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Summary: Valentines दिन story! After starting a family Kate and Humphrey could use some time together again after devoting all of it to their pups. They don't mind not having alone time anymore but as the winter comes to a close aunt Lilly steps in and decides that they need a break from the pups for one night. *Short Story*

A/N: Happy early Valentine's दिन everyone, and to celebrate I decided to write a little story for आप all to enjoy. This takes place a महीना या two after the events of A&O 2, which make this my first story to build off of it.

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posted by westernunit-211
(Here is part 2 enjoy.)

Decemeber 23 04:10 hrs.
Jasper Nation park, Canada.

Nikolai was arriving at my सुरक्षित house, I was with Lev making sure that his wound wouldn't start to bleed out again. I contacted for two medics so they would take Lev inside my सुरक्षित house for surgery when we arrived. Nikolai spoke saying that we were at my सुरक्षित house and he landed the helo. Nikolai dropped the hatch and the two medics came in. They picked Lev up and placed him on the stretcher and I spoke to them. "Get him inside now." The medics did what they were told and took Lev inside and I picked up Frost and got...
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Now greeting to the world vice ala big gong zilla 'alongside skrillex for long! Oh wait, I won't! Ah we a blaze the आग make it bun dem!

"Joshua are आप sure this is right?"

"I am as sure as your death is pointless"

Humphrey rolled his eyes and walked on. 3 miles of walking and they still weren't at the dead घोड़े camp.

"Before आप say आप are looking for someone could आप give me a name?"

"Her name is Kate I प्यार her and she means a lot to me"

"Ha ha प्यार its a funny thing if आप think about it"

Joshua Graham continued walking to the cave of sorrows the hospital of some sort Kate lied in wait clutching...
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posted by Arrows11
For claiming I started the fight (When he and other people did), for insulting my life, for claiming that I disrupted the group ever since I joined (Though passing rules against relationships disrupt others), calling me a pest,

trolling others,

for making others harass me,

ruining happiness on sanman7 and other people,

spamming middle finger,

calling my फ्रेंड्स zombies and sheep,

and other disruption.

I ask for anyone who is interested to sign this petition to go to his page and रिपोर्ट him. Again, I ask, and I believe for this to be up here since he won't take his down.

Signed - Arrows11

P.S. Sorry for this article, but I didn't noticed the first paragraph for his article, making lies and non-sense about me, still being up, people sending लिंक्स to it, etc, etc.
posted by LillyOmega2
Okay, YouTube is being a pain and I can't अपलोड this there without it being blocked, so I put it on dropbox instead.


I wanted to make at least one A&O video that just used clips from the fourth movie cause of how it's the first sequel to be better than the original movie. The idea behind this one is that Daria (the blind white-colored she-wolf and pup in the video, for those who haven't seen it yet) can't forget about her past in her old pack and how she was exiled for being blind. I kinda tied that...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 16

*Darkness Forest*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: *Slashes Sagittarius Zodiark*

Sagittarius Zodiark: *Slashes Victory Zenith Wolfe*

*Both Victory Zenith Wolfe and Sagittarius Zodiark fall to the ground*

Sagittarius Zodiark: *Fires dark energy arrows at Victory Zenith Wolfe*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: *Blocks them with the Zenith Fang* Clash!

Sagittarius Zodiark: Wolfe! *Charges towards Victory Zenith Wolfe*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: *Charges at Sagittarius Zodiark*

Sagittarius Zodiark: *Fires dark energy arrows at Victory Zenith Wolfe*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: *Dodges each one and eyes turn to yellow, and then...
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posted by trueshadowwolf

beavis: UHHH WHAT?


beavis: ummmm why? ha ha ha

butthead: आप know like look at mothernatures boobs.

beavis: whoa... he he he... lets go!

they went out to the forest.

beavis: damn it butthead when are we gonna see mothernatures boobs!

butthead: damn it beavis calm down! (slaps beavis.0

beavis: हे look its a wolf

hutch: get out of here you!

beavis: whoa cool! ha ha ha

butthead: whoa are आप like... from final fantasy?

