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posted by TimberHumphrey
Lilly wakes up in her मांद, डेन and goes to wash her face, while Garth's out hunting for food. Cause of the fact that she's pregnant, she hasn't been feeling that good in that past few days. She gets dizzy every now and then, and her legs wobble from her baby hump. While she sits down and takes a look at the view outside the den, Winston and Eve come to visit her.

Eve: Lilly, my little angel.
Lilly: (smiles) Hi mom. Hi dad.
Winston: Feelin' better? (hugs her)
Lilly: Yeah, i'm fine.
Eve: (sees her belly) How are they?
Lilly: Oh, they'll be coming soon. I guess.
Winston: I bet Garth's proud of you, sweetie....
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Here is a new Crossover idea I've had for quite a while now. I wasn't fully sure how I was going to make it work, but the idea finally came to mind last night. I hope आप guys enjoy! :)

Alpha and Omega: In the Squared Circle
Chapter 1: The Discovery

It’s been lazy for the Omegas for quite sometime in Jasper Park. But then again, any days for Omegas are quite lazy unless they need to keep the peace, which hasn’t been needed for some time now. So they needed to find some activates to keep them occupied. Some activates included Log Sliding, playing in the mud, and even pretending to be Alphas...
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Three years had passed since the events of Alpha and Omega. The भेड़िया of Jasper Park had been living out their peaceful lives for quite some time now, and have grown used to seeing भेड़िया of other packs pass through या even reside in Jasper.

Humphrey had been loving his new life in the combined pack, living with his, I'll say fairly new, mate. Although he and Garth had their differences, they had become फ्रेंड्स over the three years. Humphrey would stay at घर every दिन while Kate went out hunting with the other alphas, but on specific days, Kate would teach him how to hunt, using live prey....
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posted by sanman7
It was June, which meant summer, but it was cloudy and grey that day, that day, Chris and Rob were striding through the ruins of the world, या at least what was left of it.

"Hey, Rob, आप ever wonder if, well people other than the Enclave are watching us?"

"Nah, I feel it too, it's probably rogue's या raiders, criminals, i don't know man, so where did they see Humphrey last?"

"Intel says National archives, thats only about four blocks away, we can make it, unless you're right about the criminals, या rogues, we should be fine."

just than, there was movement, on the सेकंड story of a destroyed apartment...
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so, we're half way in 2014 and animated फिल्में so far are pretty good. we got some great ones out, we got some good ones and we also got animated dogshit. so let सूची em off:

best animated फिल्में so far:
"How To Train Your Dragon 2": y'all know me, i loved the first "How To Train Your Dragon" movie. it was awesome, it was exciting, it was funny, it was emotional, with great characters and probably some of the best CGI animations ever. so i went into "How To Train Your Dragon 2" excited, and what i got is the best animated movie of this year! "How To Train Your Dragon 2" does everything a good...
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posted by Kitsune32
Sorry for the long wait आप guys. I was working on a bunch of projects for school that were due the same week. Also it's my birthday tomorrow :D Here's Chapter 25. Enjoy.

Runt's POV

The five of us just arrived at the Northern Pack as we Magril and Fleet talk with their friends. Magril turned around as she shouted hi to me and the others. "Hey guys," she yelled. The others turned to us and greeted us as they walked to us. "So where are we heading today," Fleet asked. "Well we were thinking of going to that cave we went the other day," Claudette answered. "Sounds good to us," Ed replied. Everyone...
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So I don't know why I would read something द्वारा the same troll who wrote Lilly's Opposite Side and Tattered and Torn.

But, I guess, it's good having me tell people about it, so others don't read it (though आप probably will anyway).

But anyway.
There are three parts to this story.
And it's something I can't stand.
"lost episode".

