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Kate had always wondered what it would be like to fuck her childhood friend Humphrey. As the three were walking to the car a loud sickening crack rang out Kate saw the soldiers in the parking lot beating another भेड़िया down. Winston and a few other eastern and western भेड़िया walked out all cocking बंदूकों Kate opened her over कोट and threw 2 बछेड़ा M1911 pistols to Humphrey and Andrew they all opened आग on the platoon of 20 soldiers they all fell silently except 1 he was large and heavily armored he wielded a Baton and a giant combat चाकू he ran faster than ever at the group before anyone could...
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The night sky was dark that night, the light of the stars and moon hidden द्वारा a thick blanket of jet-black clouds. From the clouds drifted hundreds of thousands of snowflakes, the winter winds guiding them on their journey to the ground. From the soil, a forest of lodgepole pines stood tall, looming over the snowy, Canadian landscape. A brotherly pair of भेड़िया traveled within their shadows, the eldest of the two in the lead. The younger male stuck closely behind his companion, using him as a shield against the blustering wind. Despite this, snow still managed to cling onto his coat. He growled....
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Chapter 15: Through आग and Ashes

(Song: दिल of Courage-Two Steps from Hell)

Humphrey was beginning to get tired. This battle had done और than wear him out, but it was continuing to go on nevertheless. As he looked at the valley around him, all he saw was death and carnage. The भेड़िया were slowly being picked off द्वारा the human reinforcements that were no easier to see now than they were before. He knew that something had to be done about this. He just didn't know what.

As he was looking around, his eyes fixed on Kenya, his sister, one of the only kin he had left. She was fighting gallantly...
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Chapter 11: The Four Sons of War

(Song: Sons of War-Two Steps from Hell)

Though both sides had taken significant losses, the battle still raged strong with neither side दिखा रहा है any sign of exhaustion. Kate and Kenya were fighting together, now that Humphrey seemed to have disappeared.

"Where's Humphrey?" Kate asked. "We could really use him right now."

"I don't know," Kenya replied.

Then, as they continued to fight, Kenya looked up behind her and saw Humphrey at the चोटी, शीर्ष of a hill.

"Kate, look," she said.

Humphrey stood at the चोटी, शीर्ष of the hill, along with Garth, Adam, and Kyle. And soon they were all...
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Chapter 8: The King's Rally

It wasn't long after the sound of the trucks started echoing throughout the valley that all hostilities were forgotten and every wolf, Rouge या not, evacuated and what was once a clamor of the sounds of battle was now quieter than a graveyard.

After the humans had been driven off after Humphrey was shot, they returned to the town and explained the whole situation to the local police. The town eventually decided to track down these obviously dangerous भेड़िया and get rid of them.

The population of the entire town set out, armed with बंदूकों and tracking dogs, a total force...
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Alpha And Omega: Guardian Of An Omega

Lily, Daughter Of The Leader Of The Western Pack, and Omega is captured and relocated to a park in Montana. But she's not alone.
With her an Alpha from her pack named Kate. Beautiful strong stubborn kind and somewhat hot-headed. Back घर lily's older sister, Sanali has plans to keep her little sister gone. for good. Can Lilly and Kate survive each other? What Does Sanali have planed?

Why Can't I अपलोड this?!?!
Ugh. Now I must Ramble so I can अपलोड this......... -_-
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September 28th. 2010.

The encounter of the werewolf part 2.

It was night and sly could not believe that he had met a werewolf in the forest. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was in white and black markings on her fur. Sly never had seen that creature before until the night they met.


Sly woke up and walk out of his मांद, डेन then started walking down to see Kate and Humphrey. As he was going to Kate's मांद, डेन he was hearing that same song playing in the forest and this time he ran into the forest and again meets the beautiful white werewolf alisha. He slowly approaches with caution but again...
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
फर color:Gray/Blue
Eye color:Blue:grean
Best friend:Salty
Family: Winston (Father-in-Law) Eve (Mother-in-law) Lilly (Sister-in-Law) Garth (Brother-in-Law
प्रिय hobby:Log sledding, howling
प्रिय food: Cupcake


Q: When did आप first like Kate?
A:I always have had a crush on her.

