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posted by AlphaClub
It was noon. Claudette was sitting down अगला to her to brothers, Runt and Stinky, along with her friend, Ares. He was sitting अगला to her, and was looking down. Her brothers were playing अगला to the water of the pond.

"Hey.. um... Claudette? I've gotta go... again. I'm sorry I've been leaving so much lately." apologized Ares.

"Um... okay. It's okay. Where do आप keep going though?" she asked.

"Uh... It's a secret. Sorry. Please don't follow me though, okay?" he said.

She looked at him. "Fine. I won't." she promised.

She watched him go, and decided she would follow him anyway. Where did he go every night? She had to find out.

She followed him through the forest until he stopped, and sat down. What was he doing? Waiting for someone?

Claudette was going to leave, but when she got up, a female भेड़िया came through the trees up to Ares, and he cowered.

The female spoke. "Your late! Again! What is with you, Ares? Always late? I should start giving आप a scar every time आप are late, so आप know, that I do not tolerate that sort of behavior. Sit up. No slouching."

"I'm sorry. Can we please get on with the lesson?" Ares asked.

Lesson? What lesson? And who was this female wolf?

"Of course. I'm sorry for yelling, but it is getting old. Now, attack me, and watch what I do. Afterwards, I want to do the same thing again, but instead of आप attacking me, I'll attack you, and आप will use my defense tactic." She said.

Claudette couldn't watch more. She had to leave. So she followed the path back to her brothers.

When she got there, she had to tell them what she'd seen.

"I never got a chance to find out her name. I left before I could find out." Claudette कहा after telling her story.

"I never thought he would do something like that on his own. Do आप think she bribed him, या even is forcing him to come every night?" asked Runt.

"I don't know." she said.

After Ares got back...

"So, how was it?" asked Claudette, looking at him.

"What... do आप mean, how was WHAT?" Ares asked, a little nervous now.

"I mean that little session with that female. What were आप doing?"

Ares looked at her. "I told आप not to follow me! Oh god... now she's going to punish me for sure... and it's all your fault! I told आप not to!" Ares screamed.

"I don't care, I am worried about you. Who was she and what were आप two doing?" she asked.

"Fine. Her name is Beke, and she offered to give me some hunting and fighting lessons, and the fighting lessons quickly turned into... well, she offered to train me as a.. ah... assassin. But she is really strict, and if she finds out I just told आप that, या anything, I will be punished, and trust me, it's happened before, and she is not nice when it comes to my punishments." he said, looking scared.

"And आप know what, Ares? This is why I am strict with you, because आप run off after your lessons and can tell others about me. Now that is worth a punishment. Come, speaking of one, there is a thing I have in mind for you. And YOU, girl, stay back. Do not tell anything about me या our lessons. This pup needs to learn a little respect to his mentor." कहा Beke, coming from the trees.

"oh god please no... Thanks a lot, Claudette! I told you!" Ares yelled.

An घंटा later...

When Ares came back, his eye was swollen, and he had a couple of scratches running down his face.

"See? This is what I mean. But I guess I deserve it, according to Beke. Ouch, this really hurts. She kicked a rock at my eye when we got there."

"Oh, Ares! आप can't keep going back! आप have to stay away! I'm so sorry, I really am." she said.

"Whatever. I need to go and wash my eye out. And no, I am not going to stop seeing her. She is still teaching me. Goodbye." Ares said, angrily, and sadly.

Hello, all आप wolves! आप know my प्रशंसक लेख series? Yeah, that's still up, and I'm still posting, but I just wanted to also start a series that leads up to the first लेख of the प्रशंसक लेख with Ares and Zelian. So, here it is! I hoped आप enjoyed, and thank आप so much for reading! Also, feedback, comments, advice, etc., are ALL APPRECIATED!!! Thank you!!!
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