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Yeah sorry its short, I decided to make this short because I hit a writers block today. So Yeah. No offense to Lilly प्रशंसकों या Lilly_Omega! I am a Lilly प्रशंसक myself. Just thought I would clear that out of the way! :) Peace out!

Kate was still disturbed द्वारा the human they saw earlier. She had this weird feeling that they were being followed. "Hey Humphrey?" Kate said, stopping. "What?" Humphrey said. "That human, I feel like he maybe following us." Kate said, looking around. Humphrey then heard a rustle in the trees, which sounded like footsteps. "Humphrey..." Kate said, standing close to her...
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(Chapter 1 Link: link)


The sudden sound of the trains whistle echoed through the forest around us "I would say we better get a हटाइए on so आप don't miss that train" Marcel कहा taking off followed द्वारा Paddy "Alright" was all I कहा as I started to run towards the sound of the train. Soon I could see the tracks and noticed the train gaining on me. "Do आप think I can make it?" I called out above me to the birds

"Yes sir!" Paddy called out "and just as आप hit the tracks आप should see an open train car!" "We'll avoid truck stops, bears and that hideous dessert, what is it called?" Marcel...
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A/N:Hey guys, here's chapter two.

(Next morning)
Humphrey woke up to find two dead rabbits द्वारा him. He didn’t feel like eating, but he did anyway, knowing Kate would have scolded him for not eating. He felt और pain in his heart. He looked to see the sun peeking into the den. He looked down at the spot द्वारा him, where Kate used to sleep and felt और tears come to his eyes. He felt anger as well.

“Kate, why did आप leave me alone?” He cursed. He then felt hurt for doing so and sobbed. Hutch heard the sobbing from outside and entered the den.

“Humphrey, are आप alright?” He asked. Humphrey...
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posted by AlphaClub
This story is of Uahk (Moondragon01) and Ares' (me, AlphaClub)'s RP we have on Chatzy... FYI, I have changed the story a bit, so that it makes sense in an article. :)

There they were... the rogues, coming for Runt. Ares had been asigned to protect Runt, द्वारा his own father, Humphrey. So, 5his was it. His chance to do his job.

As they kept attacking Runt, trying to grab him and run off, like they had did earlier in his young life, Ares kept defending. But he was hopelessly outnumbered. One of them grabbed Runt, and started running.

Ares ran after him, and leaped, landing on चोटी, शीर्ष of the wolf, and...
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My friend is having a crises about Jett right now. As he continues to be a indefinite asshole to WWWarea.

After seeing Kishin_Kira continuing the fight on the दीवार and लेखाए again, I decided to make this as a stand alone लेख this time.

So I will bring out how the लेख violates the Fanpop's Terms of Service in the ii. user conduct area.

Fanpop - Terms of Service - -

First I'll say that before anyone thinks I'm making this up, here is a link to it:

Here is what I found:
Content पोस्टेड द्वारा आप on the फैन्पॉप Site.

"You may not post Content that:

is patently offensive to users of the Fanpop...
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posted by DancingHumphrey
Hi guys! Even though this place is pretty bad now thanks to member's immaturity on that one लेख that looked nice, I was thinking of only staying for just a bit.
Club, Mojo, etc has made members (even me later) leave. That idiot claim that "It's there fault for choosing".

Umm. no. Club, Mojo, Timber, and others I remember has made members feel bad, and effected there emotion, and caused anxiety.
I'll say it's there fault for that. Yet, if wwwarea's behavior is making them leave, then I'll say it's 'there fault for choosing' too.. Hmmmmm....
Really AlphaClub, आप say it's there choice, कहा the...
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To tell आप the truth, I was extremely nervous about the film especially after the crap they pulled with Alpha and Omega 3. But, I was wrong about this one. I was blown away द्वारा how well the story was written and how well the characters were developed.

Here were some of the things that I really liked about the film:

Focus: In this film, it dosent focus too much on the stupid woodland critters या Marcel in paddy too much like the पूर्व films. It actually focuses और characters that needed the screen time to be able to be a bigger part of the story.

