Chapter 3: Journey

"I'm going to find them" Nick Wolfe declared as he packed up a sword, twenty arrows, his trusty bow, and a small dagger.

"I'm coming with you!" Kate and Humphrey declared.

"No, I don't want आप to get hurt either, I've already failed Princess, Lilly, and Garth..." Nick Wolfe told the couple.

"But big bro!" Kate responded, "I don't want आप to get hurt, I'm going with you!"

"Me too!" Humphrey added.

" can come..." Nick Wolfe sighed, finally finished packing his stuff, "Are आप ready to go?"

Kate and Humphrey nodded, as they began to exit the valley and walked down the roads of Jasper National Park.

Meanwhile, the winged-creature who captured Lilly, Garth, and Princess, was now reaching its destination, a large white building that read "Volk Corporation". The creature reached a landing खाड़ी, बे and threw the trio on the ground.

"Where are we?!" Garth asked.

"Welcome to Volk Corpoation..." A scrawny man with tattered, blood-red hair wearing a blood-stained white lab coat. This right eye had a सोना and silver monocle, which covered a glass-eye.

"Who are you?" Princess questioned.

"How rude of name is Doctor Elias..." Doctor Elias introduced himself to the trio.

Suddenly, a bipedal-creature, similar to the winged creature, grabbed the trio and put them into cages, with Garth, Lilly, and Princess struggling the whole time.

"Hey! Let us go!" Princess demanded. The creature ignored Princess and walked away.

"My Ignis are quite the servant, they don't सवाल your orders या act out!" Doctor Elias explained to the trio.

In the cage अगला to Lilly was a भेड़िया with black fur, red eyes, and a large scar on his left eye.

"Hey, sexy wolf, you're lookin' fine" The black भेड़िया flirted with Lilly.

"She's already married!" Garth growled at the black wolf.

"Oh, I see the jock भेड़िया is trying to defend his little wife" The black भेड़िया teased, "By the way, my name is Force"

"Force, leave me alone!" Lilly snapped at Force.

"You'll make good pups with me..." Force whispered, chuckling.

Lilly, Garth, and Princess could only hope that Nick Wolfe and his rescue group would save them...