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posted by moondragon01
in book three of "the hunter" series entitled "revolution" the annakian भेड़िया of silvertip get conquered द्वारा the canadian agnostians and deported to stone mountain. this is what would've happened if they were deported to the jasper area.
luetsun was grey with long, black फर on his head, rings around his eyes, two marks, one around his leg, high in one part and low in another, and a smudge on his tail. he is normally seen wearing an amulet in the shape of an A. he also has a dark कोबरा हुड, डाकू shaped mark between his eyes. his father, fonso, bears the same marks. he is dark grey with shaggy फर and a voice like a trumpet and baritone. harenn and rufus are grey, antanas a timberwolf and annas albino.
“ द्वारा the drake, I haven’t seen quite an army since the sloughs, and that was nothing to this.”
Their enemies, the Agnostians of the Canadian north, have tried to take silvertip for years, however it appeared that this time they became fed up and sent out a full scale invasion. Luetsun ran out into the peak to prepare to command part of the defense. However his efforts were for naught. While he was barking out to hold ground some of the Agnostians found a weak point and began to make their way through it. Then one of the guards shouted, “ they’re inside” and Luetsun abandoned his position at the defense to watch Fonso. However, when he got there he was on the ground badly scratched. “ Which is it, surrender या death?”
“ Keep the peak.”
He couldn’t believe his ears. His own father just पेश to their oldest enemies. Then the two mark less soldiers forced Fonso up and demanded, “ get moving!”
They turned to Luetsun, shoved him and said, “ आप too!”
As he walked through the peak he saw other silvertipers being forced out of their dens. Then as he approached the base of the mountain, he saw all of them on the same path. They were trekking for miles not stopping for anything. Along the way Luetsun turned to Fonso and asked, “ where are we going?”
“ They call us their traitor brothers, and now they’re dragging us घर to face the angry father.”
Soon enough they came to the border. they stopped as they came to a particular pack. luetsun turned to Fonso and asked, " wh...where is this?"
His father sighed and said, " very near this area is where my father and mother met with the drake."
The crowd stopped at the base of the mountain and began to wait for direction. Then someone shouted, “ form lines! Males on one side, females on other!”
Kate and Humphreys pups watched with astonishment. At first no one knew where to go, then they figured it out. Luetsun looked in front of him, then behind. He did not know the भेड़िया who surrounded him. As the line got shorter he knew what was going on. Then when he was up one of the northerners overseeing said, “ name.”
“ … Luetsun.”
“ Heritage?”
“ Son of Rupert.”
“ Occupation?”
“ Master of the tsunu nihk.”
The overseer looked at him and said, “ so its you.”
Then he wrote some symbols on a piece of bark, handed it to Luetsun and said, “ over there.”
He went to another group of deportees and waited. Then another overseer barked, “ form lines, आप wont be needing these.”
With that the group formed two lines, one अगला to the other. The overseers grabbed one, looked at his piece, began soaking him and rubbing his marks off. As the line shortened Luetsun couldn’t escape. Then when he was up he just stood there. “ Come on! Get over here!”
Then they drug him over. After looking at his piece they knocked him out.
after seeing this for some time runt began to खोजिए for Humphrey. When he found him talking with Kate he asked, " dad, what're all those strangers doing here?"
Both Kate and Humphrey knew what was going on. being an alpha Kate was notified of the deportation, but she didnt know they would come to jasper. " I...I'd rather not talk about it." When Luetsun came to he was in some cave with some overseers. He groaned and asked, “ how long was I out?”
“ check the sun and you’ll find out.”
With that he went outside and looked for the sun. it appeared to be sunset. After that he immediately searched for the females. When he found them he began calling his mates name. then when he found her she asked, “ how do आप know my name?”
“ Anta, its me Luetsun.”
“ How do I know its you?”
“ Come on, why don’t आप believe me?”
Then she looked in his eyes and said, “ great drake, it is you!”
Then they hugged each other. “ What did they do to you?”
They stopped hugging and Luetsun said, “ what’s the problem?”
