Both Felin and Claudette stayed there, their gazes locked, smiling at each other. "I do प्यार you." Felin said.

The lead intruder stepped forward. "Get out of our way, pups. We are on our way to talk to Harin." the भेड़िया said.

"Fine. It's that way to camp." कहा Felin.

"C'mon, let's go take a walk!" कहा Claudette.

Felon and Claudette had been walking around in the forest for about an hour, until Claudette finally sat down. "Let's rest here, in this leaf patch." Claudette offered.

After about ten मिनटों of talking, talking about how they wished they could get married, Claudette perked her ears.

"I... thing I hear something. Like someone is watching us over there... not very heavy, द्वारा the sound of it."

Claudette slowely got up, and peered behind the tree. Sure enough, what she saw, was another pup, but be was younger and smaller than her and Felin.

"Ah! Get away!" He whimpered.

"Hey, hey. I don't want to hurt you. What's your name? What are आप doing here?" She demanded.

The pup looked up. "I, uh... I don't know what I am doing here. I don't know where I even am! My name is Lien." he answered

Felin looked at Lien. "Where is your parents?" He asked him.

Lien looked hurt and sad. "Um... I don't have any. My father died before I was born, and my mother died giving birth to me. I've been alone since. I'm just so hungry and thirsty! And I need someone to play with, life gets boring when आप are always alone." He whined.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! आप could come with us if आप want!" कहा Claudette.

Lien looked excited. "Really? Yay! Which way?" He asked.

"This way." Felin said. "Follow me."

As they returned to camp, they got odd glares from some of the pack members. Some of them laughed, या exchanged confused glances.

Harin saw them, and walked over to them. "Woa woa woa... who is this? What is he doing here?" He demended.

"Well, me and Claudette went on a walk, and he was behind a tree. He's hungry, thirsty, lonely, and has no parents. We couldn't just leave him there." कहा Felin.

Harin shook his head. "Well, I don't knkw why आप brought him here. There isn't enough खाना for all of us, let alone feed a pup who will deminish the खाना supply instantly. So, if आप are asking if he can stay bere, then no. I am sorry."

Lien's face turned sad. "I knew it. आप won't let me in. Thanks for trying but... I need to get back to being lonely and bored. Good bye." He said, and turned away, running into the forest where they entered.

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