It was midnight, in the pale moonlight, in a big forest bordering a human city. But this night wasn't peaceful; as आप could hear paws treading, gun shots, and birds flying away at the sudden noise.

Ares, the pup being carried away द्वारा his mother, squirmed around and whined.

"Mama, why can't I just walk? Why must आप carry me?" He asked.

The mother kept silent, until she found a nearby human fence, अगला to a big human den. She set Ares down, and looked at him.

"Ares, my son, I am sorry. But I cannot keep you, I must leave. Know I won't be coming back. I प्यार आप so much, but I am afraid I must keave, for your safety. Goodbye." She said, and turned around and ran away into the forest.

"Mama? Mama!!! Please don't leave! Mama!!!" He whined, sitting down and looking down at his paws.

"Maybe the human of this मांद, डेन can help me..." he muttered to himself, walking over to the den's entrance.

After getting in front of the door, he howled as loud as he could, hoping the human would come out. Sure enough, a few मिनटों later, the door opened. But what he saw was not what he thought he'd see. Inside the door, was a man, holding a gun. He had it pointed right at Ares' face, and Ares backed away, cowering and whining.

"Oh no..." he said, fleeing to the safety of the forest. After a few मिनटों of running, he started to get tired, and be could feel his दिल poinding, so he stopped, and looked around. He then spotted a reletively small den, about twenty yards. When he got in there, he could hear snoring.

Ares could tell it was another wolf, adult, male. He didn't want to wake the wolf, but he needed a place to sleep.

"Excuse me? Please wake up." He said.

The भेड़िया groaned, got up, and then stretched. "Who are you? What do आप want? How dare आप come in my मांद, डेन and wake me up?"

"I'm sorry! My mother just left me, and I need a place to sleep. Can I stay here for tonight, please?" Ares asked.

"Where is your father, pup?" The भेड़िया questioned.

Ares looked down, sadly. "My father, Kail, left before I was born."

The भेड़िया stared at Ares. "You? I am so sorry... I..." he stammered.

"What? Are आप my father?" Ares asked.

"I am sorry... yes, I am. Please forgive me. I had to leave, because according to pack law, your mother is an omega. I had to leave the pack befire आप were born, या they would kill आप when आप were born, and they would make me watch it. I did it for your safety." Kail said.

Ares sat down, and looked at his paws. "Mother left me, so I wouldn't get hurt. There were hunters, and they were after us. After she left, I heard gunshots, and a high pitched, quick, whine. Mother is dead."