Alpha and Omega 4: Daria.

I had originally intended for this to go in chronological order with the movies, but this I felt needed to be addressed immediately.

This first segment will revolve solely around Daria, the blind she-wolf who lived in Saw-Toothed Cave. Those who have seen the movie know that the forest was indeed haunted द्वारा a भेड़िया ghost, whose sole purpose was to assure her safety. However, the identity of the ghost is never clearly explained. But, I like to believe that the ghost is in fact Daria's mother, who had died in the forest that night when she hid her daughter from the भेड़िया of Rabbit Poo Mountain in order to protect her and give her a chance at life. Later the gang find themselves locked in combat with those same भेड़िया who tried to kill Daria as a pup, which inevitably leads them into the Shadow Forest, where the ghost appears and defeats them once and for all, and upon victory, vanishes forever. I feel as though these occurrences were ambiguous hints that the ghost was Daria's mother, especially the way the ghost smiles at her. There are some slight facial similarities between the ghost and her mother in this scene, but there is little to be कहा for that seeing as that many characters are based off of the same design. But I still believe that there is some concrete evidence to suggest that the भेड़िया ghost is Daria's mother. For what other reason would the ghost want to protect Daria? And for what other reason would the curse of the forest lift just as soon as Daria's safety is assured and the death of her mother is avenged? And for what other reason would the king of Rabbit Poo Mountain look so mortified upon gazing into the eyes of the ghostly figure? Is it perhaps because he is looking into the eyes of the one whom he had killed those many years ago? I really wish that the producers would have tried a little harder with this one, because, like the other two before it, it had nothing but untapped potential, but in the end, was rather disappointing overall. I feel like even if they added an extra 10 minutes, they could have दिया us the answer to the भेड़िया ghost's identity. That way we could get some closure, because that is something that these sequels lack. It's frustrating to no end to see how much better the ending could have been with the addition of a few extra मिनटों for answers. But, based off of what I see in the movie, I have to believe that the भेड़िया ghost is Daria's mother.

Let me know what आप guys think. Am I right? Am I wrong? Am I insane? या am I preaching to the choir?