Tommy-Lee wanted to buy tickets for walt disney. ent but it was और he was just a trip for jurassic park, legoland etc except Walt Disney. He chose the wrong tickets. 2 days later ... The family of Tommy Lee vien just ask. Lily: Wow या आप take us. Tommy Lee: I was a Jurassic park enmener why. Kate: Hmm I'm not so sure about that. Humphrey: ben see Kate Please be cool. Runt: Dad! there there's dinosaurs. Garth: Dinosaurs? it no longer existed for millions of years. Stinky: Yeah he name it there's dinosaurs. Lily: What !! Daria: हे Tommy looks. Tommy Lee listening a दिन to remember the songs about Reviews another weekend in his headphones. Tommy Lee looked and was surprised to see डायनासोर in flesh and not bone. Hutch: Wow it's really great that. Winston: I can not believe how ay how डायनासोर sont'ils come at that time. Used Want to know how they did that. Tommy Lee: What I want to know !! Employee: Well, follow me. 5 मिनटों later ... Tommy Lee: wow that's how they are डायनासोर with a मच्छर the dinosaur era. Lily: Why डायनासोर do not think about the danger if they were to escape from their cages and kill anyone !!!! Huh? Alert Alert.Carnivores have escaped dinosaurs. Everybody panic. Director of Jurassic Park: Do not panic repeats I do not go panicking all hide in different places. Tommy-Lee found a shotgun. Maria: Dad !! Tommy-Lee saw a raptor head towards his family he fired twice on the neck he managed to kill him. Tommy Lee: Ok everyone have goes !! They went in the commercial center of Jurassic Park. Tommy Lee: Maria Hetcher, Connor, Tommy-Ray I want आप to stay and hide. Hetcher: Dad mom we do if a carnivorous डायनासोर like the raptor या have we found the east. Tommy Lee: connor आप is the big brothers of every 4 आप watch your sister and your two brothers ok आप monitor well and I'll get the stay of foods. Daria: Connor takes the weapon and आप designed the raptor's neck and आप Connor jumps on the raptor आप with your ax या the aims आप with your arrows I'll go with Dad it will not be long. Daria and Tommy Lee are going to pick the foods to nourish. Hetcher sees a dinosaur coming toward them. Connor will quickly hide. The raptor opened the door and felt the smell of meat found the Raptor Connor jumped on the raptor with its Asssasin's blades and his ax and Hetcher chargait the firearm he aimed the raptor's neck fidgeted And Hetcher can not aim for the Raptor. Tommy Lee and Daria heard a gunshot. Tommy Lee: Hetcher! They ran to the hideout of the four children. Tommy Lee: Hetcher! Connor! Tommy-Ray! Maria! Hetcher: Dad I Reussi! Tommy Lee looked back from there Hetcher yavait dead Raptor. Kate: what is it going? Tommy Lee: Yeah it's going. Humphrey: ok have a नाव saw there was blood and flesh of the hands cut off and the engine was running again. Tommy Lee: We found the खाना enough to have और hunger for hours. Winston had found weapons and ammunition. Tony: I've found this. Garth: I've found that too. Tommy Lee: A bazooka, बज़ुका and wow sulfateuse have Juque is armed to teeth first. They ate and they went in the नाव first there were a bus boarding.