hutch: (attacks beavis)

butthead: whoa... huh huh beavis आप wuss... your getting your ass...
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posted by AlphaClub
Did आप hear about the new 4k beast...? the GTX Titan X? (Or GTX 990 as it's number name, but actually named Titan X, big brother to the Titan Z)

Well, I saw live video benchmarks... at 4k, this powerhouse was able to go through the startup screen/PhysX screen on firestrike, at around 60 FPs... and played the game at 4k at around 20-30, not as good. But I think it was battle field 4... I THINK... it hit around the low 100 FPS at 4k... never done before. On a 1 ms 4k monitor... at a 60 Hz refresh rate. Gave it screen tearing... lol, this thing is a beast... here is a link to the vid: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xsCIdqIqbgM

Halfway through the video, this guys, Jayztwocents, realizes his packing पीनट्स are edible, and starts eating them XD

It's funny, because that's what two GTX 780 Ti's can do in SLI, massively overclocked, and this is a single card...
posted by shadow-omega

I had woken up with the sun in my eyes. I never really liked the light, I prefer the dark. I groaned as it was early morning. Did I mention I don't like mornings either? I got up and stretched my joints and bones. I heard crack after crack every time I stretched my legs and arms. I looked over at Kate and she was still sleeping so I decided to wake her up but rather different. I quietly walked over to her and put mouth to her ear. I was about to lick her ear until something happened.

Kate sprung up and tackled me to the ground within seconds. I screamed as she had scared the living day...
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Yeah sorry its short, I decided to make this short because I hit a writers block today. So Yeah. No offense to Lilly प्रशंसकों या Lilly_Omega! I am a Lilly प्रशंसक myself. Just thought I would clear that out of the way! :) Peace out!

Kate was still disturbed द्वारा the human they saw earlier. She had this weird feeling that they were being followed. "Hey Humphrey?" Kate said, stopping. "What?" Humphrey said. "That human, I feel like he maybe following us." Kate said, looking around. Humphrey then heard a rustle in the trees, which sounded like footsteps. "Humphrey..." Kate said, standing close to her...
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(Chapter 1 Link: link)


The sudden sound of the trains whistle echoed through the forest around us "I would say we better get a हटाइए on so आप don't miss that train" Marcel कहा taking off followed द्वारा Paddy "Alright" was all I कहा as I started to run towards the sound of the train. Soon I could see the tracks and noticed the train gaining on me. "Do आप think I can make it?" I called out above me to the birds

"Yes sir!" Paddy called out "and just as आप hit the tracks आप should see an open train car!" "We'll avoid truck stops, bears and that hideous dessert, what is it called?" Marcel...
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A/N:Hey guys, here's chapter two.

(Next morning)
Humphrey woke up to find two dead rabbits द्वारा him. He didn’t feel like eating, but he did anyway, knowing Kate would have scolded him for not eating. He felt और pain in his heart. He looked to see the sun peeking into the den. He looked down at the spot द्वारा him, where Kate used to sleep and felt और tears come to his eyes. He felt anger as well.

“Kate, why did आप leave me alone?” He cursed. He then felt hurt for doing so and sobbed. Hutch heard the sobbing from outside and entered the den.

“Humphrey, are आप alright?” He asked. Humphrey...
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Humphrey woke up in the cuddy केबिन of the 2450. He wondered how and why he was in there.
“What the Hell? How did I get in here?”
He got out and went home. Shakey, Salty, and Mooch knocked on the door.
“Hey Humphrey, we came up with a good idea!” Shakey said.
“We found an awesome lake in California! Ok, so we load the boats and tow vehicles onto the C-5, and fly to California!” Mooch said
“Who all is going?”
“Well, we gave Shakey the jet skis , Mooch the 2450, Cando the Malibu, however he’s towing the 35 XC, and Winston and Eve the 35 XC however, they’re towing...
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posted by AlphaClub
This story is of Uahk (Moondragon01) and Ares' (me, AlphaClub)'s RP we have on Chatzy... FYI, I have changed the story a bit, so that it makes sense in an article. :)

There they were... the rogues, coming for Runt. Ares had been asigned to protect Runt, द्वारा his own father, Humphrey. So, 5his was it. His chance to do his job.

As they kept attacking Runt, trying to grab him and run off, like they had did earlier in his young life, Ares kept defending. But he was hopelessly outnumbered. One of them grabbed Runt, and started running.

