"I woke up feeling something against my bk though I was still द्वारा the river until I got up seeing Crystal द्वारा me and knowing what might of happen last night"


"I slowly made my way out of the मांद, डेन hoping I don't wake up Crystal and ran from the area as fast as I could trying to remember what happen the night before....I finally made it to my मांद, डेन but doesn't walk in I made my way to the मांद, डेन अगला to me knowing the प्यार birds who lived there..and I lowers my ear"

Me:(was it my fault did I make...the two leave each other...was u The virus...or is all of this a nightmare that I can wake up from?)

"I walk pass the empty मांद, डेन and passes फ्रेंड्स on the way to a friend's मांद, डेन seeing how she doing...I get to her मांद, डेन seeing aleu...seeing that she may have been mad about something.."

Me:(did she get in another fight with her mate...)
my mind:(yes...yes they did...)

"As the friend I walk in but doesn't stay as long...I talk to her for a little..then I had left going to the river...and that's when everything went crazy for me..."

To be continued...