Q: Why do आप like cupecakes?
A:They are fluffy and sweet and diferent tasting!

Q:How old are you?
A:I'm 4 in human years and 28 in Wolf/dog years.

Q:Who are your parents?
A:It's a secret! I'll just say that they were wolves.

Q:How do आप feel about haveing Eve as an in-law?
A:Well I try to keep her happy. I usualy just stay away from her.
shadows cover what once was
and i look from the corner because
this प्यार is hidden and never shown
im too shy to go over and let आप know

my shell of a body offers no protection
from my eyes to आप are an infection
this प्यार is hidden from the cure
im the disease and your the cure

i am a drop in the rain
just a number not a name
and आप cant see me
and i cant deal with me
at the end of the दिन
your a needle in the hay
silent seer
never freer
a hidden love
a hidden love
dont cry
just try
and find me!

this दीवार i see between this heart
can wonder if it will keep us apart
this प्यार is...
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The drips of pellucid water dripped on continuously all दिन and night, m right ear flopped and buzzed almost half an घंटा या so.
I stretched and yawned while I was still laying on the ground.
I rosed with an ache, popping my neck sideways.
The sun was barely rising as its heat started flowing inside the cave.
Damn it made me feel drowsy, wanting to go back to bed, well…in a cave; though what’s the difference.
I twisted my body to get a good glance over at Tesla, but she wasn’t there; neither her cover nor journal.
I forgot, she volunteered as a(n) councils apprentice which...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 8

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Kate: *Catches a fish*

Clone Humphrey: *Appears in front of Kate* Kate...Kate...

Kate: *Looks at Clone Humphrey* Oh, hello Humphrey.

Clone Humphrey: Kate...

Kate: Humphrey?

Clone Humphrey: *Roars and changes into the Capricorn Zodiark*

Kate: HUH!?!

Capricorn Zodiark: *Charges at Kate*

Kate: *Runs*

Capricorn Zodiark: *Chases after Kate* Kate! Kate!

*Nick Wolfe and Princesses Den*

Nick Wolfe: *Reading a book, and then ears perk up*

Princess: *Looks at Nick Wolfe* What is it honey?

Nick Wolfe: That thing I fought yesterday...It's back.

Princess: Are आप sure?

Nick Wolfe:...
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weren't expecting a review with that शीर्षक huh? well, yeah i know. we gotta wait 2 और months 'till the DVD of this movie comes out. but apparently, Splash went ahead and put up the whole movie on their website. so me having nothing better to do, i was like "Nah, fuck it. why wait till May? i'm gonna go ahead and watch it". and now that i finally watched the whole movie, will it be the movie that ends up being good, या should we start wishing it never existed? i'm Niko, and today i'm gonna be reviewing Alpha and Omega 6: Dino Digs!

The Story
before i get into this review, i just gotta say that...
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 my idea
my idea
Tommy Lee was sitting in the transport plane
with his फ्रेंड्स and family they held weapons. once arrived to destination Kate he opened the door of a big kick. zombies rushed right over us but we have with us repel gun. then he had heard a witch, Tommy-Lee: A witch éteigner the lights! it voits red eye he had shot and she died the first time. Humphrey was attacked द्वारा a hunter and Garth have saved the life. they saw a shelter and he had into it. after we go to a baseball stadium and guess who they find Sébastien he just fanfiction dawn of a walker wolf. Garth gave him a sniper राइफल with several...
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Humphrey: take a left! 30 degrees!

Humphrey: Salty! Giver some sail draft!

Salty: i think I taste the wind.

Salty: No, just a bug.

Humphrey: Mooch! Get ready! Lower the boom!

Humphrey: Guys! We really need to work on the breaks!!!

The guys: the breaks?

Mooch: भेड़िया pile!

