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I woke up early the अगला morning once the golden light from the rising sun graced my eyelids. Kate and I were embraced tightly together to keep warm, her breasts felt like soft pillows smashed against my chest. The air about the केबिन of the Bronco was cold and dry, when I exhaled my breath could be seen vividly. The steam that we had created from our lovemaking the night before had फ्रोज़न to the inside of the windows overnight. Kate snored softly, a soft, mesmerizing sound, beautiful. Her hair was messy from the पूर्व night's events as well, but she still looked sexy as ever, naughty even....
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me: are....y..yo...you....the...scar...wolf??!!

???: "NO! of course not आप imbecile! i only wish! no....im one of the भेड़िया that escaped with him! say to crystal.......kevin and she will know what आप mean! watch your back! cause it will be bleeding before आप know it............(static)"

i put the phone down with a hard thud and looked round to all in the room with utter dread on my face that had turned white as a sheet. my empty feeling was eating me up inside. i rushed hurredly to the window from which i believed him to be outside. crystal worried, in tears behind me wondering what the hesitant...
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posted by hank666
"...Looks like a pretty Lil' Omega right there..." Hutch's demon कहा as he jumped from rock to rock as he examined the omega dens. Most of the भेड़िया were out and about already, so there wasn't a lot of भेड़िया in their dens. "Hmm..." Hutch's demon thought as he scanned the मांद, डेन openings. "Ah..There is a nice one." As a evil grin formed on his face. Hutch fought for control over his body. "What are आप going to do to her?..." No response. Then it hit Hutch what he was planning on! Hutch couldn't भालू to know that his body that he had no control over would do that. But it was too late, as Hutch's...
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posted by Xscash232
Name: Kate Castellan

Animal: Wolf


Gender: Female

age: 19 {im 19 so it works out great}

Siblings: Older daughter of Caroline
and Robby oldest of three sisters future birth mother.

Children: Rosie{Transformer101's mate}, Leila{doesn't have a mate yet} and Sammy{To young to mate}

Fur color: Golden brown

Naughtiness level: 9

Favorite book authors: James Patterson,J.K. Rowling

Favorite movies: Lengend of the guardians,Transformer {All of the movies},Harrypotter deathly hallows {Both parts}, Titanic,Balto {all three movies}

Likes: Choclate,kissing, Sex, Pool sex, anal sex {??Dont get me confused...
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The trip back to my aunties house was thoroughly relaxing after the long walk it took to walk from one end of the sun drenched समुद्र तट to the other historically thriving finish. the car was nice and warm in contrast to the chilly wind that emanated from the sea to our skin receptors and the seats comfortable against our rears (crystal needed this becuse her arse was still sore from the night before).

As we reached the old house it was a welcomed sight to see that no troublesome बिल्ली had shit in aunty joys garden (as we feard they might have) and a chance to sit down on aunty joys flowered,frilled,...
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This is a story before GarthxLilly and HumphreyxKate meet each other. This is going to be from Garth's POV. Probaly throught the whole story.

I was standing in the small group of भेड़िया pups around me. A tall grey भेड़िया then stepped up.

"Hello, My name's Winston. आप are all here because we have sensed a power growing in each of you. Now I want each of आप to get into a group of four. Two boy's. Two girl's. One boy omega and one girl omega. One boy alpha and one girl alpha. Now please get into the groups." He said. I looked around. I didn't know any pups here. A boy grey भेड़िया pup came up to me....
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Well Hello, everybody, I'm Alue26, and these are the thoughts I have scince I've seen Alpha and Omega for the first time. I'm only gonna post a couple of thoughts, the other are being post when you've read these.

1. My take on Garth.

As everybody knows, Garth is supossed to marry Kate, to secure Peace in Our Time for the packs of Winston and Tony, but I think that the relation of Garth and Kate wouldn't work. For instance, Garth is, for me, an insecure person.

Now, as anybody is पढ़ना this, they would probably say that Garth in the beginning was अभिनय like a jock, enabeling that Garth is far...
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posted by hank666
Kate woke up feeling under the weather, but she forced herself to get up and हटाइए today. After she stretched, Kate walked over to the bolder and listened close to see if she could hear anything outside. She listened for a moment या two before she decided everything was clear. Kate slowly inched the bolder out of the entrance to the den. She peeked out to see if anything was outside of the den. After a moment या two, she continued to हटाइए the bolder out of the way. Finally, She had moved it and carefully made her way outside. The sun was out and the weather was fair. As the sun fell over Kate,...
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Yes this is based on Fast and the Furious

