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posted by Rockowolf123
Rocko met princess in alpha school
Her dad was an instructor at the time
Princess had a big crush on Rocko
But he had a big secret
Hi princess'' Rocko said
Hi Rocko'' princess कहा back
Me and the guys are hanging out later wanna come'' Rocko said
Sure'' princess said
Princess and Rocko met early
Um...hay Rocko can I ask आप something'' princess asked
Sure'' Rocko said
Princess then placed her lips on his
Will आप प्यार me'' princess asked
Princess I'm ...I'm married'' Rocko said
Oh...oh I...I got to go'' princess said
A महीना after sweets. Rocko's original wife passed away Rocko was walking when a brown भेड़िया ran into him
Princess'' Rocko कहा in disbelief
Rocko I would किस आप but you're married'' princess said
Not any और she died a महीना ago'' Rocko said
Well I know how to make it better'' princess said
She then placed her lips on his
posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 5

*Darkness Kingdom*

King: *Checks the cloning machine and sees a developing clones of Kate and Humphrey*

Clash: My goodness...you’ve made copies of them.

King: Clones. I shall use these bodies to make new Zodiarks.

Clash: Which ones?

King: I can’t tell you, Clash. But here’s what I can tell you. Get me और samples! I need Lilly and Garth’s hair samples.

Clash: Yes father.

King: Yes, sir.

Clash: Right. *Calls over the Pisces Zodiark*

Pisces Zodiark: Yes Clash?

Clash: Come with me. I need और samples.

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Lilly: *Sleeping अगला to Garth*

Pisces Zodiark: *Sneaks...
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posted by Garth115
I remember a time where everyone knew everyone
and were friends. I had a lovely mate and brother.
I had many friends. We all had our troubles and mistakes, but in the end we were always family.
I think that was what I cared about और than anything. some are returning now. I thought I had been abandoned. But, True फ्रेंड्स never leave.
We all have something that we regret we did, but forgiveness will always prevail. Forgiveness isn't just for other people, it's for आप too. Holding a grudge for too long can kill a person. I think what I'm really trying to say is everybody have a good नितंब, गधा time! Celebrate! :D
posted by westernunit-211
(The trip to the Western territory will be a good one. Humphrey and his squad will be visiting Winston.)

5 days later

September 12, 08:11hrs
Western Territory border
Frost's सुरक्षित house

Frost was up and so was his wife Stacy. They were ready for head to meet up with the western pack today with Riley and his squad. Frost told Kyle if he could watch the सुरक्षित house while their gone. Kyle कहा yes. Frost thanked him and he, Stacy, Riley and his squad headed for the western pack. Frost and Stacy were having a conversation during their trip to the western pack. Frost told her that the western pack is a...
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posted by SentinelPrime89
The wind blowing into the मांद, डेन made King shiver. He grunted painfully as he tried to stand up, his mangled paw hanging limp off the मांद, डेन floor. King caught the scent of Princess in the air and turned around to face her sitting before him. "How... How'd आप find me?" King asked.
"I followed the blood trail आप left in the snow after our pa... our former pack ran आप over. I found आप and moved आप up into this den." Answered Princess as she walked over and laid down in front of her father to tend to his wounds.
King's eyes open wide. "Former pack?"
Princess nodded. "They're gone, long gone. One of...
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Snow sprinkled down outside the fuel station and the back door creaked open slightly. Humphrey was the first one out, followed closely द्वारा his wife Kate and their pups. The youngest pup, Runt was still half asleep and was sprawled over Kate's muscular back. Stinky and Claudette trotted between Kate's legs and walked alongside their father closely, one pup on each side of him. Kate smiled softly and walked a little further ahead of Humphrey, continuing to maintain her status as lead Alpha though they were nowhere near their own territory.

