Episode 11

*Maruyama Park, Kyoto*

Nick Wolfe: *Walking अगला to Lilly* Lilly, do आप really think that I can save Jasper Park?

Lilly: Of course! You're the greatest hero I know, and your my older brother *Smiles*

Nick Wolfe: You're right. I'll make it my resolve to save Jasper Park!

Lilly: *Hugs Nick Wolfe*

Nick Wolfe *Hugs Lilly back*

*Kyoto Ryokan, Kyoto*

Kate: I have big news that everyone needs to hear...

Garth: What is it?

Humphrey: Kate and I are starting a family.

Princess: That's wonderful! Did आप tell Wolfe that he is going to be an uncle?

Humphrey: That's the thing...

Kate: We kind of...well...forgot to tell him...

Garth: Really?! How could आप forget something like that?!

Kate: Well...

*Maruyama Park, Kyoto*

Nick Wolfe: *Notices a portal open* Lilly, find a सुरक्षित spot to hide...

Lilly: *Runs behind a चेरी Blossom*

Lady Raven: *Jumps out of the portal* Wolfe, it's about time we settled this! *Pulls out a pair of Metal Fans*

Nick Wolfe: I bet...Henshin! *Presses the Green Button on the Jinba Brace and becomes Samurai Wind Wolfe*

Samurai Wind Wolfe: *Has green and gray armor, green wings, and a green भेड़िया mask*

Lady Raven *Grows a pair of wings and jumps into the air*

Samurai Wind Wolfe: *Jumps into the air and fires an energy ऐरो from the Clear ऐरो at Lady Raven*

Lady Raven: *Dodges* आप have been able to beat Duke Nero and Earl Kage, but आप won't beat me! *Throws both of her Metal प्रशंसकों at Samurai Wind Wolfe*

Samurai Wind Wolfe: *Destroys both of them with shots from the Clear Arrow*

Lady Raven: No way...

Samurai Wind Wolfe: It's time I clip your wings once and for all! *Attaches the Jinba Brace to the Clear ऐरो and pulls back the string* Wind Sheer! *Fires a blast of wind energy at Lady Raven*

Lady Raven: *Destroyed*

Samurai Wind Wolfe: *Flies, makes a landing, and de-henshins*

Lilly: Wow...you did a really good job!

Nick Wolfe: Thanks!

*Kyoto Ryokan, Kyoto*

Kate: *Walks up to Nick Wolfe* Big bro, I have some good news...

Nick Wolfe: What is it?

Kate: Humphrey and I are starting a family...I'm pregnant.

Nick Wolfe: Wow! Congratulations! I guess I'm going to be an uncle...

*Darkness Kingdom*

Christopher X: *Looks at himself* I can't beat Wolfe...

Emperor Jabberwocky: Christopher...I have something that can help...