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Humphrey and Cathy are starting to really like each other. Kate and Faolan also have fun together. It’s officially a divorce between Humphrey and Kate.
“Cathy, I want to thank आप for letting me stay here.”
“No problem. It’s an honor.”
Humphrey kissed Cathy. She was a good kisser. Meanwhile, Faolan and Kate were having fun too. It was good for all of them. However, Humphrey had to get Johnny somehow, but he didn’t know what to do. But then it him.
“I’m going to शामिल होइए law enforcement!”
Yes law enforcement. The WCA, Weastern Control Agency.
“You’re going to शामिल होइए law enforcement?”...
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posted by EightySix
आप guys have read my chapters of NPLH as they've drudge onward much farther than I've intended. Recently I've opened up new areas to travel into - thus expanding even farther upon what I figured I'd write. Thats good news, everyone wins!
So, I sat down and wrote this out, a sort of cast guide that I'll expand upon later (its late) Just a heads up, you'll be seeing an expanded version, so please don't mind the double post. I put this on my wall, but I'm not sure what sort of exposure it would get there so -

The voice cast in my head when I hear my characters;

Eight; Lucas Black
Cougar; Ertha Kit
Deogee; Liam Neeson
Otto; Ving Rahmes
Dusk; Arianna Huffington
Benjamin; Harvey Fierstein
Jayne; Matthew Morrison
Stern; David Spade

Thats fun, huh?

If आप don't recognize some of these names, I don't blame आप - but you'll recognize their roles. Just hit up आइ एम डी बी for info.
The pack members who had interviewed Eight were now prime for deliberation between themselves as he waited at the bottom of the trail entrance.
The five of them discussed among themselves and carefully weighed both the pros and problems that taking in a pack member - especially one they barely knew, would bring to their clan.

"Well," The large black wolf, Otto began his observations, "He's not weak. Thats a certainty. He knows what he's talking about, at least a little. At most, I imagine that he'll be a decent enough combat या hunt member."
The others nodded in agreement as Deogee piped up,...
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Winston returned to his मांद, डेन with a heavy heart, first his daughters had left, and now his oldest friend had been killed in his sleep. Winston decided that he would do something he had not done since the Incident, he would visit his daughter's grave.

He told himself that he was going to seek guidance instead of dwell on the past; but when he saw what had become of the mound of dirt and stone, his pain and sadness was replaced द्वारा rage. "Who dares defile my daughter's grave?" he growled.

"The grave was not defiled, Winston, Kate has been दिया a precious gift द्वारा the warrior spirit. She came to me...
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posted by Chrisbot6
Chris was woken द्वारा the sound of his alarm clock falling off the train set above and hitting the floor. He swore, turned over and tried to get back to sleep. Then his morning cup of चाय hit him in the face. "Alright, alright." he muttered drowsily, wiping the sleep from hit face. "I'm getting up." He got up and got dressed in his work clothes, muttering somthing about rusty springs, and wrote in his notebook:
"Morning wake up system working fine, just so long as आप enjoy having to buy a fresh set of pjamas from the mall every evening."

Chris was an inventor. In truth, he didn't have a second...
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Kate followed a sick caribou that was trailing behind the massive herd. (Hiding in some nearby bushes was Humphrey waiting to help his mate if needed) He was an ancient bull; his antlers were impressive and she knew if he was healthy he could easily clomp her on the head and kill her. या worse stab her and tear her to pieces with those large antlers.

But the caribou was old, the muscles in his legs just seemed too tired to carry him through another winter. His antlers where white on the tips, and even the brown spots on his body showed white on the tips of the hairs. The old सांड, बैल lay down;...
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posted by katealphawolf
*Rated T for all the usual reasons, आप have been warned!*

"Humphrey wake up! Wake up man we got another lesson today!" Humphrey's eyes opened a little, he saw the lean, powerful figure of Garth standing over him. "Um wait, whoa, what?" "Its almost noon Humphrey get your scrawny butt up!" Humphrey finally came around and opened his eyes all the way and looked around. The cave was brilliantly lit with warm autumn sun, Kate still sound asleep snored softly. Humphrey remembered what he and Kate did the पूर्व night and how tiring it was.

