It is July 15, 2010 two months before alpha and omega event in Jasper park Canada.

After a few weeks later she wanted to look for a place to swim. Two hours later she found a lake and went down पहाड़ी, हिल and gone for a swim for one घंटा and then went back घर to her मांद, डेन and dry off her fur. three hours later she went for a short walk and sat down on a rock and thought for a sec and looked up at the mountains. And took a short breath and said." what is happening to me it's like I have seen this before but what?" she stood up again and walked back to her मांद, डेन and went to sleep.

Ten hours later she wakes up and gets up, then walks outside and she kept on going until heard a howl in a distance. She stopped and listened to it and tried to howl back but she can't howl too good she cried. "I can't even howl back to that भेड़िया I wish I could and maybe would had heard me". she turned around and went back in her मांद, डेन and waited and waited for two days and then suddenly again a howl and this time she try to howl back and this time she tried her best and loudest and then finally the भेड़िया had heard her howl loud and clear, then it howled back at her and she howled back at it.

To be Continued....