WARNING: I have not watched everything as I am kinda just in a hurry. So it's quite possible this review is generally biased atm.

But for now I'll just post some quick thoughts.
The एनीमेशन is the worst thing I've ever seen in all of the series: The movement is choppy, and very repeating in some parts. The part where the भेड़िया howled just showed how lazy they have became.

Now the whole movie so far feels like a misleading title.

The only parts I've seen that were good was the creativity (I don't think calling it a rip-off would be fair as that's like calling every movie a rip-off), and the dancing and the joy Humphrey has (I could be wrong as I didn't watch it), the new unique designs of the bears, and some interesting music.

As much as I defend direct creativity (ideas alone and दिखा रहा है ideas), it still doesn't change that there is lack of effort such as choppy animation, bad lighting, low-polygon मॉडेल a lot, and other legit lazy things.
Yet, even though it's an effort alone, why make a movie about anthropomorphic भेड़िया when half of it isn't about anthropomorphic wolves? The only time I would call out an effort is if it makes the whole effort (e.g. title) bad and this is one of them.

Of course, I am not a bad critic who stifles creativity and likes to be an asshole to the creator (I want to be a sane fan), and if they wanted to make a पिक्सार quality film with only the पिल्लें growing up, I can't call it out even if I hate it, I still want to say that the movie has a lot of problems.


Anthropomorphic personality adding personality to the characters.
May be enjoyable to kids

Bad animation; choppy and it repeats a lot.
Misleading movie title.
निनटेंडो 64 Models.
Bad lighting.
पिल्लें still looking like पिल्लें within a universe where the भेड़िया do grow in months.

Remember, this review is based off what I've seen so far.

Tom Kane, I respect your attempt at making what आप want in a fictional film, but I hope आप also improve if आप plan on making anything in the future with Alpha and Omega.