What the fuck is up, with "lost episodes".
I mean. Take Discords लॉस्ट episode and Flim and Flam लॉस्ट episode.
What are they trying to do.
Make us believe it really happened.
I'll believe लॉस्ट episodes after believing "Slenderman".
I mean, if nobody saw him. Why is there...
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As night fell everybody was sitting around at the campfire some like Lily, Garth, Humphrey, Chloe, Roxy, and Eve were asleep while the rest were still awake saying what they miss.
A new member joined the group his name is Daryl who has a mix of grey and black फर color, he was found द्वारा walking द्वारा the Wall-Mart with a crossbow and now he's sitting अगला to Lily and Hutch. Hutch:" So Daryl where आप from?" Daryl:" you'll be surprised, I came from Georgia" Kate:" as in Georgia USA?" Daryl:"yes where else is there a damn Georgia?" saying with a redneck accent which he always has Hutch:" Son of a...
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posted by Garth115
I remember a time where everyone knew everyone
and were friends. I had a lovely mate and brother.
I had many friends. We all had our troubles and mistakes, but in the end we were always family.
I think that was what I cared about और than anything. some are returning now. I thought I had been abandoned. But, True फ्रेंड्स never leave.
We all have something that we regret we did, but forgiveness will always prevail. Forgiveness isn't just for other people, it's for आप too. Holding a grudge for too long can kill a person. I think what I'm really trying to say is everybody have a good नितंब, गधा time! Celebrate! :D
To Wish Upon A Star
A poem द्वारा Silver_Alpha

Oh, to gaze up in the sky,
Looking at the lights near and far.
But to be here sitting अगला to you,
Is like wishing upon a star.

As the moon shines down on us,
The night suddenly becomes bright.
It is like दिन again,
But to be here with आप feels so right.

आप giggle and laugh with a snort,
A little smirk of some sort,
Then आप look into my eye
and tears come, making आप cry.

As I hold आप in my arms, I never want to let go,
आप feel safe, at home.
आप calm down until sleep takes in,
It took आप without one to know.

Oh, to gaze up in the sky,
Looking at the lights near and far.
But to be here sitting अगला to you,
Is like wishing upon a star.
posted by TimberHumphrey
okay. seriously, something wrong with the wiki page of Alpha and Omega. in the sequel section, somebody just keeps changing the release तारीख, दिनांक of A&O 4 (from October to July 8) and A&O 5 (from Spring 2015 to November 4, 2014). and i go to the PGS page to see the real तारीख, दिनांक of both फिल्में and it's October 2014 and Spring 2015. so who the hell keeps on changing these dates? hell, if A&O 4 actually IS set to come out in July, then why didn't they give us something from the movie? (like a clip या the real plot या something) so whoever's randomly changing the release dates of A&O 4 and A&O 5, for the प्यार of God please stop! it's getting obnoxious.
posted by TimberHumphrey
i know this might be a big fat lie and it might turn out to be just a बिना सोचे समझे edit, but the rumored plot, cast and info for Alpha and Omega 4 sounds amazing!!
i mean: Kate, Humphrey and the पिल्लें hear bout a cave that's been considered to be "outta bounds" of the park, they explore it and fight against a pack of devil wolves, while Lilly, Garth and all the others try 2 save them. how could that NOT sound awesome? also, the cast from the first movie are coming back? holy shit! again, i don't trust Wikipedia so i'm pretty sure it's just a edit, but if it's for real, than i'd feel like a kid on...
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posted by SentinelPrime89
Everybody in Jasper Park is getting ready for Halloween. Kate, Humphrey and the pups discover a mysterious cave that's been considered "out of limits" from the park. They go to explore but then something goes terribly wrong and they find themselves fighting for their lives against a devil-like भेड़िया pack that supposedly lives there. Meanwhile, Garth, Lilly, their three pups Star, Jared, and Dori and the family try to come up with a plan to save Kate and Humphrey, defeat the devil भेड़िया and return घर for Halloween.

Hi guys sorry for the delay. my account was suspendded.

It's been 2 week since Humphrey left and Kate begin searching him.

