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Anders stopped in the middle of a forested area. His body was in pure agony and couldn't bare to take another step.

"I can't stop now." He thought as he stood there panting. He took a step आगे and winced at the pain his muscles sent out. "God how long have i been running?" He कहा out loud as he sat down to think He counted the amount of times he saw the moon and the sun. "Dear god... I have been running for four days straight..." As he realized the time that went द्वारा his stomach growled menacingly. "With no food...I guess I have every reason to be tired."

He was still angry with himself for...
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posted by Novocaine9101
"Why can't we go past the trees north of our Territory?" Dan questioned.

"Because Its dangerous, no और questions." His father said. Soon after their long journey looking for a good hunt with the others, Dan decided to Run off to tell his friend Eric if he would like to tag along for a short trot through the forest. "No.." कहा Eric with a sad expression in his voice. "Why? Is it because of the last time we nearly died?, Remember. It wasn't my fault the hunters decided to come out in December!" Dan Exclaimed, not knowing what the true problem was.

"My father, has been injured very badly in...
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posted by westernunit-211
(This is the continuation, hope आप enjoy it.)

3 months later

March 17 07:00hrs
Outside Western Territory
Humphrey 1 साल old

Every भेड़िया was outside ready for their last task before they become a solider. Recker and Sarah arranged them into two teams. Humphrey, Rocket, Will, and Eli were team one. Sky, Derek, Red, and Mac were team two. Stacy, Sally, Trixie, and होल्ली, होली were already assigned to each team as medics. The final task was to see if they master every हटाइए they have known and every defense plus attack moves they have been taught. Recker spoke. "Okay so this is how it's gonna work out. Your...
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posted by Kitsune32
Sorry for the long wait आप guys. I was working on a bunch of projects for school that were due the same week. Also it's my birthday tomorrow :D Here's Chapter 25. Enjoy.

Runt's POV

The five of us just arrived at the Northern Pack as we Magril and Fleet talk with their friends. Magril turned around as she shouted hi to me and the others. "Hey guys," she yelled. The others turned to us and greeted us as they walked to us. "So where are we heading today," Fleet asked. "Well we were thinking of going to that cave we went the other day," Claudette answered. "Sounds good to us," Ed replied. Everyone...
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posted by SentinelPrime89
I think this is kind of a long shot at this point but we know that Blackie Rose is in the new movie. He voices both King and... Garth. Now rogues are involved and King is a rogue BUT Princess's original voice actress has not been mentioned या confirmed at all yet. So if she's actually not in it, then King may not actually be in it either and that one rogue is just a King look-alike.

This leaves Garth who has really been just shoved under the bus since the सेकंड movie. We got a writer from the original A&O movie who assisted in the story लेखन for A&O 7 and I think if anyone knows what the प्रशंसकों actually want, it's him even if Brent's still around. So could Garth possibly be making a comeback? And Lilly is voiced द्वारा Kate Higgins so she could pop up anytime especially if Garth's in the same movie.
posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 16

*Darkness Kingdom Forest*

Nick Wolfe: *Approaches the Darkness Castle* We're here.

Humphrey: *Gulps* I feel so...tiny compared to that castle...

*Darkness Castle*

Leo Zodiark: We have intruders!

Virgo Zodiark: This must be the Wolfe who mated with our daughter...it's time to exterminate him!

