Claudette watched as Lien ran away, into the forest. She just couldn't भालू his disappointed and sad expression as he turned away. "No... wait, hold on, Lien! Don't leave!" she shouted as she ran after him, Felin close behind her.

They were running after Lien for about five मिनटों before they noticed him, ragged, and still, his eyes fixed on something ahead.

Claudette looked at him. "Lien? Are आप okay? What's wrong?" she asked.

"SHH! Hunters. Maybe they won't see us if we stay still." he said.

Too late. There was a loud BANG! and Claudette felt intense heat go through her, followed द्वारा unbearable pain.

"AH! No... help!" she cried.

Felin ran over to her, burrowing his face in her pelt.

Claudette could feel her consciousness ending, and she could feel her heard slow down, her thoughts go rapid.

"Don't die! आप CAN"T DIE! NOOO!!!" Felin screamed. But she was gone, and there was nothing he could do. As he turned around, about to charge the hunters, he heard another loud BANG! BANG! and just like that, Lien was gone. How could this happen? His mate, AND his friend. Why?

Felin had just लॉस्ट everything. Just like that. Why did humans have to do this? It just wasn't fair. He had to defend himself. So he did what he knew he had to do. He charged. As he ran, there was another BANG! of a gun, and he felt heat and pain flood over his body as the bullet hit him in the shoulder, but he kept running.

He jumped at the first hunter, but he was out-matched. There were two और hunters tagging along. One of them raised their rifle, and fired. Searing pain went through his side, but it only gave him और courage. He clawed hard once at the leader's face, and then jumped at the one who had shot him the सेकंड time. Felin was easily able to swipe at his throat, and the hunter ran away, followed द्वारा the other two, dropping their बंदूकों and fleeing.

"Oh no..." he moaned as he started to feel his energy drain, and his mind race, and his दिल slow. Before long, he fell to the ground. In a few minutes, his consciousness died, along with Felin.