“ Here, let me दिखाना you.”
With that she led him to a pond. When they arrived he looked at his paws. Instead of grey फर he had red fur. “ What the? Is this someone’s idea of a joke?”
Then he looked in the pond. What he saw was a red furred भेड़िया with a tan underbelly and brand. His eye rings stayed, however it appeared they had also somehow cut some of his फर short. He sloshed his paw in the pond in an attempt to see if it was some sort of paint. It wasn’t, it was his fur. “ What kind of magic is this?”
“ I don’t know, but I suggest we look for the others.”
“ Before we do, how are the pups? Did anyone make any moves on them?”
“ They’re fine. No one pounded them.”
As she कहा it Luetsun began rubbing her womb and कहा in a comforting tone, “ don’t worry, daddy’s here.”
He put his ear up to the womb. He could feel and hear the movement of the pups inside. A sense of contentment overtook him knowing that they were just seasons away from bringing new lives into this world. Then he realized he was tarrying and removed his ear. “ So, we’ll find the others?”
“ I guess.”
while looking for searching for their family they happened to run into Kate. " आप an alpha around here?"
" Yeah, why?"
" We're looking for someone."
" Who?"
" Their annakian names are Fonso, Anna Harren and Rufus."
" I'm sorry but some of them are'nt here."
getting frantic luetsun rushed, " Which are where?"
" Rufus is with the south, Fonso is in the north, Anna and Harren's still here."
at that luetsun thanked her and began speedwalking knowing the burden Antana bore. soon enough they found Harren. as he found her he shouted, "mother!"
" Tsunu, is that you?"
" it is me."
" luetsun, what have they done to you?"
" I have no idea. well, no time for that, everyone else are in different regions."
" Those puffed...lets go!"
at that they began their खोजिए south. as they entered the territory of the rogues they were greeted with untrusting eyes fixed on them. as they approached king luetsun asked, " are आप the alpha here?"
" Yeah, whats it to ya?"
" We're looking for someone."
" If you're looking for my daughter, too bad."
" No, thats not who we're looking for. the name is rufus."
" Oh, well we sent him out on a hunt."
at that luetsun began to send a telepathic message. " Hello, rufus."
" Luetsun, is this you?"
" Yes, i'm waiting for आप at the entrance to the southern packs territory."
at that the conversation ended. after a moment Rufus appeared अगला to luetsun. at this point he was less surprised द्वारा his incredible speed. " There was a small misunderstanding, someone forgot to mention that we're related."
" Go ahead, he's only been spouting that annakian nonsense anyway."
As they left for the northern territory Antana asked, " why didnt आप leave a hole in his jugular?"
" Dont आप know? Agnostians are expected to say that."
As they continued southward they fount Anna trying to meditate. luetsun ran to her shouting, " Anna."
She stopped meditating, got up, turned and said, " luetsun, brother."
She knew that he was now red, however she only looked inside and ignored the outside.
" do आप know where father is?"
" He's in a different pack. come, we're going to get him."
at that luetsun, Antana, Rufus, Harren, and Anna continued north when they ran into fonso heading the opposite direction. " father!"
" tsunu, is that you?"
" it's me, luetsun."
he let out a sigh of relief and continued, " i knew they would commit atrocities."
" never mind that, we are together again."
a murmur broke among the family when rufus said, " what names did they assign?"
it was then that luetsun noticed the bark tied to his ankle. he took it off and read, " Lucas."
" Fern."
" Tundra."
" Fonso?"
everyone turned to him. " They did not change mine. do not forget, i was raised in these lands."
" well, ive got the feeling we forgot someone."
" i dont think so. weve got your mate, your parents, your distant uncle, your brother..."
" brother? KEO! thats it! we forgot keo."
keotsun was luetsuns younger brother, the सेकंड in a litter of three. luetsun agreed to raise him according to annakian customs. " we forgot the entire litter!"
" Well, what are we doing standing here? lets go find them!"
at that, the five भेड़िया began searching for their three pups.
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posted by RoadFallout
Author's Note: I highly recommend that आप read this one-shot story while listening to "Not Like The Movies" द्वारा Katy Perry. If आप take this suggestion, please start the song when आप see this "(Start the song here.)" in the text.

