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Everyone I know now never knew who I was back then,and this is my story,and my journey alone.My name is Connor,and I'm a lone wolf.I was told द्वारा the husky who raised me,and was the only person there for me,and she told me that I was destined for great things.Can आप believe it,I was just a pup being raised द्वारा a husky while my pack was god knows where,and that's the thing.Only god knows.But after a few years I was old enough to leave and be on my way.I will never forget the town I grew up in,but now it's in the past and now is now,and I have to keep my cool if I want to make a name for myself...
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Hello furry फ्रेंड्स hope आप enjoy please टिप्पणी दे and प्रशंसक but enjoy

When Nathan woke up he felt that his hands were sticky with something then he remembered ( oh yeah I tryed to save Jon's life and kicked the packs butt untill I got trampled)
Nathan tryed to get up but he couldn't. When he was able to look at his hands he saw he was tied up in vines. " crap" he कहा softly. " oh I see your awake " eve said. With Kate Humphrey and hutch अगला to her.
" आप know Nathan आप are really getting on my nerves " she said. " not the first person for that to happen "Nathan told her with a fake hint of...
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A mortar exploded in front of the नाव and water from the channel sprayed up and into the नाव and soaked the troops in front. and all at once it hit me......we were at war. the नाव rowers plowed the नाव right into the river bank and everyone jolted forward. the drop door slammed down into the sand and all the troops piled out onto the waste land of bodies that was the river shore. Many of the troops in the front were mowed down द्वारा machine gun आग coming from the buildings. Reznov, Demetri, and I all found a trench and hid there for a मिनट to get a grip on the situation. we happened to...
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posted by shakey_omega
clap ya hands come on everybody its a party of your life we partying with Alpha & Omegas know आप can't miss it.

Verse 1:
thunder the sound in the dark both hands come together in ark the light comes to life destory your strife

come on ya'll we busting the party if आप want us to set it off like thunder in ark just clap it 4x set it off

Verse 2:
like [beep] what was that? i swear बिल्ली don't like me hatin' on our booming that everywhere , anywhere i go this little [what] ain't [whoa!] stay out may face

clap it,clap it
howl from the stereo
clap it,clap it
san canterio
Clap IT!

Verse 3
it right when boom that thunder coming haha
howling at the world greatest thing loosing our mind ha! yeah we crazy आप hear that [BOOM!]

Verse 4 ; Metalwolf116
metal it, metal it
पंप up the iron
growl like lion
us भेड़िया would kill it anyway
humphreys pov

cloase to winter

life is perfect i have my parents a gorgeous mate great फ्रेंड्स beautiful children and a marvelous place to live nothing could get beter but winters coming and soon the herds will leave and i fear we are not prepared "humphrey" kate called "coming" humphrey कहा i walked over to kate "hey humphrey we have to go to a meeting okay" kate कहा "okay" humphrey कहा we got to th meeting "winter is apon us we need to start the great hunt okay we are going to do the samething we did lastt साल with the rounds okay हटाइए out" garth कहा we began the great hunt which occurs once a साल so that the pack my survive but i still tink we are unprepared "kate i have a feeling that we are unprepared for the winter this year" humphrey कहा "why would आप say that "kate asked "i dont know its just a feeling" humphrey कहा
posted by VengeanceWolf
 Keirrn Relaxing
Keirrn Relaxing
"Little one, there is one और thing, The God of White bade me do."
"And what is that?"I कहा as I began to walk back to the Palace.
She shifted from leg to leg,"Well, he had me bring Princess Alyssa here."
I froze and my tracks and turned back to Serenity,"And आप did?"
"Well...yes, she is on my back right now," She turned her massive body around so her back was facing me. And there, on her, back was Princess Alyssa smiling down at me.
"Well Keirrn, be a gentleman and help me down," she कहा smirking at me.
I sighed and offered her my arm to help her down.
"Now Keirrn, is that anyway to greet your...
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posted by kates-mate101
 The M-16 motorized pulse राइफल
The M-16 motorized pulse rifle
Civil war Part 1

The practice robot fell into a diagonal slice of two. Is sizzled with yellow plasma before falling down sparking once more. Seth glared at it in triumph. He then turned to his plasma blade. From a cone like shape strapped to his wrist, he could form a blade of pure plasma. He could make it a dynamic and solid object, to stun foes या make it a razor hot, blade made for cutting. He had made it for himself. His dad, being an inventor, specialised in energy operated weapons. His two friends, Lyra and Liam, Lyra's dad forcused on A.I. Software. Liam's on classic bullet utilising...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 4

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Nick Wolfe: *Sitting अगला to Princess* Princess, why does Clash work for your father if he abused him?