*Later, the Darkness गढ़, महल Gate*

Nick Wolfe: Henshin! *Becomes Zenith Wolfe*

Zenith Wolfe: *Presses on his chest, and a golden chest armor appears on his chest, becoming Victory Zenith Wolfe*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: *Has Zenith Wolfe's armor and mask, but has a सोना chest piece and the crescent blades on...
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as y'all know i loved Alpha and Omega 2. it re-captures the spirit of the first movie (which is my all time favorite) and it does it perfectly even though the ending felt a tiny bit rushed. looks like i'm not the only one who says that, critics do too. i mean, this movie has a 60% in Rotten Tomatoes, which means mixed-to-positive and that critics agree it was a fantastic sequel.
yea, i admit that they needed 2 work a little और on the एनीमेशन and the ending, but A&O 2 was great in almost every other way. great plot, great story, great voice acting, it had humor, it had दिल and lovable...
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"if आप think your better than me...
आप probably are..
u say im weak...
i may be but u say i care to much and im a weak pussy well..
. guess what...
after that you'll be looking up at me,
if आप mess with me and get between us i will hurt you..
if i care about something you;ll know it,
if i प्यार someone ill दिखाना it,
when आप interfere with me and who i प्यार आप will get hurt....
after all this happens..
then see if im weak..
i might not be."
U try and call me out,
Ill call u out, if u mess with me,
Ull get the worst of me,
When i प्यार ull know it,
Ill दिखाना it,
The only thing that can stop me is,
My trye one......
As आप know a lot of the original people have been banned and left. I am a noob, and I understand that i am not that important. So that is why I must leave. I have tried to make फ्रेंड्स and that has failed because of my inexperience. I have also tried at getting a mate and I also failed at that because of my inexperience on here and also in the real world. I will however come on every now and then post parts of my story.(for those who read it... Witch द्वारा the way isn't very many.) I am sick and tired of the thousands of posts that get stacked on चोटी, शीर्ष of my post and every single one of them are...
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also, i'm sorry if i sound like i'm being repetitive about this, but i just wanted to get it off my chest

1) the एनीमेशन in Dino Digs was sometimes better to look at than in Norm of the North
2) Dino Digs kept its gas humor and fart/piss jokes at a minimum, and honestly, it did have some funny bits (when Norm of the North had NONE of it)
3) at least - at the very least - Kate, Humphrey and the pups are decent main characters आप can route for (unlike Norm)
4) there's no Brent या Agnes, या Freida and Fran this time around. as for Amy, she was passable (aside from her HIDEOUS design)
5) Dino Digs at least knew when to stop being crazy and nonsensical, so that the audience can take a breath. Norm of the North NEVER stopped being nonsensical and retarded
posted by Extinction17
The sun stood high over the sky. A pitch black male भेड़िया was just laying down when a small white and hazel-brown female pup with a black spot on her eye started tip-toeing past him.

"Yvette?" The Black भेड़िया called out without even opening his eyes. "Come here."

The pup smiled sheepishly at him. "Good morning Daddy."

"It's afternoon, sweetie." The black भेड़िया replied.

"Smokey. Quit giving the girl a hard time. " कहा a white she-wolf with a brown back resembling the pup except for no spot.

"Magril. I just wanted to know why she has to sneak to go play. Makes me feel like she's up to something."...
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It was months after runts uncle died
He was still depressed
But he had to go out again
To assassinate general Mon sue no
"Why don't आप tell stinky your secret" Claudette asked
"It would not be a secret then now would it" Runt replied
"Are आप OK" Claudette asked
"I miss him sis he was my best friend" runt replied
" I do to,I will see आप later brother" Claudette said
"Maybe" runt replied
*moments later*
Runt found him self running through a tower
And he finally found his target
"You are brave" the man said
"But आप can't kill me" he added
"I beg to fucking differ" runt replied
As runt ran at him
He was...
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posted by nicker11500
It was a cloudy winter दिन in Jasper park Canada. Hutch, Cando, and Kate were just starting head back from hunting bring in two Caribou for the pack Hutch: " I bet the Eastern pack is going hungry this time" कहा in a proud tone Cando: " no they won't they'll be eating बोन्स and dirt" all three laughed with proud joy in their kills. Hutch and Cando being the ones carrying the two caribous while Kate was leading the way, from the way they came it was far away from घर so they have to walk about 2 in a half miles. Meanwhile back at घर Winston looks from his cliff and towards the direction...
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posted by TheChriZ1995
Summary: Kate and Humphrey decide its time they teach their pups how to howl from the heart.

