After I had कहा good-bye to Kate, I decided to head to Humphrey and Lilly's den. I thought we could hang out for a bit, after all, I had a few hours to kill. As I walked along, a thought popped into my head:

I wonder what Kate's surprise is.

A few thoughts went through my mind as to what it could be.

It could be hunting.

It could be something dumb and girlie.

It could be sex.

That made me stop and swallow. I mean, making प्यार to Kate, of all wolves. I didn't know, when the time came, if I would be good enough for her. I mean, I knew it was going to come. It did in any relationship. At least, that's what my parent's had told me.

I walked to Humphrey and Lilly's den, shaking my head to clear it. I was greeted with a few hello's. I looked over, and saw Salty, Shakey, Mooch and Madison in the corner. Shakey had his arm around Madison.

"Hey guys." I कहा cheerfully.

"What आप up too?" Humphrey asked.

"I was coming to look for आप guys. Thought we could hang out या something." I replied.

"Sure. We were all going out to play berryball anyway."

"Sorry, but what's berryball?" I asked, confused.

"I'll explain once we're out there. Let's go." Humphrey said, standing and leading the way out of the den.

I quickly fell in line beside Shakey.

"Why are आप being so friendly to Madison? I thought it was Reba and Janice आप were interested in." I said.

"Well, it was, until that bastard Leon came along." He replied, real venom in his voice. It didn't suit him.

"Who's Leon?" I said, but I thought back Reba and Janice's den, to the dark brown wolf.

"Dark brown, came to the pack about a दिन ago? He walked straight up to Winston, asked him to stay here. Apparently his dad was murdered द्वारा bears, and he made it away. So he comes in, with his gay hair, and his idiotic muscles, and Reba and Janice are drooling over him!" (A/N: I know Leon is supposed to be based on me, but THAT part isn't true!)

"Hey, don't judge him. He might be alright."

"Yeah your right." Shakey agreed.

We had now reached a large field. Humphrey quickly drew a line in the middle, then turned to face me.

"OK, Cooper, आप ever heard of a human sport named Volleyball?" He asked.

"You mean that sport where they use their hands to hit a ball over a net?"

"That's the one. Berryball is basically that, just with a berry."

With this statement, he produced a berry from behind his back.

"OK, teams are Me, Cooper, and Lilly, against Salty, Shakey and Mooch. Madison, can आप referee?"

"Of course!" Madison said, and took a position on the line, at the side. We all विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें into our teams, and lined up. Humphrey served and the game was on.

Humphrey's serve went straight to Mooch's paw, who returned it. The berry came flying toward me, but I dropped a paw beneath it, so it landed just over the line. It hit the floor, and we scored a point.

"Check it out!" I said, grinning at everyone.

"Don't turn into a cocky bastard yet Cooper. We've still got one और point to earn." Humphrey told me.

"You only go up to two points? Why?"

Humphrey shrugged, and waited for Shakey to serve.

The games pretty much went on in the same way. I stayed at the back, pulling off fluky shots here and there. In the end, Me, Humphrey and Lilly beat Shakey and the others 3 games to 2. I noticed it was noon.

"Guys, I gotta go. Kate कहा she wanted to meet me. Apparently, she's got a surprise for me." I told the rest of the group.

They all gave each other funny looks, before Humphrey spoke to me.

"Remember to think with your head, not your cock." He grinned, before falling about laughing.

"Yeah, I will. At least I can hold it in, whereas आप and Lilly were at it in public the other day."

Humphrey and Lilly blushed, and the others all went "Ooooohhhhhh." I grinned and left.

Reaching the hunting grounds, I was beginning to shake slightly. I was excited, but nervous at the same time. Kate came around the corner, saw me, and smiled.

"Hey Cooper. आप ready for your surprise?" She asked, in a cute voice.

"Sure am. So, what is the surprise?" I asked, becoming और and और nervous द्वारा the millisecond.

"I'm going to teach आप how to hunt!" She कहा excitedly.

I sighed in relief, before smiling at her.

"Let's do it then."

And off we went…