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Shadow's POV

As I come face to face with this weird भेड़िया I feel सुरक्षित yet I'm still scared. I don't know him.So I'm scared of him,yet.....I feel safe. "hey pup don't worry. I mean आप no harm. I just need to talk to you." कहा the weird wolf. I asked him why. And I was shocked with what he had to say. "I know who आप are, your Shadow. Son of Tarla and Kyle." "How do आप know my mommy and daddy?" I asked. "I use to work with them in my old pack before I bailed. "My mom is Asleep......she want wake up again......" I कहा at the verge of tears. "Yea I heard. I'm sorry about that. your dad seemed a little little upset about that when he found out." कहा the Wolf. "Wait! आप have met my dad? Where is he?!?! I need to know tell me!" I कहा growling. The भेड़िया just chucked and कहा that he couldn't that I will learn of his location when im older. "Oh......do आप know where my sister is?" I questioned. "Sorry pup. I do not Know."
Thridperson Pov
Years have past. And Shadow Is now 13*Witch is like 17 in Human years* and has continued To see The भेड़िया who he found out Name is Nonvul Grohiik. Its an Ancient Name that Means Noble wolf. "Hey Nonvul, Whats my Name in ancient?" "Well its Vokun. आप should know what the meaning of आप name is. It is Faal Vul Kendov Grohiik. Translated in English it means The Dark भेड़िया Warrior," "Pawesome! Is That good?" "Of course Vokun. It is a Great honor. "As he कहा that A beautiful Young she-wolf walks by. "Uhhhhh" Shadow started दिन dreaming. Nonvul Chuckled and told him to go and talk to her witch he did.
Shadow approached The She-Wolf. "Uh-uh h-hi!" कहा Shadow Bashfully. "Oh Hello there. Who are you?" She Asked with a sweet soft voice. "I-Im Shadow! आप Are?" "My Name is Sarah"."Oh thats A beautiful Name. I mean uh." hehe Thanks." They chated for a little till a भेड़िया Came up to them. "Hey babe! Who is this?" कहा a brute wolf, "Whats this mutt Want?" "Oh Sapphire! This is Shadow, My new friend." Shadow Was Happy that he was her friend. they had just met and now already friends. Sapphire Slammed Shadow up against. "Sapphire what are आप doing!?!?!" Screamed Sarah. Sapphire Shoved her back and she fail to the ground with a thump. "Stay out of it honey" He Turns his attention To Shadow. "Now आप stay away From my girl." Sarah got up and tried to pull Sapphire away from Shadow only to get कुतिया, मतलबी slapped द्वारा Him. "What did I tell you!?!?!?!?!" Sarah Started to tear up" Seeing This made Shadow mad. Shadow tried to पंच him but was beaten down द्वारा Sapphire. "Learn your Place Runt! Come On Sarah." Moments later Sapphire And Sarah left. Then Nonvul Came up. "Come on Vokun, Looks like ur going to need to learn to Protect your self." And with that Shadow spent the अगला 3 years training.
This update is asking people of this project to start getting ideas and scripts made
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प्रशंसक project
posted by TimberHumphrey
Jasper Park, Canada: one of the best parks in Canada. it's a great दिन and a couple of Omega boys - Humphrey, Salty, Shakey and Mooch - are doing something they like to call "logboarding".

Humphrey: (as the boys push a log at the edge of the cliff) Bros, it's time to ride this slide and taste the wind.
Salty: Humphrey, you're totally genius! I mean, log boarding. We should've thought of this before.
Shakey: (looks at the hill, nervous) Guys, आप sure about this?
Humphrey: Don't worry, dude. I got everything under control here.
Shakey: If आप say so.

They all hop on the log and start pushing it even...
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The first update for my प्रशंसक Project everyone involved please watch
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प्रशंसक project
added by Liliya_01
Hello everybody I am a A&O youtuber who is called Alphawolfben and am thinking of doing a A&O project but want प्रशंसकों of A&O to help out with the ideas for this project.

I have experience with making films sadly only ones with pictures and text but I want people to help with the project द्वारा giving ideas and saying what they want a movie like I do right now a story on fanfiction या if people have the time making a animated film having people who are प्रशंसकों of A&O voicing the characters so if people have any ideas look me up on यूट्यूब fanfiction या even टिप्पणी दे on here.

If आप want to contact me आप can on:

Youtube: Alphawolfben
Fanfiction: Alphawolfben
E-Mail: Ben.gadsby2@ntlworld.com
Remember Max from Alpha and Omega? Well, now you're Busted... (I know, this is me in Real Life, I am annoying I'm I?)
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the pups
added by AlphaKateRocks
Source: Still forgot DX
This is the story of Romeo. A dude who was living the life. He had the works - the mansion to live in, the chicks to party with and the cars to be driven around in. Until one day, the ... (This is also in the RoadSide Romeo Fansite)
roadside romeo
alpha and omega related
full movie
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He He...
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Source: Crest Animation, Lionsgate
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Wanted to get Sense I don't have you, द्वारा बंदूकों And गुलाब as well. But had trouble finding it
"-..they told me stay low, yknow away from the streets where noone could find me for the crimes that were commited, especially since technology had gotten upgraded from these generations its like they can do anything in this world. When will they notice that the और we create to build these warfare weapons and system the और people and जानवर struggle with such a pathetic society.
Homeless lives were shut down and forced to give up their homes for larger companies, til then the people i once knew and loved were gone. Rumors spread they were taken द्वारा government traps around the most common...
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That and a few other Linkin Park songs.
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Hutch, Kate, the pups, Cando, Lee, Daryl, and Humphrey are the only few surviving, but might also lose Humphrey with possibly a infected bit ankle, Hutch and the rest were walking with three different भेड़िया heading to where the भेड़िया came from.
Hutch was in front of the group talking to the leader या in this case the higher rank of the group, the pups were lying on Kate's back still scared and sad from what happened back at the Wall-Mart and Kate was walking right behind Hutch, the rest were talking to the other two भेड़िया who was carrying Humphrey who couldn't walk from the pain from his...
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