Humphrey was making plans on the अगला highjack of a truck. Kate wondered what he was doing.
“Umm, Humphrey, what are आप doing?”
“I want to recover the car business.”
“We don’t have Cando though.”
“So? We got Shakey, Salty, and Mooch.”
Kate sighed, “Are they any good?”
“They’re amazing at this!”
“Alright fine.”
“Thanks Kate!”
They got the Armada with Hutch and Mooch. On a back road, they saw something illegal. There was a truck double trailered.
“Mooch! Get ready to jump!”
“Got it!”
Humphrey pulled up in front...
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Humphrey and Kate moved out of Humphrey’s parent’s den. They didn’t find another मांद, डेन either. They were living in the truck that they चुरा लिया since it has the camper in the back.
“Man this is so much better than a den,” Humphrey said.
“I’ll say,” Kate agreed, “It’s warmer and better romancing.”
Humphrey’s eye caught a भेड़िया with beautiful gray fur. This भेड़िया had bright, thick, and beautiful fur. However, he wasn’t a भेड़िया from this pack. He seemed suspicious though. Immediately, he reported to Winston.
“Winston, we have company!”
“What are आप talking about?”
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posted by kates-mate101
Chapter 20
When Seth entered the camp, he was immediately rushed द्वारा Liam along with a bunch of other females, who were scared off द्वारा Kate and Destiny, snarling, “Back off. He’s mine!” “Dude, quick... You’re supposed to be up there now. Hurry!” Seth rushed up to the front. He got up on the rock hill, above everyone. As he stood there, he watched the many भेड़िया attended Alpha school gather below him. Liam, Carey, Griffin and Saphire all walked up the same hill. Liam and Saphire stood a meter away from Seth on his right, and Griffin and Carey on the left. Then, Jacob and Lucy approached....
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Cando and Scar were planning their big day. They thought of the specialties to handout and the place they were going to get married. Cando paused.
“Hey, Scar, we’re going to have an awfully big wedding for no other people.”
Scar thought about that, “That’s true… ok, the भेड़िया are going to have to know about this.”
“You know, Humphrey is a good messenger, we can get him to tell everyone,” Cando said.
“What about your friend Hutch? Isn’t he good?”
“Hutch is Humphrey’s brother. They both have some kind of messenger trait.”
“We should tell both of them. I’ll...
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"Who was it, Garth?" Lily asked as she bounded up to sit beside him.

"I'm not sure, but it looked like…like…HER."

… After the stampede, Kate awoke to an all-consuming blackness. "Humphrey, where are you?" she cried.

Her last memory was of Humphrey covering her body with his own to protect her before she felt a sharp pain at the base of her skull and woke up here. "I hope he's okay, he must have loved me just like I loved him," thought Kate.

"He did प्यार you, और that आप या anybody else will ever know. In fact, Humphrey is waiting for आप to come back to him." A bright light appeared from...
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Winston awoke to the familiar leader's summoning howl. He immediately realized that it didn't belong to Tony. Nevertheless, Winston answered the call and proceeded to the river where he usually met with his old friend.

When Winston arrived at the river, he was greeted द्वारा the sight of the entire eastern pack. "What is the meaning of this? Where is Tony?" demanded Winston.

"Tony was found dead this morning, he was killed in his den," explained one of the senior alpha wolves.

Even after Tony's exploits had caused the death of his daughter three years ago, Winston still felt a pang of sadness at the...
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Chapter Two: New Life

Hello everyone...Alvin D-Rod here, I'm here to bring your अगला chapter of Alpha and Omega 2: Humphery is out of Jasper Park and now, Kate asks help from Marcel and Paddy.

Humphery was waking up from his asleep than he turned around in the car and looking out of it. He saw forest of trees and mountains were far away.

He got off of the train than start walking into forest, startes looking for some खाना but only problem was he never hunted in his life.

There was some carilou there in the forest alone than jumped from his area and attacked द्वारा putting his jaw of the carilou's neck....
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posted by kates-mate101
Chapter 5
“That, was awesome.” Seth stated. “I know! Right!?” Kate कहा smiling. Seth and Kate passed over an arched bridge. The water lapped the bottom of the bridge. “We’re almost there aren’t we...” Seth asked. Kate turned away from him and looked out the train car. She looked at the mountain. She paused for a moment scanning the area. “We’re about two hours away...” “Okay, er...” Seth took a deep breath. “You can sleep. I’ll wake आप when we get there...” “W-wait, why?” “You saved me... If आप hadn’t hit Hunter before... I... Would of been killed......
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posted by kates-mate101
Chapter 1
“No! Mom!” Kate watched in horror as her mom was shot from afar. Scarlet streaked across the sky like lightning. Her dad, part of the Alpha pack, quickly ran past Kate scooping her up द्वारा her scruff, and carried her off to a सुरक्षित area. Immediately when Kate’s dad dropped her, he was shot. She watched in horror as his blood spilled out onto the grass. Seth ran up to him. He opened his mouth to speak. “Seth... As the...” He coughed. “Last... member of the delta pack...” Alpha was highest, then beta, and finally delta. Beta’s were defenders and Delta’s were to keep the...
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posted by katealphawolf
The time had come for him, he knew he had to tell Garth everything before it was too late. Tony summoned Garth to his den. "Son I've never told आप the whole story have I? It is time आप know." Tony lay down, his legs could no longer hold him up very long. Garth sat close to him.

"I want to tell आप the true story about what happened to your mother. आप were about 6 months old when we went hunting desperate to find आप खाना during a severe famine. We came across some caribou and one of them went mad, and while she was trying to protect me your mother was trampled to death, it was then I learned...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
so, i just found out the awards and nominations of A&O 1 and 2. there's not a lotta them, but here they are (from what i heard):

Alpha and Omega 1:
Nominated for Annie Award for "Best Animated Feature"
Nominated for Artios Award for "Outstanding Achievement in Casting" (Bernie वैन, वान De Yacht)
was a contender for the Golden Globes, but लॉस्ट the chance thanks to the weak critical reaction.

Alpha and Omega 2:
Nominated for एमटीवी Movie Award for "Best Cartoon"
Nominated for Annie Award for "Best Sequel"

so, let's see what awards A&O 3's gonna get once it comes out on Walmart.
posted by westernunit-211
(Hope your enjoying the story so far, here's the अगला part.)

6 months later

September 3 09:00hrs
Outside Western territory
Jasper National Park, Canada
Frost (a.k.a Humphrey) age साल and a half

Frost woke up and went outside. It was a dry and very warm day. Today was the दिन he and Stacy will get married. He and his pack came back to my father's सुरक्षित house to stay before the wedding. He told me about the Loyalist when he arrived and he told me his nickname as well as his two squad mates nicknames. They were good nicknames to use. Frost headed for the stream to get ready for his wedding. He and Stacy...
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