#5: Kate X Garth:
It's been nearly four years since I thought about Alpha and Omega.
But this is one of the reasons I left.
I can't stand when Kate cheats on Humphrey.
She leaves the one who was perfect for her, to be with the WORST person for her.
And sadly, it quite common, and not even the worst that people can come up with.

#4: Spongebob X Patrick:
Yes. It fuckin happened! :(

#3: Kate X Lilly:
The only thing worse than Kate x Garth.
Is the idea of Kate having sex with her own sister.
Anyone who read Lilly's opposite side will realise just how graphic these people are willing to be about it.
And sadly their are HUNDREDS of stories for it..

#2: Twilight X Spike:
Twilight raised Spike as a mother, and probably behaves as one.
So this seems rather fucked up for me..

#1: Twilight X Shining Armor:
और incest!
Why is fanfiction so obsessed with incest!?
I mean, it's disguesting