Alpha And Omega: Guardian of an Omega
                           Chapter 1
                    Just Another Day

    Lily Dear, come hear For A minute! "Said A Blonde Older She-Wolf." Yes Ma'am?"Said Lily." Can आप Tell Me What happened To Luna's moose meat? Honey, आप Know She Loves Moose. Scolded the older She-Wolf." But Mom! I Didn't Eat It!" Lily कहा in Defense. At this time A Black And Grey She-Wolf walked in." Yes She Did mother! I heard her say she would eat it when no one is lookin'!" कहा Luna." The older She भेड़िया looked at her slightly skeptical but said.' Now lily. We worked hard to catch this moose for her! We specifically save that last piece for her. Now She Won't have any moose. What do आप have to say for yourself young She-wolf? कहा Their mother. But ma-! Lily was Cut of द्वारा her mother.' No buts! Say your Sorry, then be on your way. कहा There Mother, slightly agitated. Yes Ma'am. Lily look at her older sister than glared before saying.' I'm Sorry For Eatting Your Moose. Lily Grumbled. Luna smirked then said.
Its Ok Little Sis! Now carry on. Lily Started back out the मांद, डेन and she muttered under her breath.' She Is A Liar. I Don't Even Like Moose.
    A Young And beautiful blonde She-Wolf stood at the edge of the valley overlooking a Small herd of caribou.' Okay. Hutch, go left. Can-do, flank right.' कहा The She-Wolf.' Ok.' They both Said.
They Sneaked down in to the Vally, going separate ways. Hiding in the Tall grass, Kate Looked To See If Her companions where in place. And they where. Kate Lunged आगे and Attacked The Female Caribou. Kate's Jaws were locked Down On The back of the Neck of the Caribou. Yet it continues to fight. Hutch And Can-do both Come In For assistance. Hutch biting The Front of the Neck. And Can-do
On The Hunch of the Caribou. After Struggling For a little. Can-do was bucked off. Kate And Hutch held on tight sinking their claws and teeth in to their soon to be meal. Finally, the Caribou Dropped dead." Phew! We Did! Another Sucessful Hunt!" कहा Kate Exhausted." Yea! The Other Alphas Won't deny That we Are Good Hunters Now! कहा Can-do." What do आप Mean? Asked Hutch." Well I over heard Luna Gossiping About How We Aren't That Good. That We Suck At Being Alphas." कहा Can-do." I Don't Give A Damn What "Luna" Says." कहा Kate." She's arrogant, Cocky, Rude And Just obnoxious! She Thinks She's Better Than Everyone! She Growled." Whoa Kate Chill out! I know she's a bad seed but she's still the future Leader!" कहा Hutch." Yea besides. She graduated at the चोटी, शीर्ष of her class! आप came in Second." Can-do Pointed Out." So If आप Planned To Challenge Her, आप might as well Forget it! She wouldn't just dominate You. She Would Kill You! "Exclaimed Hutch." Ugh....I Didn't Plan on it y'all. I'm just So Sick of Her....her....Her Caribou Shit! We Have Been Treated Like कुत्ता द्वारा her!" Snarled Kate." Kate! क्लैम Down before आप Have A Stroke!" A familiar voice Said. Kate Turned around To See her Old Friend Humphrey." Humphrey!" Kate Exclaimed. She Smiled As He Walked Up To her Then gave a hug." How Much of That आप Did आप Hear?" Blushed Kate. She Hopped He Didn't See या hear too Much of her raging. She Thought of how unprofessional She Must Have Looked. He Chuckled And Said." आप Had Me At 'Caribou Shit'." He Gestured." Enough of that though. Care if I help drag the Breakfast Back to the Feeding Grounds With Y'all?" He Asked." Sure Why Not? कहा Hutch. As they Drag the Caribou to the Feeding grounds the Sound Of Pups Playing Feels the Air. "Pups Please Be careful!" कहा Lily. No no no Scratchy! Don't Eat that! गुलबहार, डेज़ी Stop Picking On Dogmeat! Bluebell! Stop Pickin' Your Nose!" Fussed Lily.' Oooohhhh." Kate Glanced Over At Lily Then Said." Ump! She's just As Bad As Luna." Hutch looked then Said." Who? Lily? How Would आप know? Last I remembered. आप never Even met her." कहा Hutch matter of Factly." Now Kate, Don't Judge And Ye Won't Be Judge." कहा Humphrey." Ummmm, Okay? Kate Said." Anyway. She's Luna Sister! Of course She's like her! I mean, She hardly socialize with anyone! Eve या Winston Probably Had To Make Her Pup Sit those Pups!" कहा Kate." Kate.
She's Probably Shy. Did आप Ever Think of that?" कहा Humphrey. Kate thought for a moment then said." I Doubt it." Stated Kate." Now Enough of this. The Moon light Howl is To Night And I need To think on who ill ask!" कहा Can-Do." Yea me too. कहा Hutch And Humphrey At the same Time." Oh ok guys. See Y'all Later?" Ask Kate. They both nodded and कहा Yes at the same time again." Kate Sighed and Went off to finish her Alpha Dutes." Ugh! Pull it together kate, its just for an hour."
Kate Approached The River Where Her patrol Partner Would Be." Oh. There आप are Miss Tardy! कहा Luna With A Smirk.