"Last night was amazing Garth आप should have seen me!"...
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posted by Mitsi1991
Kates inner monster part 7

"Come on Kate it could be worse!" "Oh really how can my situation get
any worse than what it is Garth??" "Well at least आप have a मांद, डेन to go घर to and
family and फ्रेंड्स who will understand everything!" "Ya everyone but my mom!"
"When she hears about this she is going to freak." "When she hears about what??" Garth
asked. "Its obvious that Lilly told her about everything द्वारा now!" "Me turning on her and
almost attacking her and me..... well not being me" " UMMM ya I'm going to have to
agree with आप on that one." "Shes not exactly the easiest one to get along with...
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What are the factors that make a animated movie a good animated movie? Alpha and Omega is one of the finest examples of a animated movie gone 100% right. Lionsgate and Crest एनीमेशन did one heck of a job creating Alpha and Omega. In these troubled times everything revolves around a slim budget and meeting the goals intended for it. A&O in my opinion is one of the greatest भेड़िया Romeo and Juliet-style pictures that I have seen in a long time. The characters, all of them mind you, had a unique personality of their own. Kate and Humphrey were of course the center of the action but Tony, Winston,...
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posted by Marc0201
One day, Kate and Lilly were walking through the forest when they spotted a temple with the doors open दिखा रहा है a crystal. Couriously, they entered the temple.
"Wow!" they both कहा in excitment.
"What is this?" Kate asked Lilly.
"I don't know, but i think Garth knows, wait here."
"Wait What!" Kate yelled to Lilly, but Lilly was too far for her to listen, so Kate stayed there. Then Kate got Curious and touched the crystal, but it yanked her onto the crystal! Then the crystal started glowing and pushed her at the wall. She then fell unconscious.
Later she slowly woke up to someone saying "Mam? Mam?"...
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posted by katelover14
HUMPHREY:kate stop humping *moans* oh its आप eve just dont try to wake me up अगला time ok eve?

EVE:but आप taste so good!

HUMPHREY: i know i know but dont make me horny enough to hump both आप hard cause remember last time?

eve: yes i remember...

Humphrey:now what does a bad girl get now a hump या a spank?

eve: a spank. master?

HUMPHREY: *spanks* yes now fuck me harder.

eve" yes master i will.

KATE: हे my little redneck आप jacking up with eve again huh?

humphrey" yes *moans* yes i am. kate want to lick your moms vagina.

kate: yes humphrey i do!

Humphrey: well go on!

Kate:*sticks her tongue in eves...
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After seeing that हाल का दीवार post from him.
This was apparently one of the most fucked up, evilest things I've ever seen.

This is what it is in another version:
"I am going to tell these 3 what to do and everyone else, and if I don't like seeing that, I will selfishly make an लेख about them, and make up और claims out of my own subjective mind, and let people believe me."

MojoOmegaWolf acts like he's "not" part of the fight, and acts like he never started anything.
He even blames me for this murder story that I still have yet, to see.

According to him, MojoOmegaWolf "never" caused anything....
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posted by shadow-omega
"Thanks man. I'll see आप tomorrow. Bye." Cooper कहा waving his paw goodbye. Humphrey, Lilly, Jackson and Madison waved back.

"Saying that, it IS getting late. We should get going too." Humphrey said. Lilly nodded in agreement.

"Oh, well, if you're sure. We'll see आप soon." Jackson said, smiling.

As Jackson smiled, Humphrey looked at his eyes and spotted a glint there. It was a lustful glint, and it meant that Humphrey could accurately predict what Jackson was going to do: he was going to mate with Madison.

"Humphrey, let's go." Lilly said, gently tugging on his forearm.

"Oh, yeah. OK."

As Humphrey...
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"Mom! Hey. Me and Felin are gonna go on a walk through the woods. Harin कहा we were good, so as a present, we could go out for a while. Bye mom!" Claudette said.

Kate looked up. "Yeah. Be careful. Bye." She said, looking tired.

