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I read this one along time ago.
And I don't remember EVERYTHING. But still remember, enough.

I have sort of mixed feelings about this one.

Humphrey has some sort of magic abilities. Like something from dragon ball Z या some shit.
I don't know. I don't watch shows like that. But enjoy the games.
The type of, soul Calibur, type of battling.

But I remember this being anouther one of those stories involving too much sex.
God. It's like Sparatacus. Too much fuckin sex and nudity. But I still enjoy it anyway.

But there's awesome battles involved, I remember that.

I think it's against the southern...
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posted by Kitsune32
हे guys. Today's chapter will focus Runt and Magril continuing their date. Enjoy.

Runt's POV

Magril and I were walking the forest looking for a place perfect for stargazing. On the way their we had played with fireflies as they glowed in the eternal darkness of the night. "Do आप any good spots for us," Magril asked. I looked around and at the corner of my eye, I saw a rose field that had a perfect view of the sky. "Over there. That has a good spot for stargazing," I कहा to her. "Sweet," she कहा as we walked to the field and rested on our backs.

We looked at the stars and began to look for...
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Well. As आप may या may not now.
I finally started asking for suggestions. But the only response so far so far is from Kitsune32.
He suggested a movie like The Grey.

I never did movie reviews before (or been lessened to at least).
So not sure how good या even how long, this will be.
But let's see how it gose.

Obviously I'm not a real reviewer. But if I were, I'd complain about the areas were आप can't even watch it, without feeling dizzy. And some scenes literary being too dark in color.

But everything else I would say about the movie is positive.

There's Liam Neeson being Liam Neeson.

An badass looking black furred Alpha wolf.

A scary plain crash.

A epic howl sequence, that lasts almost five minutes, and all, as the भेड़िया are off view.

So, yeah.
Easy to say. I always enjoy this movie..

That's all I got.
If it sucks. Then that's only because 'I' suck..
oh hell yea! it's finally out! so yeah, like most आप guys know, we (the A&O fans) finally got the trailer to Alpha and Omega 4: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave. and honestly all i can say is: it's AWESOME! so the trailer follows pretty much what the story's about: the haunted Saw Tooth Cave. it's हैलोवीन time and Runt goes to explore the cave where he finds out another wolf. the movie has a really great story, but the trailer makes it even better. first of all, the एनीमेशन looks really good in this one, it almost tops the एनीमेशन of the first movie. the graphics look great, they...
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Hutch, Kate, Daryl, Cando, and others goes to the courtyard to see what Vlad had to say, Vlad was standing in a tower thing with the door up to him is locked tight Vlad:" Thank आप all for coming" Lee:" so whats your announcement?" Vlad:" I've been thinking for couple of months now about ya know like, are they even trying to solve all of this infection, is there anyone left thats trying या are they all dead, I've been waiting for when they'll actually do something, but not a word, not a sound,.... In case some don't know I have a secret nuclear मिसाइल I sneaked from Russia, that can destroy...
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posted by Kitsune32
हे guys. Sorry for the wait, I was focusing on my other stories. This chapter will focus on Mooch, Candy, Cando, and Reba.

Candy's POV: A few hours ago

Mooch and I were preparing ourselves for the Moonlight Howl later on this evening. I was still a bit worried about Mooch's injuries from his training accident with Cando. "Mooch are आप sure you're in good shape to go out tonight," I asked. "It's okay that we can stay in the मांद, डेन tonight. We can still have some fun." I knew tonight we try to get me pregnant. "It's alright honey. Like what Sweets said, as long I don't put pressure on it, it'll...
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posted by TheChriZ1995
Summary: Life as a lone भेड़िया isn't what it was all cut out to be for Humphrey. Battered, bruised, and hungry, after months of failure at hunting he reaches his breaking point. Never has he felt so low, the end seems near and he must choose the अगला move. Struggle on, या become free of it all?

A/N: Warning, the following involves elements that some readers may find very upsetting, if आप do not like tragedy then do read something else.

