"Magril! Come here! I need to tell आप something!" Magril turned around, and walked over to Stinky. "Yes? What do आप need?" Stinky looked embarrassed. "Well, I've been thinking, we are old enough to, आप know... mate? And well, I would प्यार that so much... just to have my first experience? " Magril looked at her paws. "You know, I've been thinking the same thing. I'm also in heat. I've been meaning to tell you, but I didn't know where to start." She said, looking embarrassed as well.

"Okay, so where should we start? I've never been through this before," कहा Stinky. "Well... should we just go to the main sequence? Like the actual mating part?" Stinky nodded. "Yes. That would be easier."

Stinky began to mount Magril, and when he hit his mark, he slid through her hips and into her body. "Ahh! Stinky! It hurts!" Cried Magril. "It's okay. It will hurt for a second, but it will get better," he reassured her. "Okay, fine, fine." She said.

Stinky kept going in and out, creating a rhythm. "Stinky, why haven't we tied yet?" Magril asked. "Well, I have to force my knot in, really far, but I'm really small... wait a second... got it!" He yelled, as he forced his knot into her.

A wave of feelings good and bad flooded through her, making her moan. "Oh! Oh my gosh! Stinky, this feels great!"

After tying with Magril, he left her body. "Oh, आप were great, Stinky!" It felt so great!" She cried, full of emotions. "You were great, too, Magril." Stinky told her.

This was all a very nice experience for them both, but Magril had other plans.

"Stinky, I really enjoyed this, and I want to go again, but this time, go into my tail-hole instead. I want to know how it feels," she said, obviously desperate. "Really? आप want that?" Asked Stinky. "Yes," Magril told him. "Okay," he said.

So he started up her tail-hole, and this time, when he put his knot far into her, he tied like normal. But after waiting for about two hors, Stinky told ber, "This is not normal. We should be untied. I think we are stuck, really stuck," he said, worriedly. "We have no choice but to go to your parents, and see if they can fix it, no matter the punishment for being too young to mate." She said, looking ashamed.

"Magril and Stinky! How are you? Wait a minute. WHAT HAPPENED? HOW DID आप GET LIKE THIS?" They both looked down at their paws. "We're sorry mom. We figured we were old enough to mate, so we did. The normal part went fine, we tied right, but she asked to do her tail-hole. So I did. When we tied, we tied for about two hours. And we got stuck permanantly." "You both should have know better. Do आप know how old me and your dad were when we had our first event? We were adults. आप are still pups. But I know how to fix this. Hot-Water Lake. Hot या warm water loosens the male. B ut first, before आप go, your punishment? It will be going to be servant to Fleet. Magril, आप will help him, even though Fleet is yor brother."

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