As the family of भेड़िया left the parking lot and started...
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posted by frankrivera
it was a snowy morning in jasper all the भेड़िया stayed in there dens sleeping. But not for humphrey and is omega freinds. They decided to make up a game to play today. They did not want to go log sleding again becuse all of them end up geting hurt all the time. So they made a up new game. It got boreing so humphrey and his freinds decided to go home. See आप later guys humphrey कहा as he begin to walk to his den. But salty stoped him. हे wait humphrey where are आप going? Salty asks. Uh home, आप know where i sleep and eat. Humphrey replied. Well kates not there , shes with her perants. Salty...
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so, i loved Alpha and Omega 1 and 2. they're the best फिल्में i ever seen! Alpha and Omega 1 had a great story, lovable characters along with funny and touching moments. Alpha and Omega 2 had all of these stuff back again and made the franchise even better. Now, i really can't wait for A&O 3 and 4 to come out, cause this franchise's been endeared to me ever since A&O 1.
but unfortunately, Lionsgate confirmed that A&O 4 is gonna be the end to the "Alpha and Omega" saga. that makes me feel sad, cause like i said, i प्यार this saga, and i always will, but when it ends, i'll be stuck in watching stupid फिल्में again.

so yeah, it's confirmed: Alpha and Omega 4 is gonna end another great saga
Hutch's head was turned the way Humphrey punched him then Hutch slowly faced Humphrey but with an angry face Winston:"Hutch don't you-" right before Winston finished Hutch rammed Humphrey and knocked Humphrey off his feet and started to पंच his face couple of time Winston pulled Hutch off of him as Winston tried to talk to Hutch, Humphrey some how got a steel chair and slammed it on Hutch's head and almost knocking him out but made him off his feet , Humphrey hit Hutch in his left leg, right arm , and chest Humphrey tried to hit Hutch in the head one और time but Hutch caught it just in...
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Sunbeams streamed threw the opening to the मांद, डेन and made lightning like patterns on Janice and Brian's bodies. Rudi and Azra were already running about chaceing तितलियों and grasshoppers in the dew covered grass. Brian opened his green eyes and yawned sleepily. Janice rolled over and put her paws on her chest and relaxed in the sunshine. Everything was so nice until the couple heard someone yelling out, "Janice! Where are you!? आप better come out right now!! And if I find आप with Brian I'll beat आप better than last time!" It was Moonlight.
Janice jumped to her feet and started to trot...
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Humphrey: I've been thinking about these feeling for lily for a long time maybe it's just a phase या something couples go threw like if either the husband या wife ignored the other then the other will feel lonely and start liking someone else maybe this is what I'm feeling right now. I stare at the ground and i kept thinking to myself for about twenty मिनटों या और and after that I could sense that someone was coming towards me *turns ear and head towards sound* as I can see it was Kate. Oh Kate सूखी घास, घास how आप doing.
Kate: *stares at humphrey angry like* Humphrey leave me alone I'm not in a good...
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Intro: been 2 years since Humphrey and Kate got married and lily and Garth.

Humphrey: I wake up 2 the sweet sound of the birds गाना in the morning bright sky. I turn 2 stare at Kate my beautiful mate but things have been weird she's not अभिनय like herself laitly she gets mad at me और and ignores me a lot. I put my paw on Kate's shoulder she opens her eyes and stares at me.
Kate: Humphrey quit it I'm trying to sleep (Kate gets up and sleeps farther away from Humphrey)
Humphrey: umm well I hope u have a good night. I walk out to walk to Garth's and Lilly's cave but I'm not there 2 see Garth...
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
It was cloudy and was looking as though it was about to storm as I hurried up the stone porch steps from a long and hard दिन at work. I swung the door open and there I saw my mate Humphrey laying comfortably on the सोफ़ा, सोफे and munching on कुकीज़ and staring at the T.V. screen. Colorful रंग reflected on his face from the tv and loud screaming sounds were coming from the tv too.
I just looked at him for a while with jealousy. Without saying a word I walk right past him and into the रसोई, रसोईघर where I saw that the pantry door was wide open and the cookie jar was totally empty. I sighed and started...
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"Kate I'm sorry I sleept with her like....2 years ago---" Humphrey said. "The fuck आप talking about this is our daughter!" Kate said. "Oh, हे Jessica!" Humphrey said. "What do आप mean?" Kate said. "Ummmm, what are we talking about again?" Humphrey said. "Yeah I sleept with Humphrey." Eve said. Kate gasped. "WHAT?!?!" Kate shouted. "Yeah it was best for आप not to know." Humphrey said. "But mother why?" Kate said. "Your father shows no interest." Eve said. Then Kate started throwing up. "Maybe I should go..." Humphrey said. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!" Kate shouted. "Ok....bitch!" Humphrey said.
1 साल LATER
"Oh hello Humphrey." Kate said. "Hey." Humphrey said. "Want to do it?" Kate said. "Bitch I missed ya." Humphrey said. Then they have sex. Happy ever after!
posted by lukehaener
Humphrey and lily where चुंबन for about 40 मिनटों when Humphrey interrupted, lily आप promise आप won't tell anyone not even your closes friends, I promise I won't as long as आप make out with me when I want आप to I'll keep it a secret, okay I promise to do what ever आप say, okay good.