Returning Characters: Remember how Alpha and...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Talking Plushies

Wave 1:

Play with Me Kate
Tell me a Joke Humphrey

Wave 2:

Exercise with Me Garth
Sing with Me Lilly

Wave 3:

Dance with Me Princess

Wave 4:

Tickle Me Runt
Tickle Me Claudette
Tickle Me Stinky

Life Sized Plushies

Wave 1:


Wave 2:


Wave 3:


Wave 4:


Wave 5:


Deluxe Action Figures

Wave 1:

Kate and Humphrey

Wave 2:

Garth and Lilly
here's the सूची of soundtracks of A&O 3, according to IMDb (look it up):

It's Gonna Be Me
Written द्वारा Max Martin, Andreas Carlsson and Rami Yacoub
Performed द्वारा 'N Sync
Produced द्वारा Rami Yacoub

Lonely No More
Written and performed द्वारा Rob Thomas
Produced द्वारा Matt Serletic

Let Your दिल Decide
Written द्वारा Kristian Lundin and Sebastian Thott
Performed द्वारा Celine Dion
Produced द्वारा Kristian Lundin

Shooting Star
Written द्वारा Adam Young
Performed द्वारा Owl City
Produced द्वारा Adam Young & Stargate

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
Written द्वारा Chris Martin, Guy Barryman & John Buckland
Performed द्वारा Coldplay
Produced द्वारा Brian Eno

Live While We're Young
Written द्वारा Rami Yacoub
Performed द्वारा One Direction
Produced द्वारा Rami Yacoub & Carl Falk

दिखाना Me The Meaning of Being Lonely
Written द्वारा Max Martin and Herbert Crichlow
Performed द्वारा The Backstreet Boys
Produced द्वारा Max Martin and Kristian Lundin

Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Performed द्वारा Selena Gomez
posted by AlphawolfAlisha
Ten hours later Kashuru and the भेड़िया woke up and started walking outside of the den. They went to the pond and both of them took a look around and started to drink. Kashuru wanted to do something about this but she just wants to be honest , and tries to get him to be her friend. The भेड़िया wags it's tail and apparently they became फ्रेंड्स and they both howled together.

Three days later they were out hunting for deer and then both of them went on to eat their first deer carcass. Then they went back to the मांद, डेन and for a long nap. On the अगला दिन they went to the howling rock and howled together...
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posted by westernunit-211
This is the सेकंड part to my story. I just hope it goes out very well for आप guys. Wish me luck.

WARNING: violence and language

6 months earlier

Hero's fall
Western Azerbaijan
Unknown Friendly सुरक्षित house

I closed the door and moved a couple feet down the hall, Frost was अगला to me. I had a sand digital combat uniform, sand combat boots, body armor, and sand delta gloves. Frost was in a cam vest which has the video camera on his back that is recording this mission. My assault राइफल was the M4 ACOG w/ Silencer. I check the mag that was on and it had no rounds, I sighed and placed it back...
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posted by Willersmunk
It was about five months since Kate became pregnant, and Humphrey was right, but wrong at the same time. Humphrey was wrong because Kate held back her 'Mood Swings'. But Humphrey was right because she looked like an नारंगी, ऑरेंज ball of fur, but he didn't mind.
It was some time in August, and Humphrey, some times, went out at night to eat some thing, because he was forced to eat the horrible berries because Kate wouldn't eat meat, which surprised him.
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posted by beastly_hutch
Disclaimer, I do not really know Humphrey's past, this is totally made up.
We all know that humphrey's past life as a pup was not released in the movie alpha and omega but now here it is. This is we're the story begins.

