It is August. 25,2010 in Jasper park Canada.

Kashuru is finding no luck and she went farther in the park and finds herself in trouble as other भेड़िया has found out she is here. She stood still for five सेकंड्स and then ran back out of the park and hide herself from the wolves. A few hours later they left and then she went back in and this time she was being careful and kept low profile. Kashuru has found an old banned मांद, डेन she went and looked at it then saw nothing but clean old den.

So she went inside it and took a look around and saw good structure. Kashuru has finally found a घर and stayed there for now but a महीना later she noticed that it started to cave in on her so she ran out very quick. Yet again she started walking and started looking for a new one.

It is now September. 31st, 2010 in Jasper park Canada. The event of alpha and omega

Kashuru has now found herself in trouble again and this time they captured her and took her to the big rock and kept her there. They tried to talk to her but she didn't say nothing so one of them bit her on her ear and finally she कहा in pain. " ok I will talk what did I do? आप can't just capture me and just keep here I was just looking for a new home!" she cried. Then a grey भेड़िया walked to her and said" आप were in our territory so we had to take आप and sorry but since your looking for a new I guess it is fair to get आप one and case wandering my name is my name here is Winston and this here my mate eve". Kashuru gulped and nervously looked at eve " um h-hello eve".

To be Continued....