Princess: Clash grew up a living weapon...he so powerful, that he was banished from the pack. This was before Kate and Humphrey united the packs.

Nick Wolfe: But why does he support King?

Princess: King got him a comfortable spot in the Rogues. He betrayed his original kind for power and greed.

Nick Wolfe: *Sighs* So I guess there is no turning back for him.

Princess: I still think he can be saved. What do आप think, Wolfe?

Nick Wolfe: Yeah! Anyone can become...
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posted by TheChriZ1995

So its only been a couple of months since the release of the latest sequel to the movie Alpha and Omega, and already I have found और news about the अगला three films. It seems Splash Entertainment has finally updated their website to include a section on Alpha and Omega, and on this section includes the titles of all three sequels, plus a short clip of the अगला coming sequel to be released द्वारा them. Now for those of आप who don't remember, back in April Splash Entertainment announced that they would produce three और sequels to follow after Family Vacation. This was great news but after...
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posted by jbiehl
Humphrey was running for his life from his प्यार struck mother-in-law Eve. (you see when we last left the pansy of a wolf. He was asked if Eve and him can have " relations" so to speak...anyways that's where our story begins)Humphrey had to find a place to hide form Eve.who was searching frantically for him under each possible hiding spot she could think of.
meanwhile Humphrey found a केबिन overlooking a cliff in the woods behind the mountains of Jasper.he decided to take a look inside of it. the केबिन was old and falling apart. the walls had dead bark and old pictures hung on them. there was...
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posted by Kate-alpha-wolf
Half the credit for this goes to HumphreyAlpha-- he helped me write this. Thanks HumphreyAlpha!!!
Bushes behind kodi, a white male wolf, rustled.
A pretty tan female भेड़िया walked out.
Kodi turns around and smiles. Hey, there, girl...
"Hello, kodi." she said.
Kodi jumps. "How do आप know my name?
He took a step back.
"my mother knows your father well, she told me your name" she said.
Kodi raised an eyebrow.
"sorry for, uh coming out of the blue... " she said, looking at the ground shyly.
Kodi kneels down "It's okay..."
"my name's Aleu." she said
"That's a pretty name... As pretty as you...
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"Aww, come on, Runt! We were only teasing," कहा Claudette. "I don't care!" Runt hated always being teased द्वारा his siblings about being only younger द्वारा two minutes. Hated it. This time he was done with it.

So, in response to this time, he ran away up into the forest until he got tired, then climbed up the closest tree. He waited there, expecting his brother and sister to follow. Typical. They didn't. "Great. Now i'm lost." He कहा as he saw a bunch of caribou run through the forest, going the opposite direction from where he came, smothering his scent trail. Not that he even had much of a...
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“Life with Wolves” Chapter 2: School Troubles 1/2

Mack’s (me) P.O.V

10 मिनटों later…

After licensing to two और songs (not going to say what they are cause I can’t think of any) I arrived at the school, when I got off my bike to lock it to the bike rack I saw my 5 Best फ्रेंड्स Mike, James, Keith, John, and Nick standing द्वारा the door to the school passing a ball to each other.

Now guest I’m going have to tell आप guys what their like well I’ll go one द्वारा one I guest. (So no one asks yes we like to wear black, white and grey) oh and we all know how to the play piano.

Mike is the brown...
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posted by Xero_Pyramid206
 Katie Herself
Katie Herself
Name: Katie Ashton

Age: 18

Rank: Omega

Children: Blaze, Alessa, Shadow.