Sometime Around Midnight - TheChriZ1995

The warm summer breeze blew through the long घास and treetops which caused them to...
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"-..they told me stay low, yknow away from the streets where noone could find me for the crimes that were commited, especially since technology had gotten upgraded from these generations its like they can do anything in this world. When will they notice that the और we create to build these warfare weapons and system the और people and जानवर struggle with such a pathetic society.
Homeless lives were shut down and forced to give up their homes for larger companies, til then the people i once knew and loved were gone. Rumors spread they were taken द्वारा government traps around the most common...
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Hutch, Kate, the pups, Cando, Lee, Daryl, and Humphrey are the only few surviving, but might also lose Humphrey with possibly a infected bit ankle, Hutch and the rest were walking with three different भेड़िया heading to where the भेड़िया came from.
Hutch was in front of the group talking to the leader या in this case the higher rank of the group, the pups were lying on Kate's back still scared and sad from what happened back at the Wall-Mart and Kate was walking right behind Hutch, the rest were talking to the other two भेड़िया who was carrying Humphrey who couldn't walk from the pain from his...
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It's clear to be now.
That some people simply don't enjoy the idea of my reviews.

And that's okay.
Not everyone has to like it. It's a free world, as the saying goes.
But I'm not saying I'm better then these people या anything, just expressing my thoughts of the story itself.

CGWolf, is a good friend of mine. And I can't help but involve his story in my series.

It's Humphrey X Lilly.
Differently the best one for it.
Kate या Garth aren't betrayed negatively in anyway.
In fact. They actually die at the beginning.
Kinda a depressing way to open up.
But it keeps it interesting at the same time.
I forget...
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posted by TheChriZ1995
According to a Lionsgate press release about A&O4, this is the फिल्में synopsis (plot).

The Alphas and Omegas share a thrilling adventure filled with surprises, humor and heartwarming moments after Runt – Kate and Humphrey’s Omega भेड़िया cub – sneaks off to explore the haunted Saw Tooth Cave. When Runt finds a भेड़िया who’s been driven from her pack for being different, he musters all his courage to help her – and learns the joys of lending a paw to a friend in need.

Anyone else think this "friend" is Princess?
"the creatures still is in a deep slumber still.. for now" a deep voice echoed slowly, fading away as another voice touch the end of my skull; I wasn't too sure where was I know nor did I ever wanted to. the motion around me slowly stopped as I figured I was trapped into a portable metal तालिका, टेबल and right अगला to me was a half life human corpses as i shrug to escape it from screaming, but the metal locks held my paws and legs from releasing myself.
the hallway I thought. I was in a dark place with lights barely Shining through the floor but
making it harder to see.
"Y-your.." the half human spoke...
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Bad review.
Is all I can really give this I'm afried.

It's anouther one of those human/animal crossover stories.
They did it with with इंद्रधनुष Dash (my little dashie)
And now they did it with Kate.

It Dosen't work!

Stuff like Family guy, is the only exception.
आप प्यार characters like Brian too much to care about that.

This is a प्यार story too.
Not saying Kate isn't hot (even I once had a small crush on her).
But. The least I would do is imagine myself as a wolf, if I were to make something like this.
Ever seen that Liam Neeson movie, THE GREY?
I would प्यार to be the badass black alpha, seen at the very ending.

It just sit right with me.
Is the point I'm trying to bring with this.

As for the story itself.
Don't think I have much to say.
Don't even remember it.
But I guess it's alright.
If आप like that sort of thing.


Please leave comments, and suggestions for episode seven.
I'm sorry about the disppointment this may cause some people.
But this is the first time I have a GOOD review.

Witch means.

Less chances of one of my angry rants.
But that dosent meant I won't swear in this one, if I feel the need.


On to the story.

The idea for something like this is very much a great one.
And I am very much glad some one did it.