Back when Humphrey was a pup and haven't even met Kate yet he went throw some rough times.
(Humphrey's pov)
Back when I was a pup i never really had friends, weather आप believe it या not, I was basically a lone भेड़िया who only had my so called parents. I was nothing like my parents not even the littlest like them, not my looks, definitely not my personality या anything . All...
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posted by Ricoh_Alpha_626
Chapter 4: Red Moon
**Aruthors Note- WARNING- this chapter contains blood and death, and is designed to be as कहा as possible. If आप wish आप may skip it, but it is not recomended. (Please note that the following events will have nothing to do with the plot of Blackjack's story.) Viewer discretion is advised.**
    Hutch walked अगला to Saide as they followed Winston and Felix to the howling rock. The moon was starting to rise, and there had been no sign of Roxa. As much as Hutch wanted to say something, he didn't. He figured he could finally get some peace and quiet without...
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posted by Ricoh_Alpha_626
Chapter 3: Rivalry
**Authors Note-I hope आप enjoyed the last chapter, I put a lot of effort into it. I'm loving the feedback I'm getting, it's really helpful :). So I didn't want to devote to many chapters to the alpha school phase and the अगला few chapters will involve a few jumps through days and maybe weeks. I hope I don't confuse anyone with a time jump. Please remember to write a review and enjoy the chapter.**
    Three weeks have passed since alpha school first began. The weather was growing colder as winter approached and it had been raining quite frequently the last...
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Note: the pic below is not my drawings, just found it

I’m walking without destination, I don’t know where to go, my घर was destroyed द्वारा poachers, everything was destroyed so I just leave. “the only thing I can do now is keep going.”I कहा to myself.
The day’s getting late. I decided to rest in a मांद, डेन I found in the forest. When I got there I suddenly sobbed, but I try to be tough. It doesn’t last long and I decided to sleep. “*yawn*I hope I’ll found something tomorrow.”I said. I woke up late, it’s like it’s already 11 pm. I stretched and start going. I walked and surprised,...
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Right dudes and dudettes.

Have 4 फ्रेंड्स of mine who are willing to be in a band with me, we have had a जाम session and have decided we are pretty good together. So guess what.


We haven't thought of a band name but we know it will be something to do with wolves. Either...

The howling metalwolves
एंजल wolf
The furry ones
Pack of wolves

With me (Daniel Lucas) (rhythm and vocals) metalwolf
(Callum Scott) (drummer या bass) thunder wolf
(seth Patel) (drums या bass) thumping wolf
(aneed) (guitar) lightning wolf

I am so excited for this to work and I can't wait to come to all your countries and tour and sing all your फैन्पॉप songs and your song choice and some of our own as well.

Please टिप्पणी दे on which song आप would like, which country your in and who did your song in the टिप्पणी दे box.
All will be free anyway. Still could've long away but will happen.

So excited! :D
Chapter 4: An Injured Black Wolf

The group of wolves: Kate, Humphrey, Lilly, and Garth were still walking. They hadn't seen या thought of anything fun as long as they had been in Helena National Forest. Garth was smiling to himself. Kate noticed the smile and wondered what he was thinking about, her सवाल was asked for her when Lilly asked, "There's nothing to do, what's with the smile?"

"Humphrey's head stuck in the tree. It was just a funny sight for me."

"Shut it, Gar-" Humphrey began, but was interrupted द्वारा a loud noise. He stopped in his tracks and looked back, wondering what the loud...
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हे everyone, here's chapter 2! Enjoy! Don't forget to comment, if आप don't, I'll find you.

(Early अगला morning)

“Rise and shine sleeping beauty!” Hutch yelled into Humphrey’s ear making him jump. Humphrey looked groggily up at Hutch.

“Let me sleep.” He कहा and plopped back down. Hutch picked Humphrey up द्वारा the scruff of his neck.

“Sorry man, आप wanted to learn how to hunt, so आप have to get up early.” He told him. Humphrey groaned as he walked beside Hutch. After a while of walking Humphrey remembered that Sweets wanted to watch him.

“Hey Hutch, can we go द्वारा Sweets den,...
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posted by lonewolf82
Alright सेकंड article. I suggest that आप read me first लेख before आप begin पढ़ना this one (the big q). Also thank आप to Hank666 for being the first to टिप्पणी दे on my artical. well here we go.

"What do आप mean she wants puppies"?
"It's not that confusing Humphrey she wants to mate with me"?
"Well duh but I mean don't get me wrong but Lilly is a pretty shy wolf".
"And your point is"?
"what would make her ask such a bold question"?
"I have no clue".
"all right well good luck but i better start headin home".
"ok later Humphrey".
As Humphrey and Garth विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें Humphrey couldnt stop...
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