Here's the link, just type in "YouTube" and then ".com" and a "/" ahead of this. watch?v=9ewTkrfaWtA

I have wanted to do a story based off this song for a while now, but just the other day, something "big" happened where I live that fits in perfectly with this. I just wish that it didn't have to happen in order for me to write this story. :'(

This is A Tribute To Love...
continue reading...
Her Father Okari, a dark male about Five foot nine with blue eyes had finally stopped abusing Tesla, a Blue-ish Female about Five foot seven with Silverish eyes, all for nothing.
I watched out from the window, witnessing the tragic scene.
Tesla tried not to cry as her Father told her not to.
Her bumps and bruises were forming from her face through body; she spitted blood across the broken floors about three to four inches… her beautiful looks, drained from her Father’s paws.
Her tears dripped down, calling for her Mother back and for help.
Just standing behind the window made me feel uncomfortable,...
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                     "Good morning Lilly" I was wide awake ready for a new day. Lilly wags her tail as she gets up and smiles at me, "Goodmorning handsome" We had to get ready to eat breakfast because in a few hours we had to get on the road again. "Jet? Is it me या is it hot in here?" she started panting "It's about 95 degrees ferhainheit just put on a tank चोटी, शीर्ष and shorts and you'll cool off" I slipped on my clothes and got some breakfast. "So आप wanna get some breakfast at the nearby store?" I picked up the keys waiting for her answer. "Uhm....... Sure" I led her to the car and...
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Ok I'm going to tell you.
While I was dreaming I was a wolf. I was in the alpha and omega world. We had a huge party. I mean it was huge. The lakes and ponds had rootbeer in them. All भेड़िया were drinking out of it. I think i sawed Kate and Humphrey. I wasn't so sure. And believe या not i was dating sweets. या candy. I was walking on a trail with her. But then....she disapered. The forest was turning into my high school. I was a human again. I was alone. Then i sawed a curtain in across the hall way. It had a shadow. It looked like a shaped man figure. "Cody..." It कहा my name. Then I looked...
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posted by HumphreyAlpha
A huge teddy भालू that plays 3 different songs, depending on where आप touch it.
A 2006 Scion tC (pictures to follow)
A new bandanna to replace the old one

A 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO (pictures to follow)
A new set of tags

An R/C helicopter
A stuffed antelope

A Bolt stuffed dog
Daughtry's new album

A new blanket that will keep her warm no matter the conditions

A bandanna like his mothers

Also, for Jenna, Scar, and Sweets to split, I've had a book of coupons made that has a whole bunch of बिना सोचे समझे romantic stuff on them.

As a treat to the whole family, I've arranged to cook a big dinner.
posted by OfficalLilly

As the couple sang I hummed to the rythm and tapped my paw to the beat.Garth was still sleeping,with sunglasses on.I brushed my bangs over my eye again,im used to that.Winston sayed he would pray for me,that made me feel better.I wanted to cry though I missed my family.Mostly Kate.Trees past and I heard the couple say they would stop in 10 minutes.Which was good I needed to use the bathroom.I looked at Garth he seemed like he was having a nightmare beacause he was running on the floor.I jumped off the thing i slept on and nuzzled him,careful enough to not get clawed.He stopped with...
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posted by ScarAlpha
Rich (Arcticwolf07)
Phillip (alphakate21)
Uriah (UriahA)
Johannes (Alue26)
Trudy Chacon
Jonathon (Transformers101)
Brandon (Metallica1147)
Jason (jbiehl)

Rosie (Transformers)


If आप feel that आप would be helpful to the rescue effort, please टिप्पणी दे and leave your name and desired team. Also, if आप can think of और भेड़िया to add, please सूची them.

The teams are as follow:







Chopper team:
Jason (jbiehl)
Authors Note-I'm going to try and wright this as best I can I could use help ith ideas I'm short on them.
I remember walking with Kate down to the moonlight howl and we were stopped for a सेकंड and we looked up and I saw the man that would change my life and his name is Garth. But I'm hopeing u already know how we met. So I woke up the दिन after the moonlight howl when I heard Garths beautiful howl, I woke I'm up द्वारा shaking him a few times.

