Falls, Washington. The sky was cloudless, the air fresh and clean. It was two days after Kate, Scar, and myself had returned from a vacation that I would never forget as long as I lived. Sure, the destination made it so, but और than that, it was Scar and Kate that made it unforgetable.
I had needed to run to the store for a pickmeup for Scar, who was just now starting to दिखाना the weird cravings brought on द्वारा her pregnancy. I had been sent to fetch hotdogs, A1 स्टेक sauce (yum), and chives. (Yes, I know that this combination of ingredients creates...
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 The Order
The Order
The guardian screeched as it's wings flapped. One hand was a huge claw and the other was the shape of a pendulum blade. "Holy fuck." Kate said, aiming her pistol. She then noticed the swollen area on its chest. "Lilly, aim for the chest!" Kate said. The creature jumped down and slowly walked towards Kate and Lilly, who were shooting at it. Lilly hit it a couple of times in the दिल and the thing grasped it in pain. The thing then flew off the roof and into the fog. "Kate watch out!" Lilly screamed. Kate turned to see the guardian झूला, स्विंग it's blade at Kate, who dodged it in time. The guardian...
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Humphrey's POV

I was so happy to be home. I looked at my pups and Garth and Lilly's. Shadow looked excatly like me. तारा, स्टार looked like Kate a little. Fang looked like Garth but had Lilly's Eye's. Rose had a mixture of both Lilly and Garth. I sighed. I was trying to get some sleep that morning. But my children thought different. They were bouncing off the walls and everything. I've been watching and everything. I looked at Kate and saw her smiling.
"What are आप smiling about?" I asked.
"Oh just remebering when we decided to have these pups." She said. I groaned.
"From now on they are your kids from...
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Humphrey sat around thinking as kate was out doing Alpha duties and he was thinking about how to get eve back for what she did to him at the moonlight howl [Flashback Starts] Humphrey and kate were walking up to there spot on the Howling rock when out of nowhere eve pushes Humphrey who falls off the side hit this patch of sap as eve planed and then some feathers and last he hit a patch of Cactie on his bottom And screamed out "OWWWWWW!" and then eve was waitng down ther and she punched him in the face KO [Flashback Ends] Humphrey thought of a great plan He would Be very suductive twoards eve [Sorry To all Eve fans] and he would fuck her all night telling her no one would know but humphrey had a camera ready and his face would be blocked out and the video would stream live all over jasper...[END]