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 Where Humphrey got shot
Where Humphrey got shot
Chapter 9: The Wounded Warrior

“Humphrey!” Kate shouted.

As soon as he felt the excruciating pain in his side, Humphrey’s jaw relaxed and the man crawled out from under him, cradling his injured arm. Humphrey staggered, but remained standing. His face showed an expression of surprise rather than pain.

He turned his head and looked at Kate who just stood in the cage, horrified द्वारा what she saw. They held each other’s gaze for a moment and then Humphrey collapsed onto the ground.


Kenya heard the gunshot from inside the animal control car that she had been put in. As she watched her...
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Chapter 3: At the Edges of the Territory

    It was early morning the अगला day, and everyone was up and getting ready to go on their journey.
    "You don't have to do this, आप know," Kate कहा to Humphrey as they were about to leave.
    "Yes, I do, Kate. I have to do this," Humphrey said. "I have to know the truth."
    "Okay," she said. "I'm with आप either way."
    It was around this time that Garth and Lilly arrived at the den.
    "We're ready," Garth said.
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posted by AlphaClub
I remember, they would say, it's okay, you'll be alright, every night, I could here it I remember.... I remember, that melody, that thay would play, every single day, to remind us, it was over... AND IT WENT Ohhhhoohh, OOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOHHOHH... But really. The figh5ing is really done for me. I don't care for it. Oh, those song lyrics were from Tristam's 'I Remember'.

But honestly, that came from what I actually believe. Anyone who wants the fighting to stop, like me, should say 'I Remember' on the प्रशंसक wall. That song द्वारा Tristam, (I Remember), was about fighting and war, and now it was over, and...
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posted by ThreeLitllePups
Hi guys, There is my new series “Runt's story”, View my first story before if आप don't know what's happen. It's the अगला of “Young Love” द्वारा Kitsune32, is located after the story and before the weeding of the pups. It's about the life with Magril and Runt and the other pups. It look like an small story. The story is written in a POV style just for your pleasure

The sun is not already woke up yet when Aunt Garth come to take Stinky and Claudette for their stage. My parents and my siblings were already woke up, “So be carrefull आप two, don't do silly things alright” asked my mother...
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 Humphrey's car
Humphrey's car
POV: Humphrey

Couple of years went द्वारा and I still got no contracts in the mail. I'm now at the age of 21 and the साल is 2000. On Friday February 13th just one और week until NASCAR's most prestigious race the Daytona 500 which my father has finally won two years ago. I was eligible to drive for someone, I called three offices from three different teams one team was " Team Penske Racing" another was "Robert Yates Racing" and the last one was "Joe Gibbs Racing" three of the best teams in NASCAR has finally agreed to let me drive for them, but it was difficult to choose. While I was looking...
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posted by SentinelPrime89
Runt yawned loudly during the later hours of morning daylight, stretching his small paws out wide. Kate felt the mild pricks of her youngest's claws touching her upper left side. She spoke out to Humphrey to stop for a moment, then laid on her stomach into the snow.
"Morning, Runt." Kate कहा while smiling.
She waited patiently for Runt to get off her back and stood back up. Making a short right turn, Kate lowered her head down and rubbed her chin against Runt's head. Runt hugged her in return and his stomach suddenly gurgled. "I'm hungry, Mom." He said.
Kate nodded and told her pup, "I know....
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As we left off Humphrey, Winston, Garth, Tony, Lucas, and Mark had arrived at Hunters original pack.

They walked up to the pack leaders ledge to find Hunter and what looked like his father to be laying down on the ledge. "Sir!" Says the tougher looking Alpha Elite. "Yes?" Asks Hunters father as he stands up.

"We found these one walking into our territory looking for him." Says the scrawny Elite pointing his paw at Hunter. "Humphrey?" Asks Hunter. "Yeah." Responds Humphrey. "What are आप doing here?" Asks Hunter suprised.

"Taking आप home." Says Humphrey. "No your not." Says Hunters father. "I...
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Warning, don't burn your self

1. Get a piece of log that's big enough.

2. Make sure the wood is hard and rough.

3. Cut it out into a piece,

4 get a stick, burn the tip.

6. Then draw something on the log what आप want!

This is a fine activity to do while your camping.
Only ages to 7.
Cause don't want little kids to get burnt lol.

So have fun with theses art steps.
Have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu7uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
posted by crazyryan123
Ryan sat down pulled up his sleeve and clenched his fist. Ryan"OK go." Kate opened her jaws and sunk her teeth in Ryan`s arm. a purple fluid flowed trough his veins. His veins glowed purple and in मिनटों it was done. Kate then took her jaws out of Ryan`s arm. Ryan quickly grew ears. Ryan what the hell." Then in one मिनट he was a wolf. Ryan"said what the hell." Kate"See how does it feel good." Ryan"yea it feels alright."


I hope आप liked this there are only going to be 2 और parts maybe 3 only if people like this series.
(12:41 A.M.)
(July 5, 2011)

After I had hung up the call with Scar's captors, I sat for a moment, thinking. Kate was अगला to me and the rest of the rescue party was still in the living room.
A मिनट या two later, a thought occurred to me. I picked my phone up and dialed a number, hoping that she was still awake.
I sat bolt upright. "Pen, it's Colby."
"What's up, bro? I haven't heard from आप या Scar in a while. How is she, anyway?"
I chuckled humorlessly. "Yeah, that's what I'm calling about, Pen. She's gone missing."
"Oh no! What happened?" she asked.
"I left the house for a bit to go...
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posted by yoj123
The अगला morning Kate set out of the मांद, डेन to hunt for some caribou and asked humphrey to come along he agreed hapilly because he loves to be around Kate wherever she goes.