Lilly has always been. What can we say.
A 'noticable'.
Not only is she the only omega of her family.
But she is literary the only white भेड़िया of the whole pack (unless I missed some).

The thought that Winston and Eve aren't her real parents.
It actually...
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posted by Kitsune32
Here's Chapter 27 people. Also anyone interested in my future X-over, look at the Author's Note down at the bottom. Enjoy.

Stinky's POV

I was looking for my तारीख, दिनांक Artemis right after my family विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up. My dad helped me with Runt's and my hair for our dates. He brushed mine towards the back of my head and told flattened my fur. Dad कहा that I should try to put water on it when it gets tussled. My mom told me I shouldn't be nervous about my date. She कहा that as long as I act nice, Artemis will at least enjoy our night together. I hope she was right because I didn't want to have a bad first impression...
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so we all know Anthony Bell's one of the 2 directors of "Alpha and Omega", which is without a doubt his best movie. we also know that Anthony's working on "Norm of the North", which comes out this January and it's a movie that i'm not really excited या looking आगे to (but i'm still gonna watch it). but, what we didn't know is that he's actually working on yet another CGI animated movie that also comes out theatrically अगला year, called "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus". in this movie, घंटी, बेल tells us the story of Saint Nick, ya know how he grew up and became Santa Claus. and from what i heard, it's also gonna have the A&O CGI एनीमेशन style. Anthony Bell's working on both "Norm of the North" and "Santa Claus" at the same time, as director and writer (he basically wrote the story of "Norm of the North" and now he's probably co-writing the script of "Santa Claus"). damn Anthony, u look like one really busy guy lol. working on 2 फिल्में at the same time.
I found this summary of Alpha and Omega 2 here link (I underlined, bolded and italicized the mistake.)

"Kate & Humphrey and their three भेड़िया cubs (Smokey, Claudette and Runt) are happily preparing to celebrate their first winter holidays together when their smallest cub, Runt, mysteriously disappears. They must now go on a new journey across the wilderness to find Runt before the winter festivities begin at home. It's their greatest adventure yet, filled with both action and suspense as well as plenty of humor and heartwarming moments. While their adventure does not go exactly as planned, in the end Kate & Humphrey discover that 'Home is where the Family Is'."

/sarcasm/ I guess they changed Stinky's name to Smokey after the movie was finished. /sarcasm/
posted by Kitsune32
Here's Chapter 26. I apologize because it's going to be short. This chapter will focus on Runt and Magril, but the अगला few chapters will focus on the other pup couples and some of the adult wolves. Enjoy

Magril's POV

I had just got done preparing myself for the Moonlight Howl later this evening. With the help of my dad and a really good pinecone, I had straighten out my hair. My mom first taught me how to do this when I was younger. Me and my family all took baths in a lake that was used for showering. Dad kept his hair the same, while, my brother made his a little spiky. "Man, I hope Claudette...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
so now, we all know that A&O 5's been called "Family Vacation". so i got a few predictions on the plot of the movie and what's it gonna be about. here's my prediction:

"It's spring time again, and Humphrey has trouble dealing with the fact that the पिल्लें are slowly growing up and hanging out with other पिल्लें (especially Fleet and Claudette). to get his mind off of it, they all decide to go on a family vacation, but what was supposed to be a happy vacation turns upside down, when King's brother (and Princess's uncle) Ted decides to finish what his brother started: kill everyone and take...
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I lived a moment like that in my life and this was the best moment of all times for me. I swear, if आप guys प्यार wolves, आप need to meet them!
I was at a place like this one. Best thing ever.

Thanks Alpha and Omega for minding me to go there!

So yeah, I'm giving some infos for people who are interested (and who प्यार wolves) to live an pawesome experience. This changed my mind regarding भेड़िया for the rest of my life.

"Sleeping with Wolves, the भेड़िया Conservation Center's (WCC) लोकप्रिय nocturnal adventure experience gives our supporters a chance to camp out overnight with the 25 भेड़िया that call...
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