"Garthy baby get up honey"

"Uhh okay baby"

So Garth rolled over moved the फर away from my left eye and kissed me

"U know honey I प्यार seeing ur beautiful eyes"

"Oh"I कहा blushing

So we got out of बिस्तर and Garth went to go get खाना while I sat doing absolutely nothing.
posted by HumphreyAlpha
Life With Scar is, for now, on a temporary hold. I will continue to write the stories out, but they won't be पोस्टेड for quite a while. I wish I could, but circumstances in my life are preventing me from doing so. My apologies to those that like पढ़ना them, but it's gonna have to wait a little.

The good news is that Chapter 27 has been completed and is now awaiting a rewriting before I हटाइए on to Chapter 28. I will say that it has a hell of a cliffhanger, but that's the most I will spoil...

Be patient. I'll be back in due time.
(June 11, 2011)
*Warning: Explicit content*

Scar laughed at me.
I had been playing Forza 3 on the Xbox 360, driving a Ferrari F430 Scuderia, which is a car that I wanted in real life. I had been in the lead in a multiplayer race when someone tapped my rear bumper and sent me sideways. I took pride in my cars and I was और upset about the damage that the wreck caused than the fact that I लॉस्ट the race.
When I tried to explain this to Scar, she just laughed.
"But this is one of the most awe-inspiring Ferrari's ever! And it costs me to repair the car!" I insisted.
"Colby, you're such a dork!" she...
continue reading...
(June 6, 2011)

The first ten मिनटों of my drive, I couldn't see shit because I was crying too hard. It's a miracle that I didn't crash my CO's four hundred and fifty thousand dollar Ferrari 599 GTO. After that though, my eyes were clear enough for me to see.
Once I got out of the massive amount of traffic near Harborview, I made a phone call.
ring ring "Answer dammit!" ring ring
He picked up. "Hello?"
"Hello?!" I कहा hurriedly. "Jon?"
"Yeah," he कहा slowly.
"It's Colby! Scar ran out on me! She कहा she was going to your house. Have आप gotten a call from her?"
"She ran out on you? What happened?"...
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posted by EightySix
Name - Eight
Appearance - A mixture of Dark and Light brown fur. Light brown mostly on his underside. Topped with a shaggy mane running the length of his back. Eight is smaller, but स्टाउट, तेज, मोटा looking, moderately muscled.
Theme; Have it All - Jeremy Kay

Happy-Go-Lucky best describes Eight's average attitude.
Since he is the youngest of all eight pups in his family, he was taught द्वारा and takes many traits from each of his siblings.
Velvet taught him leadership and sense of duty, Tough taught him to fight and he learned प्यार and kindness from his sister Whisper. He gains his temper from Cowboy and his...
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आल्फा आंड ओमेगा
posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 3

*San Francisco, California*

Jared Wolfe: So Daria...what brings आप here?

Teen Daria: Well...a group of भेड़िया jumped me and brought me to some place.

Teen Runt: Some place?

Teen Fleet: Couldn’t आप see it?

Jared Wolfe: *Shoots them a glare*

Teen Runt: Oh right...sorry...

Teen Daria: It’s alright...but who were those guys?

Jared Wolfe: I believe that they’re called the Phantomoids.

Teen Daria: Phantomoid?

*Outside, screams are heard*

Jared Wolfe: That’s not good...*Goes outside*

*Outside, San Francisco Hotel*

Jared Wolfe: *Spots the Gargoyle Phantomoid* आप again!

Gargoyle Phantomoid: Hey!...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 12

*Darkness Kingdom*

Clash: *Attaches an eye-like gem to Scorpio Zodiark*

Scorpio Zodiark: *Looks at the eye gem on it’s forehead* Garth? Garth Garth?

Clash: Only use it when you’re in a pinch. Then, destroy Wolfe for me.

Scorpio Zodiark: *Goes through a portal to Jasper National Park*

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Nick Wolfe: *Meditating*

Claudette: *Walks in* Uncle Wolfe, are आप alright?

Nick Wolfe: *Sees Claudette* Yeah, I’m fine.

Claudette: *Smiles* That’s good...we made आप something...*Hands Nick Wolfe a card covered in different colored फूल petals*

Nick Wolfe: *Looks at it*...
continue reading...