They were about an घंटा into the hunt when a hunter came out of the bushes and Kate hears him she jolts आगे right when the hunter fires his राइफल the bullet just missed kates leg, and immediately after the shot humphrey jumps up and pushes the gun out of the hunters hand and the hunter (amazed द्वारा the situation) takes one look at humphrey and runs back into the bushes.

After this happened they decided to quit the hunt and go back to the मांद, डेन because Kate and humphrey were both in shock From this moment and from that point on Kate always hunts with Humphrey.
thats when it all happened. garth had betrayed the pack. he was last seen choking his father and he dropped him and walked away. he thought ;now I can live my own life. he then walked over to kates grave and said; may the lord be with you. ;you were one of the few people who journeyed into the howling dark,.. and never returned. he did the पार करना, क्रॉस .on the grave and कहा ;ill never forget you. the अगला morning eve awoke the pack had gathered around something she couldnt see very well. she walked down from her and winstons den. she went to the crowd and pushed through. what she saw almost made...
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Humphrey's POV.

I walked into the अगला part of the मांद, डेन with Kate so we could have alone time away from Garth and Lilly. I decided that I would jike with Kate before we got started. She looked at me with her sexy look.
"So are आप ready big boy?" She smiled. I grinned.
"What did we come in here for again?" I Asked. Kate slapped her head."We came in here to get away from Garth's snoring right?" I Asked.
"No." Kate said.
"Get away from Lilly's snoring?" I Suggested. She rolled her eyes.
"Gods आप are dense. Be thankful that I think your cute." She कहा and I Laughed.
"Oh we came in here to make puppies...
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posted by KateLillyWolfy
One day, mooch was with his friends. He was skinny at the time. Humphrey and the gang were wrestling when Mooch saw a cave full of squirrels. He snuck out of wrestling to get out and Mooch grabbed a squirrel, and every दिन he returned to the spot and caught a squirrel. His फ्रेंड्स had no idea how he was gaining wait, because Mooch refused to tell them about his stash of squirrels. Of course Reba and Janice knew someone was eating their friends. द्वारा the time they caught Mooch, he was fat. Reba and Janice made him agree to not eat the squirrels anymore, या they would tell his friend he was hogging food. He still kept eating though, no one could stop
him once he started chewing on something, and that's how he became the fat भेड़िया we know today.

Which Character should I do next?
A प्रशंसक get together PT.1: THe summer home.

This takes place, in the first person perspective of myself. This will be about Jon, Brandon, Jeremy, and Uriah. या in their फैन्पॉप names, KateALphaWolf, Metallica1147, (Or what ever those last four numbers are...) VengeanceWolf, and UriahA... The story starts with us all at an A and O convention that has gone horribly wrong in the summer break. Enjoy my comedy... -Kates-mate101

I opened the door to the convention. The door creaked open slowly. I closed my eyes and flipped my long black/brown hair over my right eye, as I do when I'm nervous, but then...
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Humphrey was standing outside with his राइफल in his arms. He looked so dominant and sexy. Cando eventually pulled up to Humphrey’s den.
“Thanks, Cando, lets pick up Winston and Hutch.”
“Are आप sure आप want to do this?”
“Yeah, I’m sure. Oh, wait! I forgot to put the बुर्ज on!”
Humphrey got out and attached the बुर्ज to the बिस्तर of the F-350.
“Alright, it’s good, let’s head out.”
They picked up Winston and Hutch, and headed to the Motel 6.
“I understand this is a diesel engine, but does this have a turbo, nitrous, या supercharger?”
“It has all three. I spent...
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posted by KateAlpha
Just Chill and chat about the well known and loved movie' alpha and omega! can't think of anything to chat about? Just make up a story about alpha and omega या write down your idea of what आप would like alpha and omega 3 to be like!
What a feeling' I mean we all like making friends' but ever thought about making फ्रेंड्स with Kate या Humphrey?! Omg that would be awesome! Have fun alpha and omega fans!!! :D
posted by ghost_machine
Humphrey's Backstory

This plot is quite different than anything I've ever seen in प्रशंसक fictions या in various discussions about Humphrey's parents, and it's a bit far fetched, but hopefully it's at least interesting या sparks a creative mind to write a story.

Humphrey is born early to a pair of alpha parents, and they fear that he won't live due to his premature birth. Ever since they first discovered that they were going to be parents, they planned on their pup being a proud, strong alpha, but when they discovered that he was going to be an omega, their plans changed. Humphrey received his name...
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okay so द्वारा now, we all know that all the Alpha and Omega sequels are directed द्वारा Richard Rich. and so far, he's done a decent job with them, especially with Alpha and Omega 4. but ever since Lionsgate announced a new partnership with Splash Entertainment to make the 3 new sequels, there been rumors that all three sequels: The Big Fureeze, Dinosaur Digs and Journey to भालू Kingdom are probably gonna get a new director. now, i'm not 100% sure if this is officially confirmed द्वारा Lionsgate या Splash Entertainment, but thanks to these rumors: there's still a possibility. okay, now i'm gonna say this...
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posted by shadow-omega

I had woken up with the sun in my eyes. I never really liked the light, I prefer the dark. I groaned as it was early morning. Did I mention I don't like mornings either? I got up and stretched my joints and bones. I heard crack after crack every time I stretched my legs and arms. I looked over at Kate and she was still sleeping so I decided to wake her up but rather different. I quietly walked over to her and put mouth to her ear. I was about to lick her ear until something happened.

Kate sprung up and tackled me to the ground within seconds. I screamed as she had scared the living day...
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