Ares ran after him, and leaped, landing on चोटी, शीर्ष of the wolf, and...
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My friend is having a crises about Jett right now. As he continues to be a indefinite asshole to WWWarea.

After seeing Kishin_Kira continuing the fight on the दीवार and लेखाए again, I decided to make this as a stand alone लेख this time.

So I will bring out how the लेख violates the Fanpop's Terms of Service in the ii. user conduct area.

Fanpop - Terms of Service - -

First I'll say that before anyone thinks I'm making this up, here is a link to it:

Here is what I found:
Content पोस्टेड द्वारा आप on the फैन्पॉप Site.

"You may not post Content that:

is patently offensive to users of the Fanpop...
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posted by DancingHumphrey
Hi guys! Even though this place is pretty bad now thanks to member's immaturity on that one लेख that looked nice, I was thinking of only staying for just a bit.
Club, Mojo, etc has made members (even me later) leave. That idiot claim that "It's there fault for choosing".

Umm. no. Club, Mojo, Timber, and others I remember has made members feel bad, and effected there emotion, and caused anxiety.
I'll say it's there fault for that. Yet, if wwwarea's behavior is making them leave, then I'll say it's 'there fault for choosing' too.. Hmmmmm....
Really AlphaClub, आप say it's there choice, कहा the...
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Daria and Kate ran back through Shadow Forest with Floyd, Runt and Humphrey on their tails. Not even halfway through the woods, Daria's ears perked high and she skidded to a halt behind Kate.
"What is it?" Kate asked as she turned.
Daria answered urgently, "I hear something. Sounds like wolves. Three of them."
The four भेड़िया plus porcupine stared off into the fog bank behind them and saw three भेड़िया rushing towards them; Stone, Riley and Evan. They had come to finish what they started long ago... Murder the one of no vision.

Floyd consulted worriedly with Daria. "Okay, Daria, we gotta get you...
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To tell आप the truth, I was extremely nervous about the film especially after the crap they pulled with Alpha and Omega 3. But, I was wrong about this one. I was blown away द्वारा how well the story was written and how well the characters were developed.

Here were some of the things that I really liked about the film:

Focus: In this film, it dosent focus too much on the stupid woodland critters या Marcel in paddy too much like the पूर्व films. It actually focuses और characters that needed the screen time to be able to be a bigger part of the story.

Returning Characters: Remember how Alpha and...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Talking Plushies

Wave 1:

Play with Me Kate
Tell me a Joke Humphrey

Wave 2:

Exercise with Me Garth
Sing with Me Lilly

Wave 3:

Dance with Me Princess

Wave 4:

Tickle Me Runt
Tickle Me Claudette
Tickle Me Stinky

Life Sized Plushies

Wave 1:


Wave 2:


Wave 3:


Wave 4:


Wave 5:


Deluxe Action Figures

Wave 1:

Kate and Humphrey

Wave 2:

Garth and Lilly
here's the सूची of soundtracks of A&O 3, according to IMDb (look it up):

It's Gonna Be Me
Written द्वारा Max Martin, Andreas Carlsson and Rami Yacoub
Performed द्वारा 'N Sync
Produced द्वारा Rami Yacoub

Lonely No More
Written and performed द्वारा Rob Thomas
Produced द्वारा Matt Serletic

Let Your दिल Decide
Written द्वारा Kristian Lundin and Sebastian Thott
Performed द्वारा Celine Dion
Produced द्वारा Kristian Lundin

Shooting Star
Written द्वारा Adam Young
Performed द्वारा Owl City
Produced द्वारा Adam Young & Stargate

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
Written द्वारा Chris Martin, Guy Barryman & John Buckland
Performed द्वारा Coldplay
Produced द्वारा Brian Eno

Live While We're Young
Written द्वारा Rami Yacoub
Performed द्वारा One Direction
Produced द्वारा Rami Yacoub & Carl Falk

दिखाना Me The Meaning of Being Lonely
Written द्वारा Max Martin and Herbert Crichlow
Performed द्वारा The Backstreet Boys
Produced द्वारा Max Martin and Kristian Lundin

Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Performed द्वारा Selena Gomez