It's the night of the full moon in the united pack and nearly every भेड़िया was awake and getting ready for the monthly gathering that was the moonlight howl. For most it was the best time of the महीना because everyone could hang out, catch up, and howl to the moon whether it is as friends, mates, या new lovers. For once the entire pack didn't have to worry about responsibilities, या anything at all besides making themselves look presentable for the whole ordeal. The moonlight howl held many different meanings...
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What had originally started out as a great idea wasn't looking so good now.I had been running in the direction the Snow भेड़िया retreated in for the past घंटा and not a single sign of anything या anyone."Where are they?"I asked myself,I wasn't sure if Kate,Maia,Ezio,or Jorge had decided to come look for me,but I didn't even know where I was."Great.Just perfect,Connor!You screwed up again,and now I'm lost,chasing what's not there like a dog chasing cars!"I yelled out loud.I left Shearer's मांद, डेन to pursue Arnik and his forces,but apparently I screwed up along the way."Ok,this is gonna be a problem,but...
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The Mystery of Alpha Condor

Prologue: A भेड़िया named Condor, was on a regular walk to fetch lunch for his family. He was an alpha, rank B, and he was a tough mutt. When he was in school, multiple guys made fun of him for his फर color: purple. On that day, those same people pushed him into a caribou running herd, and he was killed. No one cared for his death, and his soul possessed his own body, and killed his wife, and his two teenaged sons. और and और भेड़िया have disappeared since that day, and that's where the story begins...

Chapter 1: A good day

It was a very sunny दिन in jasper park, and...
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posted by 63712
gunfire echoed through the iranian pack a.k.a the eastern pack the us aka the west have been at war for years and now it all depends on one man. sgt. henry humphrey blackburn. him and his sqaud misfit 1-3 have been at war with echo 5 another group helping them. it was that दिन it happened. an operator named cpl. hutch maktovic fell asleep while on a jeep ride cpt.winston cole got him awake and hutch said; ive been asleep fo 34 मिनटों 34 मिनटों drinkin a.. vanila milkshake, that mean something? just then a rpg rocket hit a jeep infront of them cole yelled out :jesus fucking christ ambush!...
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bodies, bodies were all around me.
i couldnt breathe at all since the smell was strong; how it almost sufficated me,
*OTSOA!!!* I cried out with my tears dropping, the tears helped me smell.
Southern soldiers all dead, heads and bodies torned up,
rib cages were दिखा रहा है almost everything.....everything.
I ran and ran all ovet the bodies til i found Otsoa's body looking untouched, though laying down.
I yelled his name and started to cry in joy because he was alriught.
The smell camed back, but deeper from Otsoa's body...
slowly i placed my paws in his face, but it all changed...since i felt blood, his face was ripped apart!!
(wakes up from a thunferstorm and finds silver and vi asleeping)
To Be Continued....
posted by alphawolf43
It was a warm spring morning when two wolfs named Kate and Humphery talking about life.

Humphery: Im glad i scored the sexyest alpha in Jasper.
As he smirks.

Kate smile and says. Im glad i got to have a cute funny omega.
Humphery blushes.
Kate i have been thinking.
What is it humphery?
Well आप know we are mates.
I was wondering if maybe we could आप know.
What Humphrey?
Maybe we should help द्वारा REPOPULATEING to make the pack bigger.

Kate thinks to herself.
आप know what Humphrey your right it makes since now that we are mates we can make tne pack bigger.
Humphery gets happy.
As he wags his tail.

Sorry it was short अगला will be longer लोल
Well peace guys. Also this is my first fanpop.
I don't know why they assume just because rogue भेड़िया are involved, it must be the same group led द्वारा King and Princess. While the possibilities are still there, there has not been any onscreen presence of those two since A Howl-iday Adventure. I can only guess that the King and Princess look-alikes in Great भेड़िया Games were simply just re-skinned भेड़िया because it seems strange that they'd make themselves public to an event like that.

And speaking of re-skinning wolves, it's common knowledge द्वारा now that just about every भेड़िया character except for the originals are what they are- cheap re-skins. Princess is Claws, the भेड़िया Ghost is Scar, Lois is Sweets, etc. So for all we know, all these rogues are skinned off of other rogues. They could be from King's pack and it's possible they couldn't be.