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posted by OfficalLilly

When his smile turned to a frown I nuzzled his shoulder.He met my eyes as mine sparkled.He brushed my bangs but looked down.I felt bad,he had to marry Kate.I felt bad for Humphrey.Things rushed through my mind I just wanted to scream.Kate laid down on the thingamabob as I did Humphrey laid across the RV floor from Garth.I fell asleep after Kate and the rest.

It must've been hours,Kate,Humphrey,and Garth shoke me awake as the Rv stopped.

Kate:"C'mon were home."She कहा in my ear.I just wanted to cry.I flew out of the Rv with Garth and the rest following me,I ran right into my mother...
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Through the forest, voices could be heard, laughter and discussion as Eight the Beta and बकाइन the Omega made their way across the distance between Eight's small, personal मांद, डेन to the clearing behind the treeline where the Omegas spent most of their days.
The ground was cold and hard this day, and moisture from the night before still covered it, sticking well to last winter's fallen pine needles, leaves and twigs. As they padded along an audible crunch could be heard with each paw step they took, but it was no concern to them, they had each other to be infatuated with currently and that was...
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The evening tread on, the moon pacing the lower parts of the sky on its way down.
The pack members were fewer and fewer on the howling rock as the hours passed. One या two would leave at first for whatever reasons, some alone, some in small groups, and those lucky few who left with that special someone, but as the night went on and on, the भेड़िया all packed in until only two या three remained, and even then, they had trailed off just before the sun rose.

It was a late night for the entire pack, even Stern and his crew got their play, despite having to run the standard perimeter checks earlier...
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today garth came up and asked me if i wanted to come to the बिस्टरो with him tonight so i told him i would प्यार that. he told me to meet him there at 6:30. so to pass time i went to my sissters house and talked to her about garth. he is so stupid she कहा he wants आप to go to that stupid diner? haha! i kindof got annoyed द्वारा my sissters voice so i left and went home. when i got घर i looked at the time wow 6:20 i better get in the shower!

after my शावर, शॉवर i got dressed and headed for the bistro. when i got there garth was standing outside. when he saw me a big smile came acrossed his face and...
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As I wake up I find myself still in pain but it's now easier to walk. I start to follow the trails and railroad track till Iget to a valley with a struggling caribo at the end of a stampede" perfect " I say to myself as I run as fast as I can jump onto it's back and bite down on it's neck. A few सेकंड्स of struggling and it went limp so I started to eat. "who are you!" I jump now seeing 3 भेड़िया starting at me! I choke a little bit trying to comprehend what is goin on. Before I could respawn to the first सवाल another big भेड़िया come around says "your on our turf and आप ruined my hunt WTF...
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Eight and Deogee trekked on, their paws treading up the ground behind their steps. They paced along the treeline, where the growth of tall घास and wheat was stopped द्वारा regular daytime shade making way for the forest to begin. This was the edge of the once golden field that lay in front of the मांद, डेन rock. The दिन cooled some, but the sun came out now to hang dimly in the sky. It was after mid-day, but not quite late afternoon. Most of the jobs around the clan had been done, leaving the feel of a lazy दिन all around.
Eight moved on with the old wolf, away from the den, away from the pack. They...
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Her Father Okari, a dark male भेड़िया about Five foot nine with blue eyes had finally stopped abusing Tesla, a Blue-ish Female भेड़िया about Five foot seven with Silverish eyes, all for nothing.
I watched out from the window, witnessing the tragic scene. Tesla tried not to cry as her Father told her not to. Her bumps and bruises were forming from her face through body; she spitted blood across the broken floors about three to four inches… her beautiful looks, drained from her Father’s paws.
Her tears dripped down, calling for her Mother back and for help. Just standing behind the window made me...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
हे y'all! i'm back and for all आप A&O प्रशंसकों who still don't know this yet, i'm gonna tell y'all about something that might make आप excited like i am. okay, so up till we all thought Alpha and Omega 5: Family Vacation was gonna be the last movie of the franchise. ya know, everybody was getting ready for it to end and some of us were sad, but here's the pitch: about 2 days ago, (Note: This is REAL! i'm not lying) Crest and Lionsgate came out and officially announced 3 और sequels after Family Vacation, and they're teaming up with Splash Entertainment to do them. when i first heard about...
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posted by Kate_Wolf
It was a cold rainy night, and I was sitting in my room of the apartment listening to my Seether playlist. I was going to have the apartment to myself for a few days while Chris was out on a buissiness trip. He sells lab equipment and made a lot of money. Thats not why I married him though. I प्यार him और than anything. He was the only person that made me truly happy. Anyway, we have been married for two weeks. I am kinda a tomboy. I like video games, beer, smoking, porn, guns, gory shit, sex, country and rock music. I have a scar tattoo on my right eye and wear a chain necklace. On my right...
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(these events take place a couple of ours after chapter 3)

The talk with Crystal about the nightmare had put my mind mind partly at rest bit there was still a nagging doubt. द्वारा this point the confidence that had been दिया to me द्वारा my manifestation had withered and now was replaced with anxiety and fear.

to calm myself i took to the i-mac and to fanpop. the only person on meebo was shakey-omega so i took to speaking with him.

Me: "hey pal, hows it going?"

shakey-omega: " i'm good u?"

Me: "oh not bad, weird dreams though"

shakey-omega: oh? care to spill?"