Back at घर Kate was looking for Humphrey:
Hay mom dad have आप seen Humphrey any where Ive been looking for them everywhere, no sweetie I haven't कहा eve. Kate walked out of here cave and walked to Lilly's and Garths cave. Lily, lily आप here I could here someone walking behind me I turned and growled at...
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posted by trueshadowwolf
people were partying really hard. the party lasted for about 10 hours. the people were getting F@#$ING WILD "OK HOW ARE WE DOING ON THE ROOT BEER???" trueshadowwolf said. "DAMN IT WE'RE RUNING OUT!!!" crazyryan said. "@#$% THEN WE NEED SOMEONE TO GET और ROOT BEER!!!" trueshadowwolf said. "IM ON IT!!!" humphrey said. "DO आप NEED SOMEONE TO COME WITH YOU???" trueshadowwolf said. "NO I WILL BE GOOD ON MY OWN." humphrey said. humphrey went to a grosery store. his got the root beer. BUT he grabed the wrong root beer. he actually got the beer. "im gonna drink this." humphrey said. he tasted it....
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posted by Metallica1147
Kate vs. Venom

It’s a sunny दिन in Jasper Park. The blue birds are flying, the भेड़िया are being Alphas are hunting, and Omegas are having fun! But, somewhere deep in the woods of Jasper Park, a dark blue, human like figure is moving in these woods. But this human like creature was no human, it was a Symbiote! An alien species from outer अंतरिक्ष that has come to our world many years पूर्व to find a human host. For years this Symbiote has been controlling the human body of the man named Eddie Brock.

The Symbiote known as Venom has been looking for a new host. It’s starting to get tired of Eddie....
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I woke up early the अगला morning once the golden light from the rising sun graced my eyelids. Kate and I were embraced tightly together to keep warm, her breasts felt like soft pillows smashed against my chest. The air about the केबिन of the Bronco was cold and dry, when I exhaled my breath could be seen vividly. The steam that we had created from our lovemaking the night before had फ्रोज़न to the inside of the windows overnight. Kate snored softly, a soft, mesmerizing sound, beautiful. Her hair was messy from the पूर्व night's events as well, but she still looked sexy as ever, naughty even....
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me: are....y..yo...you....the...scar...wolf??!!

???: "NO! of course not आप imbecile! i only wish! no....im one of the भेड़िया that escaped with him! say to crystal.......kevin and she will know what आप mean! watch your back! cause it will be bleeding before आप know it............(static)"

i put the phone down with a hard thud and looked round to all in the room with utter dread on my face that had turned white as a sheet. my empty feeling was eating me up inside. i rushed hurredly to the window from which i believed him to be outside. crystal worried, in tears behind me wondering what the hesitant...
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posted by hank666
"...Looks like a pretty Lil' Omega right there..." Hutch's demon कहा as he jumped from rock to rock as he examined the omega dens. Most of the भेड़िया were out and about already, so there wasn't a lot of भेड़िया in their dens. "Hmm..." Hutch's demon thought as he scanned the मांद, डेन openings. "Ah..There is a nice one." As a evil grin formed on his face. Hutch fought for control over his body. "What are आप going to do to her?..." No response. Then it hit Hutch what he was planning on! Hutch couldn't भालू to know that his body that he had no control over would do that. But it was too late, as Hutch's...
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