Sex Female

Mate: Xero_Pyramid206 (Chris Ashton)

Likes: Chris, Beer, Cigarettes, Books, Movies, Video Games, Hunting, Sex, Swimming, Sleeping, Annoying Chris, masturbating. Chocolate

Fetish: नितंब, गधा Worship, Drowning, Underwater, Breathplay, and a few others.

Dislikes: Anyone who is seen as a threat to the club, trolls, THE troll, VengenceWolf, A&O Haters, Ignorant spoiled Bratty children, Immaturity, people at Chris' School, no sex. Chris' early orgasams. चॉकलेट Haters.

Music: Eminem, Rock, Country, Death Metal, Epic Scores

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The morning after Scar left, I woke feeling oddly refreshed. It was as if I didn't remember what had happened the night before... I glanced to my right and saw only Sweets... I'd naturally assumed that Scar had gotten up and gone downstairs, so I hopped up, pulled on my Perry the Platypus house shoes, and trotted downstairs...
I got downstairs and threw on a pot of coffee, something that Scar loved.
"Scar!" I called, expecting to hear the treading of her paws and the clicking of her claws on the polished wood floor. It was then that I noticed that the house had a distinctly different feel. I...
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Humphrey couldn’t walk correctly. The hit really took him down. He didn’t want to go to the hospital though. He decided to visit Winston and Eve. They लॉस्ट a daughter, so Kate was almost as big of a loss for them. He drove over to their house.
“Hey, Winston! How are you?”
“I’m alright, I just wish I know where that woman went with Kate.”
“I’m trying to figure it out myself. It’s hopeless! I have to put my life back together somehow. I‘m missing my mate, my brother, and one of my friends.”
“Come on in, the three of us can talk.”
“Ok, thanks.”
Winston rubbed the...
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So it was the night after Humphrey had rap a song he wrote to garth and now garth want a rap battle he दिखाना him a rap battle at Tony's bar and pub...In the morning humphrey got up went to the pub and found all his प्रशंसकों there and garth was being booed द्वारा humphreys fans... then humphrey कहा 'Let do this bitch' [Humphrey's song starts now] [Kate preforms these () and garth preforms theses {}] (My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I..
got out of बिस्तर at all
The morning rain clouds up my window..
and I can't see at all
And even if I could it'll all be gray,
but your picture on my wall
It reminds me,...
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posted by anubis210
The dark crow…it hovers over it’s pray for hours, the lone भेड़िया run’s try’s to escape it’s grasp. The भेड़िया looks up; he keeps running, the कौआ, कौवा comes down trying to attack him but misses. The भेड़िया pants as he runs, he comes to the edge of a cliff, stuck, stranded; he looks down. The कौआ, कौवा coming towards him, not knowing what to do he stands there, the कौआ, कौवा comes down swiped him, he ducked to avoid; the huge bird flew around him and went back to attack, he hits the भेड़िया as he falls down the cliff into the water; सेकंड्स later he woke up panting hard.
“It was a dream? He sighed, the...
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Winston awoke to the familiar leader's summoning howl. He immediately realized that it didn't belong to Tony. Nevertheless, Winston answered the call and proceeded to the river where he usually met with his old friend.

When Winston arrived at the river, he was greeted द्वारा the sight of the entire eastern pack. "What is the meaning of this? Where is Tony?" demanded Winston.

"Tony was found dead this morning, he was killed in his den," explained one of the senior alpha wolves.

Even after Tony's exploits had caused the death of his daughter three years ago, Winston still felt a pang of sadness at the...
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posted by katealphawolf
*warning: sexual content ahead! आप are warned!*

"You ready to go home?" Jon asked Kate, "I'm going to put this कॉलर and leash on आप and take आप to the Bronco." He pointed out at a big yellow SUV parked in the driveway. He slipped the कॉलर over her head and snapped the lead onto it and walked her out. He opened the door to the Bronco, "get in," Kate jumped up into the passenger seat, Stormy was already in the back ready to go. "Now I don't know how आप will react to a car ride but if आप need to vomit put your head out the window and do it okay?" He rolled down the window for her, then...
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