Shaky: get your butt out of my face!

One of the guys: What did we hit?

Salty: spring!

Humphrey: Look who's back from alpha school.

Salty: Forget about it Humphrey, Kate's an alpha now. And you're an omega.

Humphrey: We're friends!! Ok?

Mooch: Exactly! Just friends. End of story.

salty: आप better set your sights over there, Reba and Janice,...
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A week या so had gone द्वारा since that wonderful night Kate and I had shared on my birthday not long ago. I now realized it would be time to teach Katie how to drive soon, and not just "drive" as in getting in a car, starting it up, putting the automatic transmission selector into "D" and going. I was going to teach her the way my dad taught me, and the way I taught Kate. The true "art" of piloting an automobile started with 3 pedals, and a gearshift.
My silver Toyota Tacoma was the truck for that job. When I finally found this truck, me and my dad had searched all over the upper west, and parts...
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posted by hank666
Unknown Love

Hutch looked up at the shining stars above, staring listlessly into space. It was a nice, cool, calm spring night up in Canada. The wind was calm and it was a बादल less night sky. The spring air was still and quiet. Hutch sat at the entrance of his मांद, डेन quietly, thinking and wondering. "So peaceful" He thought, he sat there for a while before he heard some footsteps coming up the path द्वारा his den. Hutch got up lazily due to being worn out from the day's duties. He was a Beta wolf, not the Alpha but not the Omega, he was just below the Alpha ranking, meaning he had to work most of...
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posted by AlphaWolfCurt
Chapter 3
Shakey’s Getting Married

Humphrey finally arrived at Mooch’s मांद, डेन “Hey Mooch आप there bud! “Humphrey yelled from outside the den. “Yes I’m here Humphrey what’s up” Mooch कहा as he walked out of his den. ”Kate and I just romanced together and she कहा I was good” Humphrey कहा in an excited voice. “Wow that’s good for आप Humphrey” Mooch कहा in a sad tone. ”What’s wrong I thought आप would be happy for me” Humphrey कहा as he walked up to Mooch.” I am happy for आप it’s just oh it doesn’t matter” Mooch कहा as he walked over to Humphrey with...
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Chapter One: Lone Wolf

Hey everyone this what I think if Humphery come back to stop but it's too late for him. So what is he going do now.

Humphery was omega, he knew it's againist the law for Kate an Alpha and him to be together. He start running to the wedding cenemory than start looking down at the valley and saw Kate and Garth rubbed noses together.

Humphery was now heartbroken because of it than took one last look down there.

After the Cenemory is Done.

Kate turned around than looked up at the mountain and saw Humphery on चोटी, शीर्ष of it. She felt heartbroken but he was anger with Kate.

"I Hate You...So...
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posted by jbiehl
 never f**k with Eve...
never f**k with Eve...
Waking up from her weird dream of humphrey.Eve decided to check up on them to see if they didn't do
"ANYTHING" last night.so she gets up and walks out of her and Winston's मांद, डेन to a nice crisp morning..the sun running down her back and up her spine. her hair flowing prefectliy with every step she took. as she finally reached Kate and Humphrey's मांद, डेन Eve couldn't believe her ears.she heard moaning sounds inside of the den. thinking the worst she poked her head in and her worst fears were realized...Humphrey was just finishing up with kate howling in delight of there...um....session...of.."stuff"....
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Alternate ending and alternate sequel.
Special Thanks to FreezeFlame and BlackInertia
I recommend that आप listen to the song Boulevard of broken dreams द्वारा green day
If आप choose this idea, put it on at the beggining. It will match the mood of Humphrey.
Here's the link: link

A/N: This just a Fanfiction to what happened to our beloved Omega, Humphrey if he jumped on the train to become a lone भेड़िया and succeeded.
And I would also like thank ztarx5.
_____________________________________-Chapter 1( Hunters Aren't Born, They're made)-FreezeFlame

Humphreys POV

So this it...I'm leaving jasper. That's all...
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