Here's anouther story from my past.

A crossover between Penguins of Madgascar, and Alpha and Omega.

भेड़िया and Penguins. Why the fuck did I ever look that up at the time!?

But whatever. If I hadn't read it, I never would of met HardRocker21. What a guy..

I would take a bullet for him.. But then realize I don't want to die, and cowardly save myself at the last second, and he'll end up taking it anyway.

And when Jason angrily asks why I did this, I'll blaim it on my Canadian. Ness.

But anyway.

This story.. I haven't read it in years, now do I have the attention span to REread it.

But what I remember is that it's a pretty average plot.

Humphrey and them.

Skipper hates wolves, and somehow beats Humphrey up, when Humphrey has friggin teeth and claws, and never thought about using them.. ITS A GOD DAMN PENGUIN! Have some fuckin dignity Humphrey. No wonder Justin Long stopped voicing you.

What else can I say.

Nothing comes to mind.

Yes.. It sucks as a review.


Haha. Just kidding.

(demonic voice) या AM I!?

Seriously though.

It's cute story.

I'd recommend it, to people who like such things..

Till अगला time.