The अगला morning sly waking up to Kate in front of him and he smiled.

Sly: I have figured you'd showed up

Kate: I am early? Kate asked sly. Sly smiling and told her that she was a little early. Both walked out of the मांद, डेन and went for a long walk to Humphrey' s den. As they reached the place Humphrey wasn't घर and both looked at each other.

Sly: well Humphrey isn't here.

Kate: where did he go?

Sly shrugged.

Sly: maybe he went to his friends. Well I guess आप and I just find him.

Kate nodded and walked to go find Humphrey. Sly followed her to the पहाड़ी, हिल and Kate looking around for him. Sly looks around and yelling for Humphrey.

A few hours later and finally found Humphrey. Kate and sly ran to him and he said.

Humphrey: it is about time आप guys have shown up.

Both: we been looking for you.

Humphrey: well here i am not sure if आप guys are going to be here. We were having a great time. I guess I should say goodbye to my फ्रेंड्स and I will go with आप guys.

Sly and Kate smiled and nodded.

Sly: well we must be on our way to the howling rock and आप are coming with us and we will have a good time. If आप are looking for a good time.

Humphrey: I will be happy to go with आप guys.

Humphrey smiled and then walked to get his फ्रेंड्स and family ready for the night. As for Kate and sly they are also getting ready for the howling rock tonight.

Meanwhile at the mountains of jasper park.

Alisha was just finished getting ready to meet up with sly and Kate and the other wolves. She smiled and started walking down the mountain and slowly starting to run. She was running down the middle of the valley. She took a look at the trail and ran across it and enter into the tall grass. Then suddenly she bumps into garth and lilly. She looked up at them and they talked to her.

Garth: हे are आप alright? He asked nicely with a smile on his face.

Alisha: I am fine just a little winded.

Lilly walked up to Alisha.

Lilly: hi my name is lilly I am an omega and you? She asked.

Alisha: I am Alisha I am an alpha. It's nice to meet you. And that must be garth right? Well it's nice to meet आप both.

Lilly: well we must be going to the howling rock. हे I just thought it would be great if आप want to go with us. We will be glad आप came with us.

Alisha nodded yes and then they all started walking to the howling rock.

To be continued.

I hope आप enjoyed this part of this awesome story. I will make और अगला week.