Me: " into crystal everyday XD, when it comes...
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posted by Mitsi1991
Kates inner monster part 8

"Your monster??" Eve asked. "Wait a सेकंड Kate your not planning on letting
that thing free are you!!!" "MOM what choice do I have, theres no way I can stop those
guys on my own and lets face it she the strongest one here and द्वारा far the only one who
can stop those hunters ounce and for all!!" Winston walks up to Kate and puts his paw
on her shoulder. "Wait Kate, let us come with you, we all can help you!" "You don't
have to do this on your own!" Kate stares at her Dad and smiles. "Thanks Dad.....but
there is no way I'm letting your guys risk your lives." "This is...
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Kate had always wondered what it would be like to fuck her childhood friend Humphrey. As the three were walking to the car a loud sickening crack rang out Kate saw the soldiers in the parking lot beating another भेड़िया down. Winston and a few other eastern and western भेड़िया walked out all cocking बंदूकों Kate opened her over कोट and threw 2 बछेड़ा M1911 pistols to Humphrey and Andrew they all opened आग on the platoon of 20 soldiers they all fell silently except 1 he was large and heavily armored he wielded a Baton and a giant combat चाकू he ran faster than ever at the group before anyone could...
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The night sky was dark that night, the light of the stars and moon hidden द्वारा a thick blanket of jet-black clouds. From the clouds drifted hundreds of thousands of snowflakes, the winter winds guiding them on their journey to the ground. From the soil, a forest of lodgepole pines stood tall, looming over the snowy, Canadian landscape. A brotherly pair of भेड़िया traveled within their shadows, the eldest of the two in the lead. The younger male stuck closely behind his companion, using him as a shield against the blustering wind. Despite this, snow still managed to cling onto his coat. He growled....
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Chapter 15: Through आग and Ashes

(Song: दिल of Courage-Two Steps from Hell)

Humphrey was beginning to get tired. This battle had done और than wear him out, but it was continuing to go on nevertheless. As he looked at the valley around him, all he saw was death and carnage. The भेड़िया were slowly being picked off द्वारा the human reinforcements that were no easier to see now than they were before. He knew that something had to be done about this. He just didn't know what.

As he was looking around, his eyes fixed on Kenya, his sister, one of the only kin he had left. She was fighting gallantly...
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Chapter 11: The Four Sons of War

(Song: Sons of War-Two Steps from Hell)

Though both sides had taken significant losses, the battle still raged strong with neither side दिखा रहा है any sign of exhaustion. Kate and Kenya were fighting together, now that Humphrey seemed to have disappeared.

"Where's Humphrey?" Kate asked. "We could really use him right now."

"I don't know," Kenya replied.

Then, as they continued to fight, Kenya looked up behind her and saw Humphrey at the चोटी, शीर्ष of a hill.

"Kate, look," she said.

Humphrey stood at the चोटी, शीर्ष of the hill, along with Garth, Adam, and Kyle. And soon they were all...
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Chapter 8: The King's Rally

It wasn't long after the sound of the trucks started echoing throughout the valley that all hostilities were forgotten and every wolf, Rouge या not, evacuated and what was once a clamor of the sounds of battle was now quieter than a graveyard.

After the humans had been driven off after Humphrey was shot, they returned to the town and explained the whole situation to the local police. The town eventually decided to track down these obviously dangerous भेड़िया and get rid of them.

The population of the entire town set out, armed with बंदूकों and tracking dogs, a total force...
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Alpha And Omega: Guardian Of An Omega

Lily, Daughter Of The Leader Of The Western Pack, and Omega is captured and relocated to a park in Montana. But she's not alone.
With her an Alpha from her pack named Kate. Beautiful strong stubborn kind and somewhat hot-headed. Back घर lily's older sister, Sanali has plans to keep her little sister gone. for good. Can Lilly and Kate survive each other? What Does Sanali have planed?

Why Can't I अपलोड this?!?!
Ugh. Now I must Ramble so I can अपलोड this......... -_-
..............sorry,..................please Forgive the nonsense lol..........................................................................................................................,......,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,..,.,.,................................................................
September 28th. 2010.

The encounter of the werewolf part 2.

It was night and sly could not believe that he had met a werewolf in the forest. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was in white and black markings on her fur. Sly never had seen that creature before until the night they met.


Sly woke up and walk out of his मांद, डेन then started walking down to see Kate and Humphrey. As he was going to Kate's मांद, डेन he was hearing that same song playing in the forest and this time he ran into the forest and again meets the beautiful white werewolf alisha. He slowly approaches with caution but again...
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
फर color:Gray/Blue
Eye color:Blue:grean
Best friend:Salty
Family: Winston (Father-in-Law) Eve (Mother-in-law) Lilly (Sister-in-Law) Garth (Brother-in-Law
प्रिय hobby:Log sledding, howling
प्रिय food: Cupcake


Q: When did आप first like Kate?
A:I always have had a crush on her.

Q: Why do आप like cupecakes?
A:They are fluffy and sweet and diferent tasting!

Q:How old are you?
A:I'm 4 in human years and 28 in Wolf/dog years.

Q:Who are your parents?
A:It's a secret! I'll just say that they were wolves.

Q:How do आप feel about haveing Eve as an in-law?
A:Well I try to keep her happy. I usualy just stay away from her.
shadows cover what once was
and i look from the corner because
this प्यार is hidden and never shown
im too shy to go over and let आप know

my shell of a body offers no protection
from my eyes to आप are an infection
this प्यार is hidden from the cure
im the disease and your the cure

i am a drop in the rain
just a number not a name
and आप cant see me
and i cant deal with me
at the end of the दिन
your a needle in the hay
silent seer
never freer
a hidden love
a hidden love
dont cry
just try
and find me!

this दीवार i see between this heart
can wonder if it will keep us apart
this प्यार is...
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