A few मिनटों later...

Claudette stopped, and sat down. Felin and her had been walking away from camp for about ten मिनटों now, so she had to rest. "Let's stop here, an maybe lie down? We could watch the stars together." she smiled.

The अगला day...

Claudette woke up in her den, and when she looked around for Felin, she caught no sign of him. Where was he? Maybe he...
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posted by AlphawolfAlisha
It was June first 2010 three months before Alpha and Omega event.

It was beautiful दिन at Jasper National Park when Kashuru was slowly waking up and got up then stretched and slowly walked out of her मांद, डेन yawning. then she went on for a walk to the pond where she has seen the frog and the frog catches a fly and ate it. Kashuru wandered out farther and saw other भेड़िया and this time the भेड़िया stand and looked her then runs off into the forest.

Three hours of walking she started to feel hungry and needed to hunt for खाना या she will starve to death so on she went hunting for some caribou and she had...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 2: Heartland

*on a Train*

Lilly: *Wakes up* Where am i?

*Heartland, a neon lit City, with huge buildings, is outside*

Lilly: Woah!

Garth: *wakes up* Huh?

Lilly: Garth come look at this!

Garth: What is it?

Lilly: This! *shows him Heartland*

Garth: That is amazing!

Lilly: Now lets get out of here!

Garth: Right! *jumps off the Train with Lilly*

Lilly: *runs off with Garth*

*Meanwhile, at Heartland Gate*

Nick: I wonder where they are.

Astra: Who?

Nick: Lilly, Garth, Humphrey, and Kate.

Astra: *sees Garth carrying Lilly*

Nick: Lilly! Garth!

Garth: Were are we?

Nick: A place called "Heartland"

Garth: *looks...
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1. The howling moments.
This includes the moonlight howls and garth's howls and the howl when kate passes out. I प्यार these seence. They are so beuteful and so touching and romantic. The first moonlight howl was just so fun to look and to listen to. And then Garth & Lilly howling is just so nice to listen to. And Humphrey and Kate's howl in the train is soooo powerfull and moving. But the one that is probably my favorait is when they are morening over kate, it is so touching when tony starts to howl. And this type of howl is different, it is a very sad and powerful howl and not really...
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posted by WolfRaider577
it was the mid 60's at jasper park Alberta Canada Humphrey was watching the news about the conflict of north and south Vietnam and that the us was getting involved. Humphrey got interested to शामिल होइए the military the अगला दिन he went over to Kate's मांद, डेन to have some breakfast, while they were eating he told her about the news Kate got surprised, You're going to शामिल होइए the military? आप cant go she said, so. Humphrey asked, the marines will train me to be like an alpha भेड़िया and don't worry i will live he said. meanwhile Garth and Lilly who also heard the news went to the recruiting station to become...
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posted by ShadowCodeX17
New friends

Its been 3 weeks since Shadow has found out that he wont see his mother या his sister ever again. He misses them dearly,and wishes to see them one last time. But he knows that wont happen. But aunt Faith and cousin Dawn both have been trying to get him to get out of the मांद, डेन to do और the just use the bathroom and eat. "Shadow, come play with me and my फ्रेंड्स please!" Whined Dawn. "Dawn I don't won't too. I'm not in the mood to play." कहा Shadow. "Now Shadow honey. आप need to get some fresh air,exercise and make new friends! This is your new home. Now go with your...
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posted by ShadowCodeX17
The Beginning Of Pain

It was a silent dark night. As a mother भेड़िया and her young pups travel down a path. "Mom! I'm tried! Are we there yet?" Asked a little black and grey/white भेड़िया pup."No Shadow Honey, But we are getting close." Muffled The Mother Wolf. She was carrying the other pup. "Mommy! I'm sleepy" कहा the कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला who was a She-pup. "Now Jessica,you know we can't stop yet. Not till we get to your aunts pack." कहा the mother. "But mom! Can we please take a break! my paws are starting to hurt!" Whined Shadow. The mother भेड़िया sighed then sat Jessica down. "Ok Sweetheart. We...
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