Hey, I know this has nothing to do with A&O othar than there ARE भेड़िया involved, but I came up with this story in my head, and wanted to post it. So here it goes...


BANG! BANG! is all the little pup heard, as his mother set him down द्वारा the human fence, and turned and ran away, into the forest, the way they had come. The pup had no idea what was going on, and was scared. Where had his mother gone? What was that loud bang sound?

As the pup remembered, his mkther had told him, "Don't worry. You'll be fine. Just... I'm sorry. I won't be coming back. I प्यार you, so much. Goodbye. I cannot keep आप सुरक्षित anymore." She had said.

At that thought, the pup sat down, and looked at his small, black paws. After a few minutes, nothjng happened, so he began to howl loudly.

After a moment, he heard a Crrrsck! He looked up, and there was a human, pointing a gun, right at him.

He cowered down, and looked frightened. To his surprise, the human dropped the gun, and held out his hand for the small grey pup.

At he slowly walked over, and put his face in the man's open palm, nuzzling it, like he remembered doing with his mother's neck fur.

"I think... I'll name आप Thunder!" The young man said.

To the pup's surprise, be could understand the man.

"My name is Jack. You'r name is Thunder. Wanna come live with me?"

Three years later...

Jack was staring at his computer, पढ़ना an लेख on the local newspaper website. Thunder was sitting अगला to him, watching Jack's eyes as he moved them from left to right, पढ़ना the article. Thunder whined. He hadn't had lunch with Jack yet. Theh ALWAYS ate together. Jack jsually विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें his meat with him.

Jack looked down at Thunder, and smiled. "Ah, I see it is time to eat, eh, oh friend?" He said.

Thunder tilt his head to one side.

"Ha, don't आप play that game now, bud."

After eating, Jack decided to go for a walk with Thunder. Yes, Thunder was a wolf, but as long as Jack had his permit, and Thunder was on a lead, he could have him.

Both of them got about six and a half blocks without any trouble, but at the corner of the seventh block, a cop car pulled up, and he opened his car door, and walked over to them.

Jack smiled and looked at him. "Hello, officer. Is there something I could help आप with? आप look rushed."

The cop looked at him. "My name is Deputy Jerry. I am afraid I am going to have to place आप under arrest."

Jack looked shocked, and stared at the Deputy. "Wait... what for? Thunder here? Nah, I have my permit, and I just renewed it last week. आप must be mistaken." He told Jerry.

He looked at him. "No sir, आप are under arrest for murder of an innocent five साल old boy. Now, put your hands behind your back, and your head on the हुड, डाकू of the vehicle, या I will have 5o call for backup!" The Deputy said.

"What? But I didn't do anything! I believe I was framed, sir. I havn't done anything of the sort!" Jack said.

"Well, I can't prove आप guilty या not guilty, but I can assure you, आप will get a fair trial and a lawyer if आप do not have one. But I am afraid आप will have to leave, um... your भेड़िया at home." Deputy Jerry said.

Jack looked at Thunder, and Thunder looked back, with sad eyes, as Jack was hand-cuffed and walked towards the police car, and Jerry was assisted द्वारा two other policemen.

Thunder barked at Jack.

"I'm sorry, Thunder. There is nothing I can do. Now, go घर and stay inside." Jack told him.

Thunder whined. There was only one thing he could do. He let all of his instincts out. Thunder leaped at the nearest cop, sinking his teeth in his shoulder, and raking his claws down his side. The man whipped around, unbalanced, and fell over. In response, Deputy Jerry took out his policeman's hand held gun, and spun about three rounds, one of them missing, and hitting the concrete sidewalk.

Jack whipped around, and stared in horror, as Thunder withered in agony, and surprise at what had happened, losing consciousness.

"No! No... Thunder! No..." Jack cried.

Jerry looked at Jack. He deserved it. He assulted an officer, and he had to get put down. What else am I supposed to do? I know he was defending you, but I had to, sorry." He said.

Jack looked at Jerry with आग in his eyes. "At least let me see him before he dies all the way!" He said, and Jerry let him go, and Jack fell to his knees beside Thunder.

"Why... I प्यार you, bud. Just know that, okay? And I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. C'mon, stop. Don't... don't... look at me that way, bud... आप were just defending me. It's okay." Jack said, as Thunder fell into darkness forever.

Hello, all! Thank आप all for reading! I know it was quite short, with not a very big, nor good, plot, but I hope आप enjoyed, anyways!!! As always, comments, a fan, suggestion, ideas, etc., are ALL VERY appreciated!!! See आप in my अगला article!