Kate's POV

I along with Hutch already in the train. I can't stop thinking about Humphrey. what if he die out there ? what if he don't प्यार me anymore ? asthe tears falling from her eyes. After 4 hours, Hutch and me getoff the train to खोजिए some खाना but it's too hard because of snow. "do आप know where are we ?" I asked to hutch. "I don't know Kate but Let's find out and hunt I'm starving" I nodded

Meanwhile in Rose's pack Alaska
Rose's POV

I walk to Humphrey's मांद, डेन to talk...
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Like with the other two. I taking a 'blast to my past' to give reviews that I read, originally back in 2011.

First things first.
It feels weird, giving such a review for a story written द्वारा one of my closest प्रशंसक fiction friends, BRAVOBRAVO.
He, ChocolateBrownPegasis and Villain84 were to first to ever make me feel welcome on there.

Much like Ecology, Applejackrocks thehumphrey, KingSimba4ever9 and probably KarinaBrony were the firsts to welcome me, and befriend me, here on fanpop, back in the day.

Uhh, anyway.

I won't 'only' focus on the neggatives.
I'll give the positives as well.

The story...
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 "Kill the Flaws!" - Garth
"Kill the Flaws!" - Garth

As I remember there's one for Kate, Lilly and Humphrey as well.

But I don't know if these stories are still able to be found.
Keep in mind. I read these a long time ago.
Way before being a Brony, and discovering फैन्पॉप shortly after (though the reasons for each, are not at all connected).

I would be willing to review the messed up one that was for Humphrey.
He loses his sight, and than his SANITY.
As he kills Winston, and then, fully snaps.

But if I were to disguess a story about Humphrey snapping.
I would do that delated one, I think was called "cold wind blows"
it ties with ROCKET TO INSANITY,...
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posted by Canada24
Well.. After all the ones Windwakerguy dose for MLP.
I'm gonna try doing my 'own' reviews..

Most of these types of reviews are suppose to be only on the negatives.
But I 'Do' have good things to say.

EPISODE 1: Lilly's opposite side.

Well. Here I go..

Obviously, the main reason for not liking this, is the sex.
So much fuckin sex, sex, SEX!
Sadly, it's not the first story to involve, nor is it the 'worst'.
Though it's certainly up there.

There's even one between Kate and Lilly.
I mean. For goodness sakes. There sisters, there's so many reasons why that is wrong.
Though least its better than when I read...
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posted by westernunit-211
(The trip to the Western territory will be a good one. Humphrey and his squad will be visiting Winston.)

5 days later

September 12, 08:11hrs
Western Territory border
Frost's सुरक्षित house

Frost was up and so was his wife Stacy. They were ready for head to meet up with the western pack today with Riley and his squad. Frost told Kyle if he could watch the सुरक्षित house while their gone. Kyle कहा yes. Frost thanked him and he, Stacy, Riley and his squad headed for the western pack. Frost and Stacy were having a conversation during their trip to the western pack. Frost told her that the western pack is a...
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posted by BronyWolf
This is a dedication to my long लॉस्ट friends: Jon, Simba, and Garth. I'll miss आप all!!

(And in case आप didn't know. In the official RP of this प्रशंसक page. Jon had Kate. Kate had left Humphrey for Jon.

How long has it been, 3 या 5 years? Honestly I can't really remember, it is like if time has stopped since that night...

It's funny; people say that the pain goes with the time. That eventually you'll end accepting it and get up over it. Well, that's not my case, because, it still hurts just as much as that night...That ...Night...Some years ago....
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*All credit goes to DarthGoldstar710 (from DeviantART)

Chapter 5: Golfing Tournament
- - - - -
The अगला morning, Hutch and Wildflower wake up to the sound of birds chirping.

"Good morning, my love." Hutch says,

"Good morning." Wildflower says, then she looks to see Hutch's foreleg is wrapped around her.

"Uh, Hutch," Wildflower says, "Why is your foreleg on me?"

"You looked like आप were shivering last night and I wanted to keep आप warm." Hutch says, nuzzling Wildflower.

"Thanks." Wildflower says, blushing a bit.

"So, what do आप want to do today?" Hutch asks Wildflower,

"Anything आप want." Wildflower...
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