Episode 10

*Okinawa Hotel, Japan*

Nick Wolfe: *Sharing a Giant Japanese parfait, पर्फेट with Princess*

Princess: Wow...we never had these kinds of sweets back at Banff..

Nick Wolfe: Princess...since we're mates now, do आप think we can live together at Jasper?

Princess: Of course! I would प्यार to *Gives Nick Wolfe a kiss*

Nick Wolfe: *Kisses Princess back*

*Darkness Kingdom*

Christopher X: *Puts on a fancy white and blue suit* Today I shall destroy आप Wolfe...once and for all...

Lady Raven: Christopher...I know आप can do it. The Emperor thinks so, and so do I!

Christopher X: Thanks *Walks through a portal*

*Okinawa Beach, Japan*

Nick Wolfe: *Stands अगला to Humphrey, ears perk up* He's here...

Humphrey: आप don't mean...him?

Nick Wolfe: I do...Humphrey, I want आप to get as far away from here as possible.

Humphrey: But Wolfe...you'll get killed! I won't let आप die, for Kate's sake!

Nick Wolfe: I don't want both her brother and husband to die...she needs you.

Humphrey:...I understand *Runs*

Christopher X: *Appears* Wolfe...It's time we end this...Henshin! *Becomes Saga Wolfe*

Nick Wolfe: Henshin! *Becomes आग Wolfe*

Saga Wolfe: *Charges at आग Wolfe and jumps*

आग Wolfe: *Charges at Saga Wolfe and jumps*

*Both आग Wolfe and Saga Wolfe स्लैश each other*

Saga Wolfe: *Lands on both his feet*

आग Wolfe: *Lands on a rock*

Saga Wolfe: *Grabs आग Wolfe with the Saga Judge*

आग Wolfe: *Gets wrapped around with the Saga Judge* GAH! *Puts on the Jinba Brace, presses the blue button, and becomes Samurai Water Wolfe*

Samurai Water Wolfe: *Cuts himself free from the Saga Judge with the Clear Blade*

Saga Wolfe: *Throws the Saga Judge to the side and jumps at Samurai Water Wolfe*

Samurai Water Wolfe: *Fires at Saga Wolfe with the Clear Arrow*

Saga Wolfe: *Gets hit and falls* GAH! You...I've never seen this form before...

Samurai Water Wolfe: *Fires two और laser arrows from the Clear Arrow*

Saga Wolfe: *Dodges*

Clone Samurai Water Wolfes: *Appear and स्लैश Saga Wolfe with their Clear Blades*

Saga Wolfe: GAH!

Samurai Water Wolfe: *Presses the red button on the Jinba Brace and changes to Samurai आग Wolfe*

Samurai आग Wolfe: *Attaches the Jinba Brace to the Clear ऐरो and pulls the string* Burning Volley! *Fires a large blast of burning energy at Saga Wolfe*

Saga Wolfe: GAH!!! *Gets hit, lands on the ground, and de-henshins*

Christopher X: *Goes back to the Darkness Kingdom*

Samurai आग Wolfe: *De-henshins*

Nick Wolfe: *Walks down the rock*

*Okinawa Hotel, Okinawa*

Lilly: *Crying* Wolfe you're okay! *Runs to Nick Wolfe and hugs him*

Kate: Big bro...I'm glad your alive.

Humphrey: Me too.

Garth: Me three.

*Darkness Kingdom*

Christopher X: *Throws a dart at a picture of Nick Wolfe* I'll get आप अगला time...