Chapter 2: The Beast Attacks

Nick Wolfe sat at the edge of the creek, the same one where he met Princess yesterday. He looked around, trying to see if there was anymore fish. Luckily enough, there was a big, fat Burbot swimming the shallows. Nick Wolfe stealthily sneaked up on the Burbot, and then grabbed it with his mouth.

"Gotcha!" Nick Wolfe exclaimed, carrying the Burbot in his mouth.

"Nice catch..." Princess congratulated, smiling a little. Nick Wolfe walked over to Princess and gave her the Burbot.

"For you!" Nick Wolfe happily exclaimed, his tail wagging. Princess blushed and ate the fish.

"Thank you..." Princess thanked Nick Wolfe, nuzzling him a little. Nick Wolfe blushed and hugged her.

Suddenly, Nick Wolfe's ears perked up. He sniffed the air around him and Princess and felt an odd presence. It felt cold and malicious, like a psychotic serial killer was stalking them.

"What's wrong?" Princess asked concerned.

"I don't feels like..." Nick Wolfe sensed.

As if द्वारा fate, a large, black and green, four-legged raptor-esque creature jumped at Nick Wolfe and Princess. Nick Wolfe dodges, द्वारा barrel-rolling, carrying Princess with him.

"Are आप alright?!" Nick Wolfe asked Princess.

"Yeah...I'm alright..." Princess responded scared from what just happened.

As soon as the two got up, the creature jumped at Nick Wolfe and Princess. Nick Wolfe jumped and kicked the creature in the face, and then shot it with an arrow, killing it!

"Gotcha!" Nick Wolfe exclaimed victoriously.

"Um, Wolfe..." Princess whispered to Nick Wolfe, tugging on his shirt.

Suddenly, a creature similar to the first one, this time with wings, dived down and grabbed Princess in its sharp nails!

"Princess!" Nick Wolfe jumped, trying to save Princess. However, as he jumped, another creature jumped at Nick Wolfe, knocking him over.

"Grishafh!" The creature roared in gibberish, या some other strange language.

"Leave me alone!" Nick Wolfe snapped, stabbing his sword into the creatures head.

"Kahska!" The creatured roared in agony, falling to the ground, bleeding thick, chunky, green blood.

Nick Wolfe tuned his ears in the direction of the valley, and heard screams emanating from the valley. Nick Wolfe breathed in and out, and ran as fast as he could to the valley, worrying about what could be there.

As Nick Wolfe reached the valley, he noticed three Alpha wolves, Kate, Claw, and Scar cornering a creature. The creature lunged at Kate, but before it could claw her throat out, Nick Wolfe shot an ऐरो through its head, killing it.

"Nice shot, big bro!" Kate thanked Nick Wolfe for saving her life.

"Wolfe! Thank goodness you're here!" Eve exclaimed, running alongside Tony and Winston.

"What are those things?! And what have they done with Garth and Lilly?!" Tony demanded.

"I don't know!" Nick Wolfe answered defensively, "And what happened to Garth and Lilly?!"

As soon as he finished that sentence, a winged creature was flying off, carrying Garth and Lilly in it's sharp claws.

"Dammit!" Nick Wolfe cursed as he chased after the winged creature.

But it was too late. The winged creature had already flown many miles away. There was nothing anyone could do. Not even the guardian of the forest could stop that creature.

(End of Chapter 2)